This episode is rated G for some scary images and mild launguage.AA

The first episode of the new show on Fan TV!


Baby Luigi: Tickle bear, tickle bear...

Baby Mario: Hey! This is my house!

Baby Luigi: Says who?

Baby Mario: got a good point there. (Narrows his eyes) Are you Mickey Mouse?

Baby Luigi: Oh, yes, I'm a giant mouse who was created to replace a legendary cartoon character. (Sarcastic)

Baby Mario: So you are!

Baby Luigi: And I thought that you were supposed to be the mature one.

Baby Mario: Oh, so you're not Mickey...(laughs)

Baby Luigi: Yeah, about that...why on earth would you think that?

Baby Mario: You know, because that's what I thought, and normally...

Baby Luigi: Oh, so now you're just trying to scare me.

Baby Mario: Oh, that's not scary, THIS is scary.

Baby Luigi: What the ****?

(An evil clown pops up on the screen)

Baby Luigi: That is so scary!

Baby Mario: It's just a clown.

Baby Luigi; OK then.

Baby Mario: Oh, and I think that I know who you are. (Long silence) Donald Duck?

Baby Luigi: No.

Baby Mario: Now I've got it! You are Goofy!

(Baby Luigi starts to cry)

Baby Mario: No, I meant the Disney character...They're watching us.

Baby Luigi: Who?

Baby Mario: Walt Disney's lawyers. Now quiet down if you don't want to get sued.

Baby Luigi; And I'm starting to think that you are also a Disney character.

Baby Mario: So you are a Disney character!

Baby Luigi: Yes, but you will never figure out who!

Baby Mario: Yes, because you are not one!

Baby Luigi: Who told you? Was it one of these evil lawyers?

Baby Mario: No, they're not evil...Tatanga is evil!

(Scene goes to a space shuttle)

Tatanga: They know that they might be brothers.

Bowser Jr.: But remember that there is another Mario.

Tatanga: If you want to quote Yoda, then yes. We will rely on their cousin. In fact, I'll go tell Baby Wario that he has been chosen.

(Scene zoomes in one Bowser Jr.'s face)

Bowser Jr: And this one will not fail me.

(The words "To Be continued" appear on screen)


  • Benjamin Morningstar as Baby Mario
  • Evan Morningstar as Baby Luigi
  • Chad Morningstar as Tatanga
  • Chad Morningstar also plays Bowser Jr.


Coming soon...


The two Mario brothers meet, and their cousin is chosen to help an evil force conquer the Earth.


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