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Mario and Bomberman: The Unexpected Crossover is a game coming out on the Wii U and will be a crossover game of the Super Mario and Bomberman series.


Name Picture Ability
533px-Mario SSB4 Artwork-0

Speed: Normal

Jump: Normal

Attack: fireballs, jumping on enimies


Speed: Fast, but bad traction

Jump: Normal

Attack: Green Fireballs, jumping on enimies

130px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land

Speed: Normal

Jump: Highest jump

Attack: Solid Hard Mushrooms, jumping on enimies

Bomberman TCS5

Speed: Normal

Jump: Normal

Attack: Bombs, Jumping on enimies, Headbutt

Green Bomberman with Glasses
Bookworm Green B3DB

Speed: Fastest character

Jump: Normal

Attack: Boomerang, jumping on enemies, headbutt

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