Mario Tennis World is a Mario Tennis game for the Wii U.


Image Character Description
Mario A All Star player that is very skilled at tennis. His special is the Mario Finale.
Luigi Mario's brother who wants to be known. His special is the Poltergeist Cannon.
Peach Tennis Outfit
Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is very fast and can hit tennis balls very fast. Her special is the Crown Smash.
Toadsworth Peach's father. He has mastered tennis and has great technique. His special is the Elder Shot.
Yoshi A dinosaur that lives on Dinosaur Island. His special is the Flutterball.
250px-MP8 Birdo
Birdo A beautiful dinosaur who moved to the Mushroom Kingdom from Subcon. Her special is the Diamond Cannon.
Shy guy Shy Guy A guy who wears a mask and loves playing tennis with Koopa. His special is the Mask Removal.
84px-Koopa Troopa NMB2
Koopa A Koopa who is friendly and loves playing tennis with Shy Guy. His special is the Shell Topspin.
Daisy MK7 Daisy The princess of Sarrasahland. She is powerful and very strong on her swings. Her special is the Flower Smash.
WigglerT Wiggler A giant worm that is all over the world. His special is the Tantrum Blast.
Whomp KingNSMBAS King Whomp The king of Whomps. He is the strongest tennis player, but is really slow. His special is the Ground Pound.
Para-Whimp Parawhimp A flying Whimp who assists King Whomp. He is the fastest tennis player, but is very weak. His special is the Comet Shot.
8-Bit Mario 8-Bit Mario A Mario from a simpler time. His special is the 8-Bit Finale.
Pixel Luigi 8-Bit Luigi A Luigi from a simpler time. His special is the 8-Bit Pound.
Petey Piranha - Mario Kart 8 Wii U Perry Piranha A giant Piranha Plant that was born on Isle Delfino. His special is the Isle Topspin
King boo King Boo The king of ghosts, who has the advantage of warping around instead of moving.  His special is the Shadowball.
250px-BowserSM3DW Bowser The King of Koopas. He rules from his castle with a iron fist. His special is the Inferno Blast
Bowser Jr Bowser Jr. The son of Bowser. He wants to help Bowser win all the time. His special is the Hope Removal.


Cup Area Description
Mushroom Cup Peach's Castle The first cup of the game. It takes place at Peach's Castle, The castle of the Mushroom Kingdom. There are no obstacles
Flower Cup Paragoomba Peaks The second cup takes place at Paragoomba Peaks, one of the many mountains in the Mushroom Kingdom. Occasionally, Paragoombas fly down onto the field.
Shell Cup Whomp Factory The third cup takes place at the Whomp Factory, a factory that creates Whomps and Thwomps. Sometimes, Bullet Bills fly around the field.
Star Cup Amusement Island The fourth cup takes place at Amusement Island, a peaceful island being invaded by the Bandit Gang. Sometimes, Green Gash appears and throws Bomb-Ombs that explode onto the field.
1-Up Mushroom Cup Bowser's Castle The fifth cup takes place at Bowser's Castle, a castle owned by Bowser. It is the end of the first of 2 sets of cups. Some parts of the stage can submerge in lava for a short time.
Goomba Cup Firey Fields The 6th cup and the first of the second set of cups. It takes place on Firey Fields, a field that is known for its fireworks shows. Sometimes, Flutter appears and drop dust that boostes the Star Meter a little.
Firebar Cup World 1-1 The 7th cup takes place in a world from a simpler time. Sometimes, 8-Bit Goombas appear and block some swings.
Mask Cup Mt. Fizz The 8th cup takes place in Mt. Fizz, a active mountain on Amusement Island that oozes soda. Occasionally, Mt. Fizz erupts, launching small meteors and soda onto the field.
Blooper Cup Ricco Harbor The 9th cup takes place at Ricco Harbor, a harbor in the middle of the sea. Gooper Blooper can attack the field, sometimes spitting ink onto some areas of the field, making that area sticky.
Infinity Cup Infinity The final cup of the game takes place at the edge of time and space. Shooting stars go extremely fast around the field and some areas of the field can be consumed by dark matter for a short time.


Name Field Played In Description
Ring A Round All You play with a friend or NPC, knocking tennis balls through rings. The rings get longer and are worth less points over time.
Gooper Blooper Bash Ricco Harbor You fight Gooper Blooper himself in this minigame. You have to knock back the inky balls he shoots back at him a lot of times to defeat Gooper Blooper.
Red Rash Coin Attack Mt. Fizz In this minigame, you play tennis with Red Rash, collecting 1 coin with every swing. With every coin earned, it gets harder to keep a consecutive combo. You have 3 tries, and if you lose all 3, the minigame ends.
Cosmic Finale Infinity After beating all cups, you unlock this minigame. In this minigame, you have to fight the Dark Star, a being of pure evil. It launches missiles that you have to deflect a lot of times to defeat him. He also fires Bomb-Ombs that you have to dodge.

​ Story

Mario and friends were playing a match of tennis when they were invited to the Tennis World Cup. Mario joins the tournament, and everyone else does too. The group of heroes then notice a prize of a mysterious stone that looks like Dark Star. Mario thinks that stone might be a weakend Dark Star and the group decide to win the cup and shatter the stone. Meanwhile, Bowser, Bowser Jr., King Boo, Petey Piranha, 8-Bit Mario, 8-Bit Luigi, King Whomp, and Parawhimp notice that Mario has joined the tennis cup. The group of villans then decide to also join the cup to try to defeat Mario. Shy Guy and Koopa come along and join to try to win the cup to finally put a trophy on their trophy shelf. The story splits into 3 different parts in which you get to choose between Mario story, Bowser story, and Shy Guy story. More to come...

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