Mario and Luigi: Mini World is a game for the Nintendo DS. It's called Mario and Luigi: Mini Adventure in Japan and Mario and Luigi: Micro World in Europe. This game will be released November 10, 2014.

Mario and Luigi: Mini World


The story all begins at Peach's Castle. Mario, Luigi, and Peach are all having cake. Suddenly, Toad storms in, telling then that the castle is being raided. The two heroes quickly run to the scene. Peach then trails behind them. At the front of the castle, Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Kamek are commanding an army of Koopas, Goombas, and other minions. The castle soon begins to crumble, but then a dark figure lands on top of the castle. Bowser asks who he is. He reveals himself as Shadow Fawful. He then casts a dark spell on the castle, causing it to float up to the sky and fall into a black hole. Finally, Shadow Fawful traps Peach in a dark cage. Bowser roars at the dark villain, but then Shadow Fawful traps HIM into a cage, too. At last, the whole world is sucked into the black hole. Mario and Luigi wake up to find themselves shrunk! While they're tiny, there's a big world to explore!


Mario - The red hero is back for another adventure as a big world is ripe for adventure! With his "fearless", brother beside him, nothing bad can happen!

Luigi - The green ghost-buster is ready to face Shadow Fawful. As the brand-new Poltergust Z-Type is ready to kick some Shadow butt!

Starlatta - The main partner in thr game. She's a pink, magic star that can use a variety of moves in combat.

Shadow Fawful - The main antagonist. He is the original Fawful reformed! Hia conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom was just the start of his plan!


A - Mario jump B - Luigi jump Z - Switch Y - Use Starlatta to use magic R - Switch moves L - See a zoomed-out view of the overworld START - Menu SELECT - See the map

Feel free to add on! We need photos and the rest of the info will be added soon! Can anyone in the comments tell me how to fill up the game-infobox? I'd really appreciate it!

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