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Mario and Luigi: Revenge of the X-Nauts is a game for the DS. It involves elements from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Super Mario Galaxy.



  • Mario - The fearless warrior of the Mushroom Kingdom, he works together with the others to restore the Star Comet.
  • Luigi - A comical warrior who is cowardly, He trys to help a lot, which leads to mishaps.
  • Geno - A warrior from the stars, is dead serious with his work.
  • Bowser - A koopa who decides to help Mario because he will restore riches.


  • Princess Peach - The beautiful princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, is kidnapped by Grodus and his band of X-Nauts.
  • Toads - Princess Peach's faithful servants, often run shops.
  • Popple - A beanish thief who is vacationing in the Mushroom Kingdom, He tells secrets to the gang.
  • Yoshi - A dinosaur from Yoshi's Island, only appears in that perticular stage.
  • Koopalings - Bowser's eight children. They appear to help their father.
  • Koopa Troop - Bowser's army. Appear in various areas, most notably Bowser Castle.
  • Piantas and Nokis - Two peaceful species from Isle Delfino. Appear in tropical stages.
  • Mallow - The prince of Nimbus Land returns as an ally.
  • Toadsworth - Peach's steward, only appears in Toad Town.
  • Princess Daisy - The princess of Sarassaland, she runs the mushroom kingdom while Peach is kidnapped.
  • Flavio - A snobby merchant from Rogueport, never leaves his house now in fear that Zess T. will hit him with the frying pan again.
  • Cortez - The undead pirate king, sails with Bobbery, is seen at Keelhaul Key.
  • Bobbery - A bob-omb and an ally of Mario, sails with Cortez.
  • Jolene, Rawk Hawk and the Glitz Pit gang - Are not fought, but appear as allies through Glitzville
  • Ms. Mowz - A mowz who is a badge thief, appears to give badges.
  • Prince Peasley - The prince of the Beanbean Kingdom.
  • Queen Bean -The Queen of the Beanbean kingdom.
  • Zess T. - A toad chef, plays the same role as she did in PM2.

Enemies and Bosses


  • Goombas - Tanoomba, Terekuribo
  • Koopas - Koopleon, Koopie, Heavy Troopa.
  • Shy Guy - Boom Guy, Boo Guy, Fat Guy.
  • Snifits - Flifit, Flofit
  • Cheep Cheeps - Cheep X
  • Chain Chomps - Chomp X, Fawflomp
  • Beanie - Jelly.
  • Bumpty - Blazing Bumpty
  • Spike - Acid Spike
  • Boo - Bomb Boo, Booooooo
  • Piranha Plant - Egg Piranha, Speedy Piranha
  • Misc. - Swooper, Pendrill, Air Cannon, Blooper, Clubba, Cosmic Clones, Magikoopa.


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