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Mario and Luigi: King Boo's Great Attack is the 6th installment. This will be released for the Nintendo 3ds in January 2015. Bowser is once again Mario's alley.


  • Mario and Luigi was at there home reading the newspaper, then they watch the Mushroom News. They decided to check on the Princess. They left there house to the castle.
  • At Bowser's Castle, when Bowser was ready to kidnap the Princess, Boololuss (While he's invisible), grabbed him and throw him out. Boo minions threw out Kamek, Private Goomp, Seargent Paraplonk, and General Guy. They decided to get the Princess either way, still confused what just happened.
  • Mario and Luigi arrives to Princess Peach's castle, and to see that she was gone. Then Bowser with Kamek and the three troops came. Bowser was mad to see the Princess gone. He thought Mario and Luigi hid her, but they explained that they didn't know this. Bowser thought they were lying and decided to battle.
  • After the battle, Toadsworth was watching Mushroom News. Tom Toad said that Princess Peach and Princess Daisy had been kidnapped by King Boo to use there powers to create his kingdom. Bowser was furious at King Boo, and agreed to go along with Mario and Luigi so he can beat King Boo and get his castle back. He doesn't want Princess Peach for now. So then Bowser and Kamek joined Mario and Luigi, while the three minions left to go to there home.


  • When Tom Toad talk about a crisis

-Tom Toad: "There was a crisis in the Mushroom and Sarassland Kingdom. Princess Peach and Daisy was kidnapped by King Boo. Someone heared King Boo, that he said 'I can't wait to create my own kingdom.' There you have it folks—"

  • When Bowser and the four trio was kicked out

-Bowser: "Now that I have power, let's get the Princess. What is happening?!! RWAHAHAHAH!!! What just happened?!

-Kamek, Private Goomp, Seargent Paraplonk, and General Guy: "Ahhhh!!!"

-Bowser: We'll handle that later, now let's get the Princess, immediately!



  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Bowser (After Peach's Castle)
  • Kamek (After Peach's Castle)
  • Starlow (After Sarassland)


  • Princess Peach
  • Princess Daisy
  • Koopas
  • Pi'illos
  • Toads
  • Yoshis



•* Only Mario and Luigi can Beat, and ** Only Bowser and Kamek can beat

-World 1: Peach's Castle

  • Bowser*: 10 HP, Breath Fire, and gives 5 coins.

-World 2: Mushroom Kingdom

  • Goomba King, Red Goomba, Blue Goomba: 25 HP (Goomba King), 5 HP (Red Goomba and Blue Goomba), Headbank, and gives out 5 coins each.
  • Guard Doombas: They are blocking the way to Sarassland. 3 of them has 10 HP, and the Grand Doomba has 36 HP. He can bark and bite.

-World 3: Sarassland

  • King Totomesu*: He is King of lions. He works with Tatanga. He has 76 HP, ha can breath fire and can scratch.
  • Dragonzamasu: He is a dragon that is blocking Daisy's castle. He has 120 HP and can tail whip, plus his great attack is the fire run. The fire run is when Mario or Luigi runs while he breathes fire. They have to jump over them, or else the dragons gets them. If they succeed, they enter a arch that is to small for the dragon so he gets hit.
  • Tatanga**: That cat is at it again. He has 162 HP and his attack is shoot lasers, plus this attack only happens one time: He can shoot cannonballs that are deadly for even one hit.

-World 4: Mount Kingdom Part A: Dusty

  • 3 Stone Spikes*: They were on duty guarding the next entrance. Bowser told them he was the King of Koopas, but they said," We don't listen to you." But before they battle, they hurt Bowser, and Kamek was healing him, so Mario and Luigi had to do the battle by themselves. Each has 105 HP. They throw Spike balls, and they call on some pebbles to form a blockade. The pebbles are easy with the hammer only.
  • Brainwashed-Pokey**: A 10-balled Pokey who hurt Bowser a little. Bowser got mad, so he decided to battle him by himself, even without Kamek. The Tall Pokey has 25 HP in each ball, but his head is 50 HP. They can throw his body and gets it back unless Bowser punches it away. After he's defeated, his face disappears, and becomes a spike ball. Bowser eats the spike ball to be greater and The Tall Pokey was no more.

