Mario and Luigi: Distorted Dimensions
Box art by Decca03
Developer(s) 03 Games
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Fantendo3ds
Release Date(s)
August 14th, 2013
Age Rating(s)
E10Rating 12Rating CERO B
Predecessor Mario and Luigi: Space Travel
Successor Mario and Luigi: Wishing Well

Mario and Luigi: Distorted Dimensions is an RPG featuring Mario and Luigi. It was created by 03 Games and part of the 03 Crossover series.

The third game has been confirmed as Mario and Luigi: Wishing Well.


  • Chapter 1: The Dimension Staff
  • Chapter 2: Happy Birthday Mario
  • Chapter 3: Black Mage Strikes
  • Chapter 4: Separated
  • Chapter 5: Waluigi, Mario and the Pokemon
  • Chapter 6: Wario and Luigi meet Paper Mario
  • Chapter 7: Reunite
  • Chapter 8: Kirby World
  • Chapter 9: The Final Dimension
  • Chapter 10: Distorted Dimensions


Chapter 1: The Dimension Staff

  • Cutscene*

"Luigi you fool, wake up now!" yells Mario. He's shaking Luigi awake.

"What is it Mario?" asks Luigi, waking up.

"It's the birthday of the best and coolest person in the world, me!" brags Mario. "And Peach got me an early B-day gift!"

"Hmm," says Luigi.

"It's a golden staff with a giant glowing glue crystal on it!" says Mario, "see how great I am?"

"No," says Luigi, "all I see is the person behind you."

Mario whirls around and gasps. Bowser is behind him. He has an eye-patch, a bandage wrapped around his leg and forehead, a scar on his hand, and a robotic foot. Bowser Junior, Waluigi, and Wario step out from behind him. Wario and Waluigi have burn marks on them (from being in explosions/fire in the game before this). Bowser Junior has burn marks and a robotic arm.

"We're here for revenge!" says Bowser.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Tutorial battle*

"Hey there!" says a voice. "See that block I've given you above Mario and Luigi's head? Select it to perform the jump attack!"

Select the block and chose to jump on anybody but Bowser. Mario jumps and lands on who you're attacking (Wario and Waluigi are the same enemy.)

"Now press A on his head to do a double jump!" says the voice. Mario jumps again and defeats who you're attacking (if you're attacking Bowser it won't do any damage.)

"Repeat the process now that it's Luigi's turn!" says the voice.

Defeat the last person you have to and remember not to target Bowser.

"Very good!" says the voice, "I've given you a new gold block. That's the Dimension Staff, use it! You can't beat Bowser unless you do!"

Press the golden block and Bowser will appear in a pure land battling Peach.

"Beat him with your punch block Peach!" says the voice.

Select the red punch block and Peach will punch Bowser. Once getting Bowser down to one HP, the voice speaks again.

"Good, now use the Dimension Staff, I've added the block!" says the voice.

Select the block and you Bowser will find himself next to the Mario Brothers.

"He's weak now, finish him!" says the voice.

  • End of tutorial battle*
  • Cutscene*

Bowser and the others are knocked out on the floor.

"Well, that was a hard battle, we'll be late to my birthday party!" exclaims Mario. "Get out of bed!"

Luigi and Mario put on their hats and rush out the door, forgetting to shut it. A figure in blue with a pure black face, a wizard hat, a staff, and glowing yellow eyes walks inside the house.

"Goodbye heroes!" says the figure.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 2: Happy Birthday Mario

  • Cutscene*

"Here we are, the castle built just for my party!" says Mario. He is pointing to the giant castle painted red.

"Cool," says Luigi.

"Get in already!" yells Mario.

He and Luigi enter the castle. Peach and more people are there.

"Hi Olimar!" says Mario.

"Pikmin!" greet the Pikmin.

"Hey Mario and Luigi," says Olimar. He shakes their hands.

Suddenly, a Wiggler appears out of nowhere.

"Time for another fight!" says Mario.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Mini boss battle*

The Mini-Boss has 158 HP.

