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Mario X Sonic: Cross Generation of Heroes
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Composer(s) Hideyuki Fukasawa
Series Nintendo vs. Sega
Platform(s) Arcade
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo 3DS
Mode(s) Single-Player
Arcade System Taito Type X²

  Mario X Sonic: Cross Generation of Heroes (pronounced as Mario Cross Sonic) is crossover fighting game developed by Capcom and Eighting for Arcade and published by Nintendo and Sega in the console ports of the game. It is a crossover of both the Mario and Sonic franchises and is the first game to not be based on the Olympic Games. It should also be noted that this is the first time Archie Sonic characters appear in any other media aside from the comics. The game also returns Capcom's 2D sprites that originated from X-Men: Children of the Atom.


Similar to Capcom's X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Mario X Sonic: Cross Generation of Heroes uses a system similar to the style developed in Marvel Super Heroes, and adds the tag team gameplay feature. Instead of the usual best-two-out-of-three round format, the game‍ '​s matches consist of two-on-two battles between tag teams. The player controls one character at a time, while the other awaits off-screen. The starting character can tag the waiting one in at any time by hitting the Hard Punch and Hard Kick buttons, which activates the "Variable Attack"; the tag partner will jump in with an attack and taunt briefly. During their taunt, they are vulnerable to counterattack. The dormant character will be able to recover a portion of their vitality, while the current character is fighting. If one character loses all of their vitality, then the tag partner will automatically come to play. A match is over when both members of a team are defeated or if the timer on the match clock reaches zero.

There are other ways to bring the character's partner in; the "Variable Counter", which is similar to that of the Infinity Counter from Marvel Super Heroes, breaks the player‍ '​s guard to bring the teammate in with a counterattack at the cost of a level of super meter. Also, the "Variable Combination" is a two-character Hyper Combo (the super moves featured in the game) which costs two levels, and will switch the player‍ '​s current character as long as neither character gets hit during their Hyper Combos; and players can also summon their partner to perform one of their special moves without changing their currently-controlled character similar to that of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.


During a wild goose chase with Bowser, Mario and Luigi encounter a Genesis Portal in the sky which Bowser uses to escape from them. Unfortunately, it backfires as the portals rip the fabric of space and time, causing both worlds to collide. Eventually encountering with the Freedom Fighters, both worlds of Mario and Sonic must join forces if they are able to stop Time Eater from erasing both universes.


An Asterisk (*) = Unlockable Character. Characters from the video game, Freedom Planet, serve as guest DLC characters to the game. With Mario, Sonic, and DLC with unlocked characters combined makes the roster a total of 42 playable characters.

Super Mario Sonic the Hedgehog Freedom Planet (Guest DLC Characters)
Mario Mario Sonic the Hedgehog Sash Lilac
Luigi Mario Shadow the Hedgehog Carrol Tea
Princess Peach Sally Acorn Milla Basset
Yoshi Miles "Tails" Prowler Commander Torque
Dixie Kong Amy Rose Spade
Dr. Crygor Rotor the Walrus Neera Li
Kat and Ana* Antoine "D'Coolette" the Coyote* General Gong
Tiny Kong* Bunnie "D'Coolette" the Rabbot* Lord Arktivus Brevon
Penny Nicole the Holo-Lynx
Ashley and Red* Cream and Cheese*
Young Cricket* Espio the Chamelion*
Wario Knuckles the Enchidna
Waluigi Rouge the Bat
Donkey Kong* Big the Cat*
Princess Daisy Blaze the Cat
Rosalina* Tikal the Enchidna*
Bowser Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Time Eater (from Sonic Generations) serves as the game's final boss and lacks a tag partner. The character that defeates Time Eater will recieve his/her own ending to the game.


The game is followed by its sequel, Nintendo All-Stars vs. Sonic Universe, which pits Sonic characters against some of Nintendo's famous characters from other franchises.

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