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Bowser JR.  

Bowser JR is actually the tutorial boss and is the first to be encountered, and is no real tactic needed. and in a few hits he is defeated.

Abilities: Fire breath: Bowser breath a small firaball does 2 damage

Name Bowser JR.
Bowser JR.
HP 12
Difficult Tutorial
XP none
Coins none

Boss Stadium


Name Topmaniac
Topmaniac ml style wip
HP 600
ATK 70
DEF 140
Difficult Medium
XP None
Coins 100

Boss info

Topmaniac is the first of the Stadium bosses and is the easiest. Topmaniac is A pretty boss too defeat and the time limit is 10 min atleast he has a great defense so musch attack doesn't help. Also he is a flieng enemy so he can't be hitt by ground Attack.  

Advised Level: 20+


Spinn Attack: Attak Mario or Luigi while it is spinning. When Mario or Luigi tough his spinning Attack then it it does damage per seconds, it isn't enough too kil Mario or Luigi but does alot Damage.

Shield: Increase defends for two rounds by 30+

Digg inn: Most powerfull abilitie, he will spinn in the ground and the ground shake and rocks are coming Mario and Luigi side. 

Bee defense: When queen bee is in the team, Topmaniac defense his attack so the queen bee can't attack him.


Name Megahammer
Megahammer ml style wip
HP 800
ATK 120
DEF 120
Difficult Medium
XP none
Coins 100

Boss info

Megahammer is the second boss and time limit is 5 min, atleast the time limit stand alot in the way and most people die most of the time because there time is over, he has a great defense and a very effective attack. He knows more abilities than Topmaniac and is definitly a great boss. 

Advised level: 20+


Hammer smash: a slow smash that is easy too avoid but when he hits he will do alot of damage. 

Laser: A small shoot of lasser does already a lot of damage, he will shoot 10 times too Mario, luigi and Co.

Bullet launch: Megahammer start to shoot Buller bills, depend how much time he shoots. most 5-12 bullet bills to every Player.

Omega wipe: A heavy dangerous attack, reach a heavy smash with a fire effect. 50% change on burn.

Alpha smash: A heavy smash with the hammer, does a lot of damage.

Self recover: Recover 200 Hp of himself.

King bob-omb

Name King bob-omb
HP 1,100
ATK 230
DEF 40
Difficult Hard
XP none
Coins 100

Boss info

King bob-omb is the hardest boss of the boss stadium, time limit is 15 min. His attacks are very great and defeat him is very hard, still most people succeed in beating him and most need 12 times to try to defeat him. 

Advised level: 20+


Stomp: Bob-omb will stomp one of the players deals heavy damage.

Throw away: Bob-omb will throw one of the played away and will be away for 3 rounds, and does alot of damage.

Bounce: Bounce attack is a attack that does a lot of damage.

Bob-ombs ball: Call bob-ombs to his aid too defeat, Mario and luigi have too use to hammer to throw the ball back too bob-omb.

Self destruction: When king bob-omb HP is at 0% he will walk too Mario and Luigi, when Mario or Luigi don't hit im with the hammer he explode and the team will die.

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