"Mario and Luigi, neither you two nor Peach can beat this, select the Dimension Staff anyway!" says the voice.

Select the staff icon. You have a choice to become Olimar or Peach. Select Olimar and then the creature and Olimar get transported to a snowy area.

"Olimar, select your Pikmin attack!" says the voice.

Select the block with the Red Pikmin icon and then select the enemy to hit (the giant creature.)

"Great, now press Y as fast as you can to toss Pikmin!" says the voice.

Do as told to defeat the enemy.

  • End of Mini Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

"You showed him Olimar!" says Mario.

"C'mon, outside," says Olimar. "We'll get back to the party soon."

  • End of cutscene*

Olimar leads the brothers outside. There are some enemies to beat along the way, and then you make it inside the S.S Dolphin.

  • Cutscene*

"What is it?" asks Mario.

"There is a treasure map in my pocket, you must travel through dimensions to get it!" says Olimar. "But if you want it you must give me some of the treasure!"

"Deal!" says Luigi.

"Well you can't have any Luigi," says Mario.

"He can!" says Olimar.

"Fine," says Mario. He shakes on it.

"Good, back to the party!" says Olimar.

  • End of cutscene*

Leave the S.S Dolphin and walk back to the castle. There are a few enemies on the way back.

Enter the party castle and go upstairs, leaving Olimar behind, head across a bride outside leading to another tower.

Enter the tower and then walk up to the guard.

  • Cutscene*

"Who are you?" the guard asks Luigi.

"I'm Mario's brother," says Luigi.

"You may pass," says the guard.

Mario and Luigi pass through the doors.

  • End of cutscene*

Inside, Wario and Waluigi are stealing all the money that was meant for Mario.

  • Cutscene*

"They know!" says Waluigi.

He presses a button and a jetpack grows on his back.

Wario flees with the gold.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Boss Battle*

The jetpack has 100 HP and Waluigi has 200. The jetpack shoots lasers and Waluigi hammers you and more. Waluigi is invincible with the jetpack and the Mario Bros. can't destroy it. Use the dimension staff to become Peach and destroy the jetpack. Neither Peach nor Olimar can defeat Waluigi, so send him back to the brothers. Beat him to get the battle over with.

  • End of boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

Waluigi crashes to the floor and lands in a box full of bombs that light when touched.

"Run!" yells Luigi. They run out just as the box blows up.

"Hopefully he won't come back!" says Mario.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 3: Black Mage Strikes

  • Cutscene*

Wario runs back into the room and takes Waluigi out of the box of bombs.

"What happened?" asks Waluigi.

"You were blown up," says Wario, picking his nose.

"Well, I was almost," says Waluigi, looking at himself.

They run to the Mario Bros. who are in the main room.

"Hey_" begins Wario.

Suddenly, the lights go out. A strange figure appears out of nowhere.

"Greetings!" says the figure. "I am the one and only Black Mage!"

Everybody gasps and then the gasps stop as Black Mage speaks again.

"Mario and Luigi are the owners of one of the two dimension staffs! Well I'm going to destroy every dimension with mine, and not even their staff can stop me!" laughs Black Mage.

  • End of cutscene*

Black Mage is gone, head back to the room where you battled Waluigi and try to fight some enemies along the way.

Black Mage is inside so walk up to him.

  • Cutscene*

"You can't even hurt me!" says Black Mage.

"We may not be able to," says Mario.

"But we can!" says Wario and Waluigi, jumping out from behind the brothers.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Boss battle*

Black Mage has 380 HP and his staff as 298. The Wario Bros. can do more damage than the Mario Bros. so the boss' HP is higher.

  • End of boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

Black Mage grins and laughs. "You can't stop me!"

Black Mage snaps his finger and vanishes along with the staff. Then he appears again, bangs the staff on the ground and everybody vanishes.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 4: Separated

  • Cutscene*

Olimar and Peach rush into the room.

"Where is Mario?" asks Peach.

