Mario World Kart is a Mario kart game for the Wii. In this game, Mario and his all his friends and enemies race and travel to different worlds, old and new. there are also old and new characters as well and some characters come in different colors.


In Mario World Kart, there is way to play the game. You can use the Wii Wheel, the Wii Remote, the Wii Classic Controller, The Wii Remote and Nunchuck combination or Nintendo Gamecube Controller. You can chose each control on different sets on any gameplay mode you choose.

Tournament Mode: Race round different worlds and beat all 8 cups

Exhibition Mode: Free Play, play to four players.

Story Mode: You can only play Mario, Luigi, Alberto or Sally Yoshi in the beginning of the game. Race and beat bosses on your way to Bowser and to victory. Gather up the whole cast and missions to unlock characters and more.

Time Trials: Beat the best or your best record.

Mini Game Mode: Play up to four friends, there are some mini games from the other kart games and new ones you have to unlock from Story Mode.


There are more characters then before. There many default characters here, while the unlockables can only be unluck if you beat Tournament or Story Mode. There are different characters types. Small, Medium and Large.

There are 38 characters.

Image Name Size Special Item
Mario Medium Red Fire Balls
Luigi Medium Green Fire Balls
Alberto Medium Blue Fire Balls
Sally yoshi 3
Sally Yoshi Light Music Notes
File:Folder4000 peachness.png
Peach Light Hearts
Daisy MK7
Daisy Light Flowers
Morina final
Morina Light Sun Balls
File:MKXL Yoshi.png
Yoshi Light Yoshi Eggs
File:600px-MP8 Birdo.jpg
Birdo Light Birdo Eggs
File:200px-DK DKCR.png
Donkey Kong Crusier Banana Peel
Diddy Kong Medium Peanut Shells
Wario Heavy Bob-omb
Waluigi Crusier Bob-omb
File:241px-Bowser NSMBW.png
Bowser Heavy Bowser Shell
Bowser Jr Medium Jr Shell


Image Name Size Speical Item
Walberto 2
Walberto Heavy Stink Bombs
Toad Feather Three Mushrooms
Toadette Feather Golden Mushroom
Baby Mario Feather N/A
Baby Luigi Feather N/A
Baby Peach Feather N/A
Baby Daisy Feather N/A
Shy Guy Light N/A
375px-MetalMario MK7
Metal Mario Heavy N/A
Rosalina Crusier Triple Stars
Honey Queen Heavy Honeyhive
Wiggler Crusier Flutters
354px-Lakitu MK7
Lakitu Feather Lighting
File:200px-MP8 DryBones.png
Dry Bones Medium N/A
200px-Funky Kong
Funky Knog Crusier N/A
Koopa Paratroopa Feather N/A
Koopa Troopa Feather N/A
File:200px-MP8 DryBones.png
Dry Bones Heavy N/A
King Boo Crusier N/A
250px-Petey Piranha NSMBVR
Petey Piranha Heavy N/A

QR Downloadable Characters


Here are the items that will be appearing in the game.


There only 8 cups in this game with new and old courses.

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit

Peach Castle

Mushroom Hills

Baby Pool

Flower Cup

  • Daisy Garden
  • Morina Valley
  • Icy Palace
  • Pirate Island

Star Cup

  • Sally's Concert
  • Yoshi Island
  • Ghost Mansion
  • Star Village

Banana Cup

  • DK Jungle
  • Dry Dry Cave
  • Toadette Music School
  • Dino Jungle

Lighting Cup

Coming Soon

Leaf Cup

Coming soon

Rainbow Cup

All of the different Rainbow Roads from the past Mario Kart Series

Special Cup

You have to race all of the courses from the different cup.