Mario World: Bowser's Bash
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Platform(s) Wii U
Single player, Multiplayer
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Genre(s) 2D Platformer

Mario World: Bowser's Bash is an upcoming fangame created by AdamGregory03 (tbc) featuring the Mario crew. It used to be in development for the Wii, but changed into development for the Wii U, due to the Wii's era being close to an end.


One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, a Blue Toad, and a Yellow Toad were hanging out with Peach, when suddenly, Toadsworth said there was a package for Peach from Bowser. For some reason, Bowser must have changed his ways... at least, that's what the gang thought until Bowser Jr. and his brothers and sister hopped out of the box and grabbed Peach, then flew off in an airship with Mario, Luigi, and the Toads in chase.

Playable characters


Ridable only


World Tower Ship Castle Enemycourse
Mushroom Kingdom Boom-Boom Larry Koopa Bowser Hammer Bro.
Dry Dry Desert Bad Birdo Roy Koopa Mummipokey Spiny/Pokey
Frosty Snowland Chief Chilly Lemmy Koopa Commander Cooligan Chilly
Tropical Beach Scubandit Wendy Koopa Cheepskipper Jumping Cheep-Cheep
Hijinx Jungle King Ukiki Iggy Koopa Petey Piranha Putrid Piranha
Mayhem Mountains Rock Bad Birdo Morton Koopa Monty Tank Bullet Bill
Cloudy Heaven False Angel Ludwig von Koopa Lakithunder Lakitu
Bowser's Badlands Kamek Bowser Jr. Giga Bowser Podoboo
Rainbow Star None None None None


Yoshi's power-ups



After defeating Bowser, the four heroes see a net hanging on the ceiling. Luigi activates a switch, causing the net to fall onto the ground very hard. Toadette crawls out of the net, and Blue Toad and Yellow Toad then rush to her side, then begin fighting over her. Mario just sighs at this. To thank them, Toadette joins up with them.


After defeating Cheepskipper, the gang enters door, where they see it wasn't Bowser Jr., but Wario who opened the giant Cheep-Cheep's cage. Wario tosses a small Bob-omb at them, but Mario tosses it back, making it explode on him. Wario then falls to the floor. Just as the gang were about to leave, he begs Mario to let him join them, and Mario accepts.


After defeating Lakithunder, his cloud reappears, causing the gang to become concerned. Waluigi falls out of the cloud and gets zapped by lightning. Waluigi, surrendering, decides to join the team.

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