"I have no clue!" says Olimar.

"Ugh!" says Peach. She is looking out the window.

"What do you see?" asks Olimar.

"The one and only Princess Orange!" cries Peach.

"Well that's bad... who is Princess Orange?" asks Olimar.

"She wants to kidnap me!" says Peach, "more than Bowser!"

"Okay," says Olimar. Hundreds of Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin rush to him.

"I gotta get out of here!" says Olimar, "send the enemies to me if you can't win!"

He rushes out of the room.

A Princess Peach lookalike appears in the room. The changes from Peach are: her dress is dark blue and her hair is dark blue.

"We meet again!" laughs Princess Orange.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Boss Battle*

Princess Orange has 540 HP. Peach can beat her except for when Princess Orange only needs to be attacked once more to be beaten. When that happens send her to Olimar to finish the job.

  • End of boss battle*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 5: Waluigi, Mario and the Pokemon

  • Cutscene*

"Where am I?" asks Waluigi, waking up.

He and Mario are in a forest.

Suddenly, Pikachu runs up to them.

"Guys, these dudes are hurt!" says Pikachu.

Hundreds of Pokemon come towards Waluigi and Mario.

  • End of cutscene*

Pikachu is leading you as you roam the forest. After a few areas, you come to a part where everything is blocked off by trees.

Waluigi can press Y to shoot a fireball. All the trees burn down.

Continue going down the current path and then you come to a halt in front of a tree. Press Y to start a cutscene.

  • Cutscene*

"STOP!" bellows Pikachu.

Water-type Pokemon shoot water at Waluigi.

"It's a tree house!" says Pikachu.

A rope comes down through the top.

  • End of cutscene*

The Pokemon are already up the tree. As Mario and Waluigi, climb it.

The entire clubhouse is wrecked.

Go up the stairs and you will find Pikachu and his pals looking at another ruined room.

  • Cutscene*

"Oh no!" cries Mario.

Waluigi kicks a pile of books aside. Underneath is a dead Pikachu.

Pikachu gasps and says "that no good Blaster must have done this!"

  • End of cutscene*

Go onto the balcony. There is a rope across to another tree. Press Y and A at the same time. Mario and Waluigi will jump on it and start climbing. Press A and Y to move forwards and backwards.

Soon, you are in the other tree. It is wrecked too. Go out the door and down the stairs. Pikachu and his gang seem to be talking with an armored creature.

  • Cutscene*

"You are killing and robbing!" exclaims Pikachu.

"I'm a crook!" says the armored creature.

"Look Blaster!" says Pikachu.

"There's nothing to see!" laughs Blaster. He runs off.

Pikachu turns to Mario and Waluigi.

"I wasn't done talking!" he says.

All the Pokemon and Waluigi walk back into the tree house.

  • End of cutscene*

Explore the forest some more. You will soon come to a Ghastly. Cloaked figures are in front of him.

They are pointing machine guns at him. Go up to them.

  • Cutscene*

"Give us the money!" say the cloaked figures.

"I don't have it, tell Blaster I'll give him extra tomorrow!" says the poor Ghastly.

"Shoot him!" says one of the cloaked figures, "when he's knocked-out Blaster can kill him!"

"No!" says Mario.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Mini-Boss Battle*

The Cloaked figures each have 75 HP and a total of 225. They all shoot at you and are not too hard to beat.

  • End of mini-boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

The figures fall to the ground.

"Freedom!" cries the Ghastly. He runs away into the forest. He has dropped a purple crystal.

"You earned a Dimension Shard!" a voice says.

"That voice again!" says Mario.

"Oh, I'm just a ghost," says the voice, "you'll never know who I am. The Dimension Shards have powers to travel between dimensions! You can go home with these!"

  • End of cutscene*

Head back towards the clubhouse. Right before entering Blaster jumps in front of you.

  • Cutscene*

"Give me that shard!" says Blaster. He grabs it out of Mario's pocket.

"Hey!" says Mario.

