It was a fine day in Mushroom Kingdom, when suddenly, the infamous Slime Sisters, Ginger, Kelsey, Lydia, and Geraldine appeared out of nowhere and captured the princess and jumped into a magic mirror! Mario and Luigi tried to follow, but Bowser jumps in, thus preventing them from following. The bros fight and defeat Bowser. They then jump in the mirror, and land in Roona, the universe where the Slime Sisters live.

They first go to the world of Polterville, but it was originally called Randella. All the people there are either frightened or hurt. One slightly braver girl tells them that Roana has taken over their world. She was so mysterious, they didn't even know what she was. Her army were all shadows, so they thought she was a shadow in disguise. The bros fight off her army and enter her castle to find...

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