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Mario and Luigi: Quest for the Orbs
Quest for the Orbs
Developer(s) Alpha Dream
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Japan: February 14, 2018

Europe: February 22, 2018

America: April 24, 2018

Genre(s) RPG
Series Mario and Luigi series
Predecessor Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam
Successor None

Mario and Luigi: Quest for the Orbs (Also known as Mario and Luigi: Orb Adventure in Japan), is the 6th game in the Mario and Luigi series. It involves Mario and Luigi questing for 26 orbs, and speaking to the Orb Guardians. This game is to be released sometime during the wintertime in 2018 (Date is due to change). 


Not much of the story is revealed yet, but several locations have been seen on a map. These leaked locations include:

  1. Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Yoshi's Island
  3. Land of Serans

It is also noted that there is some collaboration with the Nexon coorporation, and their Maple Story Project. Some enemies collaborate into the game, with different names. This also comes with many Maple Story Easter Eggs.


Oddly enough, many enemies for the game have been leaked. 

These sprites are not official, and may not seem consistent. This is because the game doesn't have all the proper sprites yet, and the substitutes used below are placeholders. 

Image Name of Creature HP Location
Goomba Sprites (Quest for the Orbs) Goomba 8 Mushroom Kingdom
Koopa (Quest for the Orbs) Koopa 12 Mushroom Kingdom
Piranha PlantRPG Piranha Plant 16 Land of Serans: Shining Beach, Crystaline Caves
Fizzlit (Quest for the Orbs) Fizzlit 18 Land of Serans: Shining Beach
Moneybag SM64DS Moneybag 15 Land of Serans: Shining Beach
Glowing Slime (Quest for the Orbs) Glowing Slime 22 Shining Beach/Very Rare
Nipper Plant (Quest for the Orbs) Nipper Plant 10 Land of Serans: Crystaline Caves
Fly Guy (Quest for the Orbs) Fly Guy 22 Land of Serans: Crystaline Caves
Buzzy Beetle (Quest for the Orbs) Buzzy Beetle 28 Land of Serans: Crystaline Caves
Glowing Cave Slime (Quest fo the Orbs) Glowing Cave Slime 34 Crystaline Caves (Very Rare)
Cave Snail (Quest for the Orbs) Cave Snail 82 Crystaline Caves (Boss)
Bzzap png Glow Bug 22 Glowshire Grassland
Stilt Guy (Quest for the Orbs) Stilt Guy 27 Glowshire Grassland
Grass Guy (Quest for the Orbs) Grass Guy 38 Glowshire Grassland
Biddybud (Quest for the Orbs) Biddybud 36 Glowshire Grassland
Giant Mushroom (Quest for the Orbs) Giant Mushroom 131 Glowshire Grassland  ((Mini-Boss))
Ice Golem (Quest for the Orbs) Ice Golem 364 Glowshire Grassland (Boss)
Glurp (Quest for the Orbs) Glurp 52 Illuminated Iceland
Snowder (Quest for the Orbs) Snowder 58 Illuminated Iceland
Murupia (Quest for the Orbs) Murupia 70 Illuminated Iceland
Ice Fairy (Quest for the Orbs) Ice Fairy 250 Illuminated Iceland (Mini-Boss)