Mario and Co. after Mario Sports Mix decide to play Volleyball to prove who is the best without the Final Fantasy Charcters.


Tournament-Get the the trophy (1-4 players)

Exhibiton-Choose a charcter,stage,and then fight (1-4 players)

Mario Exhibition-Same as exhibition but with special attacks that can mess up the other players (1-4 players)

Records-View your records

Minigames-Play some Mini games on a stage (1-4 players)


Balanced-Good in every stat

Reciver-Have long slides and high bounce but slow spikes and low hitting special attacks.

Speed-Fast movement and special attacks,but terrible fake-outs.

Defensive -Good at blocking spikes but are slow and slow  special attacks

Tricky-Good at fake-outs and curve shots but terrible at blocking spikes.

Power- Has Fast spikes and strong hitting special attacks but short slides and low bounces


Name Skill Type Bio. Special Recive Special Spike Special Attack
Mario Balanced

Mario is a good in everything

Spin Jump Fiery Metal Spike Fireball
Luigi Balanced Luigi is like his bro. Mario  Poultergeist Return Electric Invisible Spike Iceball
Peach Reciver Peach has the longest slide but is the weakest Heart Return Princess Heart Spike Pink Hearts
Daisy Reciver Dasiy is like Peach but stronger and not has long slide Flowerbed Wonder Flower Spike Flower Petals
Wario Defensive Wario is the slowest but has the best block Coin Graber Thunder Butt Spike Farts
Waluigi Defensive Waluigi is the fastest but worst blocker of the Defensive type Swim Dive Waluigi Spin Kick Spike Bombs
Yoshi Speed Yoshi is the Fastest charcter but has the worst Fake-out Spike. Flutter Jump Rainbow Egg Spike Yoshi Eggs
Toad Speed The slowest but best Fake-outer of the Speed Types Mushroom Summon Mega Mushroom Spike Mini Mushrooms
Shy Guy Tricky Shy Guy has the worst fake-out and 2nd best block of the Tricky Types Lightning Bolt Return Lightning Sperr Spike Spears
Boo Tricky Boo has the best fake-out but is the worst blocker  Teleport Return Boo Bridage Spike Pink Boo
DK Power DK is the weakest but has the longest slide in the Power types Banana Rang DK Slam Spike Barrels
Petey Piranha Power Petey Pirhana is the Balanced Power type Polluted Plant Slap Piranha Mus Spike Mud 
Koopa Troopa Balanced Kooopa troopa is like Mario but has a longer slide but has a slower spike Shell Dash Return Koopa Bubble Spike Blue Shell
Birdo Reciver Birdo is the slowest  but has the Best Block of the Reciver type Mouth Suck Return Bow Egg Spike Birdo Eggs
Diddy Kong Speed Diddy is the Mario of the Speed types Jetpack Dash Dive Monkey Banana Spike Giant Banana
Montey Mole Defensive Montey Mole is the Mario of the Defensive types Underground Mole Return Montey Dirt Spike Drill Bomb
Bowser Jr Tricky Bowser Jr has above average fake-out and as the best block of the Tricky Types Shell Spin Jump Paint Ball Spike Paint Ball
Bowser Power Bowser has the 2nd shortest slide but is the 2nd strongest charcter Bullet Bill Return Fire Breath Spike Fire Breathe


Name Skill Type Bio Special Recive Special Spike Special Attack How to unlock
Goomba Balanced Goomba is like Koopa Troopa Stat wise. Mini Goomba Return Goomba Stomp Spike Mini Goomba Play 10 matches
Dry Bones Balanced Dry Bones has a better block but is slower for the Balanced type Disassmbled Return Bone Club Spike Bonerang Play 30 matches
Blooper Reciver Blooper is the fastest but has the the worst block of the Reciver type Blooper Dash Dive Ink Spike Ink Ball Win the Flower Cup
Rosalina Reciver Rosalina is the strongest but has the shortest slide of the Reciver type Star Wand  Return Power Star Spike Star Bits Win the  Musroom Cup
Hammer Bro. Defensive Hammer Bro is like Waluigi but slower and has a better block Hammer Throw Giant Hammer Spike Hammer  Win the Star Cup
Boom Boom Defensive Boom Boom is balanced in the Defensive Type Shell Spin Dash Spinning Punch Spike Shockwave Win the Crown Cup
Bob-omb Speed Bob-omb is the 2nd slowest speed character but has the best block Fuse Slide Exlode Spike Bombs Win all Normal Cups
Bully Speed Bully has the shortest slide but has the fastest spike of the speed types Charge Dash Horn Headbutt Spike Mini Bullys Win The 1-up Mushroom Cup