"Tell you what, whoever wins a battle keeps the shard!" laughs Blaster.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Boss battle*

Blaster has 540 HP. Blaster has a giant machine gun and his attacks all use it. He can shoot you three times in a row. He can shoot himself in the air and land on you. He can spin around really fast and shoot, causing you to be shot from all around.

  • End of boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

Blaster falls over.

"Ah!" screams Blaster, "men!"

The cloaked figures come and pick him up. Suddenly, Black Mage appears.

"Sorry Blaster my boy," he says. Black Mage bangs his staff on the ground and Blaster and the cloaked figures vanish with him.

  • End of cutscene*

Head up and enter the clubhouse. It's all clean now! Head to the other side and the Pokemon are there. They seem to be doing their own things like Blaster never happened. Head outside and Waluigi is there.


"Blaster is gone," says Mario.

"Who's Blaster?" asks Waluigi.

"Yeah, who?" asks Pikachu, peaking his head out of the clubhouse.

"Oh, nobody," says Mario. "Waluigi, we can get home with this shard!"

Mario takes the shard out of his pocket.

"Hold on tight!" says Mario. Waluigi grips it and the two vanish. Pikachu peaks his head out again.

"Now where'd they go?" he asks.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 6: Wario and Luigi meet Paper Mario

  • Cutscene*

"Ugh!" says Luigi.

He's standing in some kind of paper city and looking at the sleeping Wario pick his nose.

"Stop it already!" says Luigi.

"WHAAA!!!" exclaims Wario. He jumps up from a deep sleep.

"We need to get out of here!" says Luigi.

"After we steal some gold!" says Wario, picking his nose.

  • End of cutscene*

The city is side-scrolling instead of the normal gameplay. Walk along the city for a while and soon you will reach a place called Toad Town.

Walk through Toad Town for a little while until you come to a house. Go up the stairs and press B to knock.

  • Cutscene*

The door opens up and Wario and Luigi walk inside. There is Paper Mario.

"Who are you?" asks Luigi.

"Who am I? Who are you?" asks Paper Mario.

"I'm Luigi!" says Luigi.

"There's only one Luigi!" yells Paper Mario.

Paper Luigi appears and laughs.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Mini-Boss Battle*

Paper Mario has 200 HP and Paper Luigi has 345 HP. They use the same attacks as Mario and Luigi and can only be beaten by sending him to Olimar and the Pikmin.

  • End of Mini-Boss Battle*
  • Cutscene*

"Okay, you're the real Luigi!" admits Paper Mario.

"But you'll have to defeat the K. I. C. K. before you get what we'll give!" says Paper Luigi.

"K. I. C. K?" asks Luigi.

"King Incredibly Cool Koopa," says Paper Mario. "He's not too far away."

  • End of cutscene*

Leave the house as Luigi. Wario is keeping an eye on the Paper Mario Bros. so he didn't come.

Head out of Toad Town and go back into the city. Defeat enemies on your way to the forest.

The forest has enemies too. Get through it and you will come to a castle. Enter the castle and get through it.

You will come to a room where there is a large Koopa with a crown. Talk to him to start a cutscene.

  • Cutscene*

"Why are you here?" asks King Incredibly Cool Koopa.

"To win!" says Luigi.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Boss battle*

K. I. C. K. has 550 HP. He can use many attacks and they aren't easy to dodge.

  • End of boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

K. I. C. K. roars and dies. Luigi sits on his throne. He appears on a chair in Paper Mario's house.

"You won!" says Paper Mario.

He hands Mario a Dimension Shard.

"Just hold it with Wario!" says Paper Luigi.

Wario grabs it and he and Luigi vanish.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 7: Reunite

  • Cutscene*

"Shattered shards of the Dimension Orb!" laughs Black Mage.

He is in a dark castle surrounded in purple fog watching a television with the bros. on it.

"Shouldn't you be watching the crystal ball? It looks cooler," says Bowser. He walks up next to Black Mage.

"Look kid, the television is like a crystal ball," says Black Mage, "but much cooler; now get back to work you little idiot!"