Part B: Snowy

  • Frost Rex:
  • Blizzard Midbus:

—World 5: Pi'illo Kingdom Part A: Mushrise Park

  • 3 Green Fly Guy:
  • Evergreen Rex:

Part B: Sommon Woods

  • Lord Beehoss:

—World 6: Abandoned Kingdom

  • Robo-Rex:
  • Box-Of-Fawful:

—World 7: Bowser's Castle

  • Sir Bomb Boo and Headmaster Boobert:
  • Boololuss:

—World 8:


  • World 1: Peach's Castle
  • World 2: Mushroom Kingdom
  • World 3: Sarassland Kingdom
  • World 4: Mount Kingdom
  • World 5: Pi'illo Kingdom
  • World 6: Abandoned Kingdom
  • World 7: Lava Castle
  • World 8: King Boo's Orb World

Attack Powers

Mario and Luigi

  • Shoe
  • Hammer

•Attack Pieces

  • Green Shell (Same as Dream Team)
  • Blue Shell (Same as Bowser's inside story)
  • Fire Flower (Another different roll)
  • Snowball Rolling (Same as the Luiginary Ball)
  • Slingshot (Same as Dream Team)
  • Star Shooter (Sane as Bowser's Inside Story's star attack)


  • Punch
  • Breath Fire
  • Inhale and spits out (Only works for small enemies and small bosses)

•Attack Pieces

  • Goomba Storm
  • Shy Guy Squad
  • Koopa Klutz: Koopas trips and goes inside there shells. Then Boser kicks them each time you hit X.
  • Bob-omb Rows: Like Bob-omb Blitz
  • Sledge Bros Blitz: Throw big hammers and ground pounds one time.
  • Charging Chuck Mob: Like Broggy Bonkers


  • Use the magic wand to hit at enemies
  • Flies on her broom and dive attack

•Attack Pieces

  • Magikoopa Wanders: Like Magikoopa Mob
  • Poodoboo Shooting: Lava Bubbles shorts t you by touching the screen with the stylus
  • Ice Bro: Like Ice Flower
  • Thwomp Squashes: 3 Thwomp's appear and they come down an have to press Y to get good, then great, and excellent

Mario, Luigi, and Kamek

•Attack Pieces

  • Big Mushroom: You are able to be big. You can do some excellent jumps and a slamming excellent hammer during you time as Mario or Luigi. As Kamek, you can do a excellent magic-ball and a booming excellent dive attack.

References to other games

  • Mario Bros.: The POW block has the style from this game, and Sideskipper returns.
  • Super Mario Bros: The Lakitu's cloud comes from this game's size. Plus the Hammer Bro comes from this game's style.
  • Super Mario Bros 2: A remix of the battle theme is the three Rex boss theme.
  • Super Mario Bros 3: The Tanooki Wear is similar to the Tanooki Suit. Also World 5B looks like World 3 in this game.
  • Super Mario Land: Some of everything returns in World 2.
  • Super Mario World: Charging Chuck returns only at the Charging Chuck Mob attack piece. A Brown Boo charges like Charging Chuck. Also Rex returns.
  • Super Mario Bros X: Super Mario Galaxy : FrostRex returns.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: F.L.U.D.D. is seen as a picture at Gadd's Lab in World 3.
  • Paper Mario: Red Goomba, Blue Goomba, and King Goomba Returns. Plus a pentangle is to be found in World 6.
  • Paper Mario: TTYD: Sideskippers acts like X-nauts. Plus Koops is in the Pi'illo Kingdom.
  • Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga:
  • Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time:
  • Mario Kart DS: The clock tower stage is in World 2. Mario can optionally challenge the Boo racer to get a Attack Piece.
  • Mario and Luigi: BIS:
  • Super Mario 3D Land: A Super Leaf is shown at the Mushrise Trees.
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star:
  • New Super Mario Bros 2: Gold Block returns, plus a Reznor named Derrick helps them out in World 3.
  • Mario and Luigi: Dream Team: Pi'illo Kingdom returns with some other characters.
  • Super Mario 3D World:
  • Mario Kart 8:



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