Mario and Luigi: Legend of the Mighty Hydra is a 3DS game made by Nintendo released in October 25, 2013 in Japan,and October 28, 2013 in other reigons.


Mario and Luigi are told about a mighty hydra comes every 4 years,and today's the day the hydra returns. The hydra arrives outside. The hydra is showing off the power he gained during the 4 years before today,when suddenly,Bowser and his minions start attacking. They grab the hydra and Bowser claims he is going to drain the hydra of it's power for himself. After leaving with the hydra. Mario and Luigi set out to Leaf Forest when they find a friendly Snapper trapped in a bubble. The Snapper says that Bowser trapped him in this bubble. He then tries to get out by popping it with his bite,but he then claims that the bubble is too strong. Then,a creature named Plasma comes and tries to pop the bubble with his horn but fails to destroy it.

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