"What did you just call me?" demands Bowser.

"Little idiot, don't be such a little idiot, little idiot," says Black Mage.

  • End of cutscene*

You are playing as Bowser and roaming the castle.

Head downstairs and exit the castle.

  • Cutscene*

"It's got to be here somewhere!" says Bowser. He's digging outside the castle and Black Mage is watching him.

"Bowser wants his robot? How very-very cute," says Black Mage. He presses a button on the TV. "Time for a battle and this isn't going to be cute!"

  • End of cutscene*
  • Robot Boss Fight*

A giant Bowser robot is against Black Mage's castle; however it's been transformed to look like Black Mage.

"Bowser, you can win!" a voice says.

Bowser's robot can punch and spit fireballs. Black Mage's can do many things. He has 548 HP.

  • End of robot boss fight*
  • Cutscene*

Black Mage's castle transforms back into its normal form and Bowser's robot falls to the ground.

"I will never give up!" says Bowser.

"You'll just have to die instead!" laughs Black Mage, "get it?"

"No," says Bowser.

A laser canon as big as half of the Bowser robot pops out of the roof of the castle and it aims at Bowser, this is the end. "Goodbye little idiot," says Black Mage. The canon fires a huge laser at Bowser's robot. When the laser fades away, the robot is gone.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 8: Kirby World

  • Cutscene*

Mario opens his eyes. He's all alone in a forest.


Luigi opens his eyes. He's all alone in a forest.


Wario opens his eyes. He's falling off a cliff with Waluigi.

"AH!" cries Wario.


  • End of cutscene*

You are playing as Mario in the forest. All the enemies are Waddle-Dees and Waddle-Doos.

Beat some (you'll need to for leveling up for the hard boss) and then continue walking through the maze.

After a little while you will come to Luigi.

  • Cutscene*

"Mario!" exclaims Luigi.

"Luigi!" exclaims Mario.

"Let's get out of here!" says Mario.

  • End of cutscene*

Continue up the path until you come to a large tree. Whack it with your hammer. Its eyes will open!

  • Mini Boss Battle*

Whispy Woods has 950 HP. He uses all his attacks in the Kirby games.

  • End of mini boss battle*

Now Whispy Woods is gone. Keep walking straight and you will soon be out of the forest and at a beach. There is a raft, hop on it.

  • Cutscene*

"This raft is taking hours!" yells Mario.

"It's only been two minutes," says Luigi.

"Oh," says Mario.

Suddenly, the boat stops on an island.

"What's that?" asks Mario.

"I am Kracko!" yells the cloud Mario is pointing at.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Mini Boss Battle*

Kracko has 1,215 HP and he uses all his attacks from the Kirby games. He is harder to beat than Whispy Woods.

  • End of mini boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

The Mario Bros. are walking along the island. They walk right inside a castle.

  • End of cutscene*

The castle has three floors. They are all large. Once on the top floor you will see King Dedede, Kirby, and Meta Knight.

  • Cutscene*

"Please King Dedede!" says Meta Knight, "just calm down!"

"He shouldn't have done what he did!" says Kirby.

"RAR!" yells Dedede.

  • End of cutscene*
  • Boss battle*

King Dedede has 1,610 HP. He uses his hammer to attack. Once at 500 HP, the king will put a mask on and you will have to use the Dimension Staff to beat him with Kirby and Meta Knight.

  • End of boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

"He should recover soon," says Meta Knight.

"Thank you!" says Kirby. He gives the bros. a Dimension Shard. "Take it for free!"

Mario and Luigi grab it and vanish.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 9: The Final Dimension

  • Cutscene*

The Mario Bros. are right in front of Black Mage's castle.

"Wow!" exclaims Mario, "just pure wow!"

"Sweet castle," says Luigi.

"YEAH!" exclaims Mario.

"Let's get Inside!" says Luigi.

Black Mage is watching them on TV. "Welcome, Mario, to the Final Dimension!" says Black Mage.

