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Mario Unleashed is the Mario Version of Sonic Unleashed.


Mario is in a fight with Bowser, But then Bowser takes out a huge ray and shoots Mario with it, knocking out Mario.

Mario wakes up in a field and finds a squealing Toad under him, the Toad squeals 'don't eat me' and Mario says it's him, the Toad says that Mario is a werewolf! Mario the wereplumber races off into the night, and Mario the plumber is avalible in the day time.

In World 1: Toad Town, Mario suddenly turns back to his normal self. Toad comes to the conclusion that At night, Mario Turns into the "Wereplumber," and at day, Mario returns to normal. After talking to the townsfolk, mario learns about an ancient being.

Later that night, mario is struggling to talk to the townsfolk now due to his frightening appearance. Mario than spots luigi being attacked by some of bowser's thugs. After defeating them, Luigi thanks his brother (though slightly intimidated by his "new look" and agrees to help him get over a giant chasm that is blocking his path to freezie mountain.


  • Mario (Both forms)
  • Luigi (Takes the Role of Tails)
  • Peach (Amy's Role)
  • Lakithunder (Dark Gaia's Role)
  • Toad (Chip's Role)
  • Wario (Knuckles' Role)
  • Waluigi (Shadow's Role)
  • E. Gadd (Professor's Role)
  • Various Goombas, Koopas etc. (Natives)
  • Bowser (Common Miniboss)


  • Toad Town
  • Freezie Mountain
  • Dry Dry Desert
  • Grassy Graslands
  • Foggy Forest
  • Cloudy Climb
  • Bowser Castle


the game mechanics flow similarly to that of sonic unleashed. Each world is broken up into 6 acts: 3 daytime stages and 3 nighttime stages. during daytime stages,  mario platforms as he did in Super Mario 3D Land. Toad can also be used    during certain puzzle sections of each level. During Nighttime stages, mario turns into the ferocious wereplumber. In these situations, the gameplay takes on a beat-em'-up style fighter similar to God Of War. While Mario still goes through some slower paced platforming (once again, a'la Sonic Unleashed) the main focus is on the battling. My swinging the wii-remote (or swiping via the wiiu gamepad) Mario can perform swinging attacks to beat up some of Bowsers minions, and later, rouge townsfolk that have been corrupted.

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