Mario & Luigi: Comet Quest
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Platform(s) Nintendo GameCube
Release Date(s)
Europe: January 24, 2007
Japan: January 27, 2007
North America: February 6, 2007
Single player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG

Mario & Luigi: Comet Quest is another entry for the Mario & Luigi series and was created for the Nintendo GameCube, making it the first Mario & Luigi game for a home console. As before, it features Mario and Luigi, plus three more playable characters: Princess Peach, Dracolord, and R.O.B. The game was made by Greivous the Champion, using RPG Maker 2003.


Mario is called to Princess Peach's castle when various treasures are stolen from the castle treasury. It is reported that the thief was a tall man wearing a green hat and shirt. Mario is eventually lead to Bowser's Keep, where he discovers that Bowser has captured Luigi and is making Luigi clones. Bowser plans to use these clones to not only do his dirty work, but to also ruin Luigi's reputation. Mario tries to defeat Bowser, but the battle is interrupted when the Ancient Minister arrives. The minister drops a Subspace Bomb in the castle, which explodes and causes the castle, Bowser, and the clones to disappear. Mario and the real Luigi escape, being shot into the air by the explosion.

Fortunately, the brothers land safely on Yo'ster Isle, where they are saved by the Yoshis. Yoshi takes Mario to his house, where the party recuperates. Yoshi tells them that there is a contest being held on the island, where whoever finds the biggest seashell on the island wins a prize. Mario and Luigi enter the contest and eventually win. But when the wake the next day, the Dracolord arrives. He tells Mario that his ultimate plan is to become the master of all dragons, and he kidnaps every Yoshi on the island, bringing them to his volcano hideout, Dracolord's Castle.