  • End of cutscene*

Walk inside Black Mage's castle. It looks creepy and dark. There is purple fog inside. The enemies are all wearing wizard hats such as a Goomba Mage.

On the second floor there is a maze.

Go right, go right, go right, go right, go up, go up, go up, go up, go right, go right, go right, go up, go up, go right, and go up.

You'll make it to another maze on the third floor.

Go left, go up, go left, go up, go left, go up, go left, go up, go left, go up, go left, go up, go left, go left, and go left.

And there is one final maze on the fourth floor.

Go up, go up, go up, go left, go up, go up, go right, go right, go up, go left, go up, go right, go up, go left, go left, go left, go left, go left, go left, go up, go right, go right, and go up.

The fifth floor is filled with enemies; there is a painting near the end. Hit it and a door will appear next to it.

On the sixth floor there is a secret passageway if you hammer the wall. It's the only way to get further. The wall will open and you must go through.

  • Cutscene*

"Black Mage!" exclaims Mario.

"Time for the final fight!" says Black Mage. "I must say this will be The Final Fight in the Final Dimension!"

Black Mage bursts out laughing. Then he looks and figures out Mario and Luigi aren't laughing.

"Get it?" asks Black Mage. "Eh... I didn't think so."

  • Boss Battle*

Black Mage has an epic battle. He shoots huge projectiles at you from his staff. They are nearly impossible to dodge. Get down 1000 HP. Then Black Mage will become invincible. Send him to Wario and Waluigi who are currently underwater. Get down 500 HP and then send him to Bowser. Get down 1200 HP and then send him to Kirby and Meta Knight. Get down 25 HP (Kirby and Meta Knight aren't very good at fighting Black Mage) and then send him to Peach and Olimar. Get down 1000 HP and send him to the Mario Bros., all their stats will be max except their health so if you are you should heal. Then get down 1500 HP.

  • End of boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

Black Mage falls to the ground and then looks up.

"I was hired!" says Black Mage.

"Who hired you?" asks Mario.

"Luigi!" says Black Mage.

"Me?" asks Luigi.

There is silence for a moment and then Luigi laughs.

"Alright, I admit it!" says Luigi.

"WHA!!!!" gasps Mario.

"I was sick of it!" says Luigi.

"What were you sick of?" asks Mario.

"You bragging on and on and everybody thinking you're so great! I deserve credit too!" says Luigi.

Suddenly, Black Mage laughs evilly.

"Sorry my boy!" says Black Mage. He shoots a dark ball at Luigi and Luigi grows into a giant Luigi head. His skin is pure black and he has glowing red eyes.

"What have you done?" asks Mario.

"I've taken control of him to kill you!" says Black Mage.

"Goodbye me," says Mario as the Luigi creature laughs evilly.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of chapter*

Chapter 10: Distorted Dimensions

  • Boss Battle*

Black Luigi has 1,290 HP. He spits giant blue fireballs at you, flies into the air and lands on you, and spits giant hammers. Once you beat him, send him to Peach and Olimar to take out 500 HP and you'll win the boss.

  • End of boss battle*
  • Cutscene*

Black Luigi turns back into a knocked-out normal Luigi.

Black Mage is knocked out too.

"I guess I brag too much," says Mario. He grabs Luigi and Black Mage and picks up a Dimension Shard. He vanishes and appears in the Mushroom Kingdom.

- One Hour Later -

Mario and Luigi are outside of Peach's Castle with everybody else. Black Mage is standing with Mario.

"Well, my brother has stopped Black Mage!" says Mario.

Everybody in the Mushroom Kingdom begins to cheer "Luigi!"

"Ugh..." says Black Mage.

A Toad in blue walks up to Black Mage.

"You're under arrest," says the Toad. He takes Black Mage away.

"Luigi is the best!" cheers a Toad in the crowd.

Luigi is smiling at the credit Mario gave him.

"What a surprising dimension," says Luigi.

  • End of cutscene*
  • End of game*

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