Mario and Luigi: Koopa Infestation is the fifth Mario and Luigi RPG game. It will be released on Wii U and 3DS in 2014. This game is the second Mario and Luigi game to be in 3D.


Prologue: "Koopa Virus"

Mushroom Kingdom citzens, such as Toads, Goombas, and other non-Koopa characters are being turned into Koopa Troopas or Hammer/Fire/Sledge/Ice Bros. one by one. The prime suspect, according to the Toad Town Police, is Kamek. However, Bowser claims that Kamek is innocent, and is accused by Fawful, who is disguised as Kamek. Princess Peach organizes a meeting at her castle to discuss the whole situation. However, Fawful attacks and turns Peach into a Koopa Troopa and takes her to Bowser's Castle. Mario, Luigi, and Starlow head out to save her.

As you enter the Toad Town Square, Goombella and Lakister flee from the scene as a statue of Bowser and Fawful is placed in the spot of a Princess Peach statue. Starlow tells the bros to attack Fawful, who is carrying the cage contained a Koopafied Princess Peach. After defeating Fawful, go right into Proffessor Frankly's lab. Give him the Koopa Cure Ingredient List and he'll tell you where to find the ingredients:

  • 3-UP Moon at Starshine Summit
  • Blue Shell Spikes in Scrapheap City
  • Rocket Fuel at Mushroom International Airport
  • Lightning from Mount. Strike
  • A Sample from any Koopified Toad.

You leave the lab and head into town. Fight off a few Koopified Toads, collecting a sample from the last one you kill. 

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