Mario and Luigi's Super Adventures is a new show that is on Disney XD. Its first season started on 08/05/13 and ended 10/21/13. The second season will start 12/07/14.

Season 1

Title Desc. Airdate
Plumber Bummer Mario and Luigi are sent to Princess Peach's castle to fix the pipes. But with crabs, turtles, and ic coming out of the pipes, how will they fix them? 08/05/13
Peach Has Been Kidnapped! Mario and Luigi have fixed the pipes, but Bowser, the Koopa king, has warped out of one. He takes Peach into his Airship! Can Marioand Luigi save her? 08/12/13
One-One Well, Peach wasn't saved, so Mario and Luigi chase after Bowser to rescue her. Can they overcome the obstacles in their way? 08/19/13
Fire Power! They have reached the end of that level, but they come across a strange block. When they hit it, two flowers pop up. They use these to gain fire powers! However, a hammer bro wants to steal them from them! Can they make it? 08/26/13
Egg They no longer have the flower, but they discover a mysterious egg... should they eat it or raise it? 09/02/13
Oh, No! It's Wario and Waluigi! The egg turned out to be a Yoshi and came along with them, but Mario and Luigi run into their old rivals... Wario and Waluigi! And they seem to want to beat Mario and Luigi up! Who will win? 09/09/13
Deep, Dark Cave They beat Wario and Waluigi, but they run into another level.. a big cave! It's so dark, you can barely see! How can they make it out? 09/16/13
Bowser's Maze Part 1: The Journey At the end of the level, Bowser put a hedge maze for them to get lost in. Will they come out? will they even be ALIVE? 09/23/13
Bowser's Maze Part 2: Boom, Boom! We find them halfway through the maze in the beginning. They make it to the end, only to find Boom Boom! Can they beat him? 09/30/13
Two Toads After beating the maze, they find two toads who aren't quite ready for adventuring yet, but they want to! Can Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi train them to help? 10/07/13
Jumping from Mushroom to Mushroom The toads do join them, but they almost run off a cliff... and they realize they're at another level! It's filled with mushrooms they have to bounce on, or they fall and die! Can they make it? 10/14/13
Larry Koopa After surviving the mushroom level, they come across a giant castle. After going through all of it (not unscaved), they find Larry Koopa! Can they beat him? 10/21/13

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