Mario Trainyard Adventure is a new 3D Mario adventure game like Mario Party. This is dedicated to Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario 3D World.


  • Mario and the gang saw Bowser in his big train. Bowser was like a champion with that. Bowser said that Mario and the gang has a loosing chance with this engine. Mario and the gang was furious, so they challenged him to a train battle. Bowser decided to have them go through an obstacle of level with bosses to get in his castle. If they fail, he gets not just Princess Peach's treasure, but also Princess Daisy's Treasure and rules Rosalina's galaxy. But if Mario and the gang win, he will tell then about a starry stage and won't disturb the Mushroom Kingdom or Galaxy for 6 months. They both agreed and Mario and the gang started to build trains and got ready for the stages.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Princess Peach
  • Princess Daisy
  • Rosalina
  • Yellow Toad
  • Blue Toad
  • Goombella
  • Yoshi


  • Bridage Toad
  • Green Toad
  • Pink Toad
  • Sprixies
  • Rabbits
  • Lumas
  • Wiggler
  • Kersti
  • Birdo


  • Classic Black
  • Red and White
  • Green and Blue
  • Pink with Propeller Top
  • Brown Tanooki
  • Penguin Style
  • Hammer Express
  • Frog Style


  • Freight Cars
  • Coach and Passengers
  • Tanker
  • Flatbed
  • Caboose


  • Boxes

-Red and Blue

-Green and Blue

-Pink and Yellow

-Yellow and Brown

-Cyan and Beige

-Yellow and White

-Blue and White

-Green and White

-Beige and Yellow


  • Goomba
  • Koopa-Troopa
  • Boo
  • Bob-Ombs
  • Bullet Bill
  • Hammer Bro
  • Fire Bro
  • Spiny
  • Fizzlit
  • Galoomba
  • Buzzy Beetle
  • Shy Guy
  • Snifit
  • Spike
  • Nipper
  • Cher-Goomba
  • Cher-Boo
  • Cher-Bullet Bills
  • Cher-Snifit


  • S1: Mushroom Kingdom

•3 levels

  • S2: Layer-Cake Desert

•3 levels

  • S3: Winter Wonderland

•3 levels

  • S4: Seashore Huts
  • 4 levels
  • S5: Bug Castle

•3 levels, Boss in level 3

  • S6: Tropical Line

•3 levels

  • S7: Broken Bridge

•4 levels

  • S8: The Gigantic Sphinx

•3 levels, Boss in level 3

  • S9: Lost Mountain

•3 levels

  • S10: Beetle World

•4 levels, Boss in level 3

  • S11: Underground Mine
  • S12: Rock-Candy Mountain
  • S13: Dark Area
  • S14: Tanooki Forest
  • S15: Cat Bell Hills
  • S16: Soapy Mountains
  • S17: Wobbly Trestle
  • S18: Windy Grounds

•4 Levels, Boss in Airship Level (Level 4)

  • S19: Lavaland Lair
  • S20: Bowser's Castle

•2 levels, Bowser Boss in level 2

  • S21 (finale): Starry Sky (Only 1 stage)


  • S5: Koopa Kid
  • S8: Ztar
  • S11: Bowser Jr.
  • S15: Kamek
  • S18: Ludwig Von Koopa
  • S20: Bowser


  • Super Mushroom: Have more energy or strength.
  • Double Cherry: Double the cargo.
  • Mega Mushroom: Have a protective shield in case of enemies.
  • Starman: Have Turbo Speed with invincibility for 10 seconds.


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