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Mario VS Sonic: Battle Royale
Developer(s) Nintendo


Publisher(s) Nintendo


  • Platforming
  • Beat'em up
  • Fighting
Release Date(s)
  • September 16, 2017 (Europe)
  • September 17, 2017 (Oceania)
  • October 2, 2017 (North America)
  • October 7, 2017 (Asia)
  • October 19, 2017 (Nigeria, South Africa, Brasilia)
  • Single-player
  • Multiplayer
  • Online
Age Rating(s)
Max. amount of players 5

Mario VS Sonic: Battle Royale, known as Nintendo X SEGA: All-Star Battle Royale with all DLC active, is a crossover fighting game and the first installment of the non-sports Mario and Sonic crossover series. It was released in 2017 for the Wii U and Nintendo NX, and puts Mario and Sonic characters in a huge fray against each other, along with DLC that adds more Nintendo and SEGA characters besides Mario and Sonic, and even some special guests...

The gameplay is completely different from Super Smash Bros; the player has to defeat the opponents by depleting their life bar or by other means that's not smashing them out of the arena, and the Story Mode mixes fighting with platforming and the beat'em up genre. All controls, in addition, ultilize combos. A Nintendo 3DS version is in production and will be released December 23, 2017.

Story Mode

Basic Summary

Thanks to a portal problem, the Mario and Sonic universes have fused into one. Bowser and Eggman team up to conquer the world, but it won't be easy. However, it becomes a ton more dangerous when Mephiles and Dimentio team up...

Full Plot


The players are in an arena, either a traditional boxing ring layout with slight hazards or a bigger stage, with some platforming element. The camera can be changed at will.

Controls (Wii U)


  • Left C-Stick: Move/Turn
  • Right C-Stick: Turn camera
  • D-Pad Left or Right: Roll
  • D-Pad Up: Jump forwards and roll
  • D-Pad Down: Crouch 
  • A: Jump
  • B: Normal attack
  • Y: Heavy attack
  • X: Special attack
  • L: Shield
  • R: Guard
  • ZL: Overdrive
  • ZR: Counter
  • Hold ZR: Grab
  • Hold ZL: Overlimit
  • Hold L and R: Gigabreak
  • +: Switch character
  • -: Pause game
  • Home: No explanation needed

Combos (all characters; specific combos listed at character sections)

  • A + B: Jump attack
  • A + Y: Ground pound attack (varies depending on character)
  • A + X: Jump attack followed by ground pound attack
  • B x3: Basic combo
  • Y x3: Strong combo
  • X x3: Special combo
  • B + B + Y: Alt. Combo 1
  • B + B + A: Alt. Combo 2
  • B + A + B: Combo and shield
  • Y + Y + B: Alt. Combo 3
  • Y + B + Y: Alt. Combo 4
  • X + B + B: Alt. Combo 5
  • X + Y + Y: Alt. Combo 6
  • X + Y + B: "Combas Ultima" (Ultimate Combo)


  • There are various combos and attributes for specific characters. For example, Peach cannot perform the Alt. Combo 3, but her Alt. Combos 2 and 4 put opponents to sleep. An seventh combo, X + Y + X, can only be done by Bowser Jr., Boom Boom, Pom Pom, the Mini Bowsers and the Koopalings.

HUD and Exaggerated Attacks

The HUD shows the following things:

  • Life unit (depends on game mode)
  • Score
  • Time
  • Anger Bar
  • Random control input (as to not forget)

The Anger Bar fills whenever hit. When full, one of three "Exaggerated Attacks" can be executed: the Overdrive, Overlimit and GigaBreak. All of these are ridiculously powerful and almost certainly turn the match into a loss for the opponent unless (s)he manages to avoid the initial opening attack, although some Exaggerated Attacks do not have an opening attack, affect the entire field and are therefore very hard to avoid. Others are a transformation that make the user more powerful.



This section simply lists all characters in the game (including DLC). See the link above for full descriptions.

Mario Heroes

Mario Neutrals

Mario Villains

Sonic Heroes

Sonic Villains and Neutrals

Others (DLC)

Power-ups and items

Game Modes

                                     EXHAUSTION COMBAT

The classic fighting sensation. Characters have a life bar. Deplete it and they'll be knocked unconscious, granting you a win.

                                     STAMINA FRAY

Instead of life bars, characters now have HP represented with a number. Each attack depletes it by a certain amount. When it drops to 0, the character will lose consciousness and you win.

                                     RETRO BATTLE

Character health is represented by a group of hearts. Each attack depletes 1/4 of them. If al hearts are depleted, guess what, you win.

                                     STORY MODE

Fight through action-packed stages as you help E. Gadd calm down the ghosts, chase down Bowser and Eggman, battle an ancient warrior and stop Mephiles and Dimentio from manipulating the universe to their preferences.





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