Mario Time Travel
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) V2
Release Date(s)
October 2035
Age Rating(s)
E 10+
Genre(s) 3D Adventure
Series Super Mario Brother

Mario Time Travel is a 3D Mario adventure game for The V2. The game is to celebrate Super Mario Brother's 50TH Anniversary. The game was released in 2035.


Bowser and Bowser Jr. are thinking of a plan to kidnap the princess once and for all. Bowser was thinking to have Elvin Gadd to create a time machine, and before he enters, they will dismantle it, so that way, when Mario goes in the time machine he will be trapped in their forever. Quickly, Bowser Jr. tries to hold his dad, and Bowser will dress in a disguise, and Bowser Jr. will be holding him. Bowser pretending to be a scientist tells Elvin that he works at Science, and Elvin was pleased. Bowser told Elvin to create a time machine. Elvin was working on it then, finished. Bowser dismantled it, revealing his disguise, and throws Elvin in the time machine and locks it until Mario & Luigi come. Soon, they came, and then he also threw Mario & Luigi in their as well. He dismantles the time machine, and it glitches, causing the time machine to take them to 1985. The time machine only travels to the past, and not the future, so they can't go home. Basically, the story is to try to fix the time machine by collecting stars to fuel the time machine's power up.


Image Name Description Stats Ability
NSMBDIY Mario Jump Mario Our precious hero. He did various jobs, and always saves the day. Being the referee, athlete, doctor, or even explorer, Mario can get very high with FLUDD whish is terrific. Speed-***



NSMBWii Luigi Luigi He's The guy which stood very long in his bro's shadows, and was mostly known as "green guy" to many Toads. Hes however, very popular among Mario fans. He's scared for ghosts, yes, but no one can defeat him in top speed. Speed-****



Their jumps are higher than any other.
E Gadd Solo LM2 Professor Elvin Gadd Professor Elvin Gadd or E. Gadd is a recurring character that pops up all Through The Super Mario Series. He Has made many special gadgets including Poltergust 3000, Game Boy Horror, Splitter Upererer, F.L.U.D.D. and others. He has appearead in the Mario RPG series, but his inventions are also used in other Mario spinoff series. Speed-****



Elvin jumps high, and is very quick.

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