Mario & friends are playing some very friendly tennis when Koopa has an idea, lets have a tournament they all agree & say yes then your 1st rival is Luigi unless your being him, then its Mario. Once you win you move forward your second rival is Yoshi unless your being him, if so its Wario. You then see Bowser's perspective, (You Cant Play As him in Story Mode) he thinks they did not invite me!!!!! He then roars so loud all his minions here, and go running to him. He then yells Hammer Bro, Blooper, go beat them in a tennis match then i will haunt them in terror!!! You then sees a Hammer Bro, that challenges you to the Rope Court. Once you win the real next round begins, in that round you do a tennis match with Daisy, unless you are being her, then you do a tennis match with Peach. Once you win it shows Bowser, witch is mad, he then sends Blooper down. You then see a Blooper falling, that blooper then challenges you to the Ice Field. Once you win................ I will reveal more later


Game Modes

  • Classic Mode
    • Grassy Court
    • Sandy Court
    • Original Court
    • Mushroom Court
    • Rope Court
    • Carpet Court
    • Ice Court
    • Rocky Court
    • Rainbow Court
    • Reverse Court
    • Magma Court
    • Bouncy Court
    • Bowser's Court
    • Jr's Court
    • Bone Court
    • Dry Bowser's Court
  • Amiibo Mode
    • Mario's Court
    • Luigi's Court
    • Peach's Court
    • Daisy's Court
    • DK Court
    • DD Court
    • Sprixie's Court
    • Yoshi's Court
    • Roselina's Court
    • Boo's Court
    • Wario's Court
    • Waluigi's Court
    • Luma's Court
    • Lubba's Court
    • Toad's Court
    • Toadette's Court
    • Shy Guy's Court
    • Koopa's Court
    • Petey Piranha's Court
    • Baby Mario's Court
    • Baby Luigi's Court
    • Baby Peach's Court
    • Baby Daisy's Court
    • Nabbit's Court
    • Mii's Court
    • Jr's Court
    • Bowser's Court
  • Online Mode
    • With Friends
    • Worldwide
  • Extreme Mode
    • Extreme Court
    • Master Court
    • Perfect Court
  • Story Mode

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