Mario X
Genre(s) Anime, Comedy
Original Language Japanese
... and more!
Mario X is a anime, its first season aired in 27th October 2004 till 27th July 2008. Season 2 started on 30th December 2016 with "Mario Who?"





Season 1 Episodes

  1. Put in the Shell
  2. Clock Attack
  3. Vampire Nights
  4. Mario and Drumstick
  5. Tiptup's Girlfriend
  6. Timber and Jerry
  7. Hey What is That
  8. Cheese for Pipsy
  9. Bowser Forever
  10. Key of the Castle
  11. Birdo's Island
  12. Peach Took It by Bowser
  13. Tumble's Pen
  14. Magic-A-Put-Ra
  15. Love from Yoshi
  16. Fire is Discoverd
  17. The Moon Attack
  18. His Sidekick
  19. Mushroom Kingdom and Timber's Island
  20. Dry Attack

Season 2 Episodes

1. Mario Who?



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