Tricky Mecha Koopa has a better block  but is slower  for a Tricky Type Fire ball Return Mecha Kick Spike Fire  Bomb Win the Ice Flower Cup
King Boo Tricky King Boo has a faster spike but shorter slide for a Tricky type Boo Return Dark Scary Spike Bomb Boo Win the Red Star Cup
Antasma Power Antasma has a the best Fake-out but worst block of the Power type Bat Swarm Return Nightmare Bat Spike Bat Win the Galaxy Cup
Dry Bowser Power Dry Bowser is the Strongest Charcter with the shortest slide. Mini Volcano Return Lava Bone Whack Blue Fire Breath Win all the cups


Hard Court No Gimmicks Mushroom Cup
Grass Court No Gimmicks Mushroom Cup
Mario New Court Coins,Koopa Troopas and Goombas Mushroom Cup
Luigi 's Mansion Ball can turn invisble random and Boos appear Mushroom Cup
Peach Water Park Geysers,Cheep Cheeps,and Water Balls Mushroom Cup
Daisy Garden Chain Chomps and Piranha Plants Flower Cup
Waluigi Factory Bob-ombs,Conver belt floors,and Switches on the Net that switch the dircetion of the convery belt Flower Cup
Wario Winter Court Snow Piles and Snowboarder Guys Flower Cup
DK Jungle Klaptraps appear on net hit one and it will go to the other players side and if it bites a player it will slow it down Flower Cup
Piranha Sewers Piranha Plants,Streams,and Gloombas Star  Cup
Shy Guy Forest Spear Guys,Fly Guys,Slurp Guys,and Shy Guys Star Cup
Boo Ship Stage moves back and forth,Boos and Cannon Balls Star Cup
Koopa Sea Cheep Cheeps,Bloopers,and Unagi Eel Star Cup
Birdo Desert Pokeys and Snifits Crown Cup
Diddy Airplane On top of plane so Stage moves back and forth. Can fall of and lightning Crown Cup
Montey Mines Mine Carts,Morty Moles,and Falling Celing Crown Cup
Goomba Plains Goomba,Para Goomba,Gloomba,Mega Goomba,and Mini Goomba Crown Cup
Blooper Harbor Cheep Cheep,Bloopers,and Cheep Chomps 1-up Mushroom Cup
Jr Playroom Thwomps,Bullet Bills and Chain Chomps 1-up Mushroom Cup
Comet Observatory Stage has random gimmicks from the Defalut stages  1-up Mushroom Cup
Boom Fort Bob-ombs,Bullet Bills,and Boomerang Bros. 1-up Mushroom Cup
World 1-1  Goombas,Koopa Troopa,and Pirahna Plant Ice Flower Cup
World 6-3 Goomba Shoes,Munchers,Piranha Plants,and Spines Ice Flower Cup
Forest of Illusion Wigglers,Spinies,Bob-ombs,and Chargin Chucks

Ice Flower Cup

Bob-omb Battefield Whomps,bob-ombs,cannonballs,goombas,and koopa troopas Ice Flower Cup
Beep Block Court The stage is haf blue half red the music plays ans when it ends the color switches. Sometimes only red is standable on sometimes blue. Red Star Cup
Great Tower Bullies,Fire Bros,Metors,and Lava Bubbles Red Star Cup
Fire and Ice Court The stage switches between fire and ice. On fire lava spots,fireballs and Fire Bros. On ice slippery parts,iceballs,and Ice bros Red Star Cup
Mechakoopa Tanks Bob-ombs,Bullet Bills,Cannonballs,and Bullies Red Star Cup
King Boo Castle All types of Boos. Galaxy Cup
Nightmare Realm Bats,Spikes,and  random enemies Galaxy Cup
Bowser Castle Random enemies,metors,and lava spots Galaxy Cup
Dry Bowser Castle Same a Bowser Castle but also a Mecha Bowser Galaxy Cup


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