Developer(s) Lucoshi Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Wi-Fi, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
PEGI: Three years and older
Genre(s) Sports

Mario Tennis Boss Battle is the a special edition for the Mario Tennis series. It features only Bosses of previous mario games. Also this is the first Mario Tennis game without Mario himself. It is possible to unlock new characters, Courts and alternate colors via QR codes.


Menu Controls

Control pad or Circle pad - Moves cursor.

A - Confirms command.

B - Cancels command.

Start - During a match, this button stops the game and opens a menu that contains choices such as viewing game rules, setting gyroscope controls, choosing to re-do matches, and canceling matches.

L - Toggles between the character's dominant hand.

R - Toggles between the character's star rank. In multiplayer, this is based on the data of player who created the room. Therefore, the player who has created the room needs to have his or her characters starred if members of the room want to give their characters a star rank.

Game Controls

Wii U

Control pad or Circle pad - Moves the character.

A - Performs a topspin shot that is faster. It has a high trajectory with a forward spin.

B - Performs a slice shot that is slower. It has a low trajectory with a backward spin. During a replay, this button restarts the replay at another angle.

X - Performs a simple shot. This button automatically performs the appropriate shot. Chance Shots performed by this button are slightly weaker.

Y - Performs a flat shot that is the fastest shot, but it has no spin. Also, this button can be used for Smash Shots. Note that Smash Shots and Purple Chance Shots are different shots.

A → B - Performs a lob with a very high trajectory, which can land at the back of the court.

B → A - Performs a drop shot, with very little bounce and trajectory. The ball can land at the front of the court.

A (while the opponent is receiving or serving the ball) - The character performs a taunt that makes his or her next shot stronger.

L - If the player is charging the ball, this button cancels the charge.

R - If any character is serving, the button cycles through the three shot panel configurations: 3-panel, inverted 3-panel, and 6-panel.

Z - switch to First-person mode.

Game Modes


Similar to the preceding Mario Tennis games, exhibition mode is a basic versus mode. Players can choose a singles or doubles match. After that, they can choose their character and opponents and press the or to give characters a left handed dominance or a star rank, respectively, if they want. The opponent's CPU's difficulty can be chosen after that, ranking from lowest to highest: Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Pro, and Ace (Pro and Ace are unlockable). After this, players can choose any court they currently have, and then they can determine the games and sets. After this, the match starts.

Tournament Mode

Tournament mode is very similar to the tournament mode in the previous Mario Tennis games. Beating the first 4 Cups unlocks the Pro difficulty, which is more difficult than Expert, while beating the last 4 Cups unlocks the most difficult COM difficulty for Exhibition Mode, the Ace difficulty. Once the player has unlocked a cup, he or she can play that cup at any time, no matter what character is being used.

Every Cup has it's own Court were it is played. This Court belongs to the Character that is unlocked after the game. When you win a Cup, you unlock the Court that it was played on and the Character with what you played the finals.

  • Goomba Cup
  • Cheep Cheep Cup
  • Koopa Troopa Cup
  • Blooper Cup
  • Piranha Plant Cup
  • Bullet Bill Cup
  • Monthy Mole Cup
  • Thwomp Cup

Online Mode

In the Online mode players can play with other players from all over the world using Wi-Fi connection. In Online Mode you can just play a match, or play in a Tournament, which are gigantic and conclude everyone who wants to join. Those are 2 VS 2 matches and the player gets coupled with another player which is randomly chosen. You'll have to play until the finals (if you get that far) and if you win, you get a Court and a Characters that is only unlockable ones forever. Those characters and courts are however able to be given to others using a QR code.


There are 16 characters (inclusive Mii) playable while playing the game. There are more characters unlockable by using a QR code or winning an Online Tournament (Those characters can only be unlocked by one person. That person can however can give it to others as a QR code). In the beginning you have 6 Characters (exclusive Mii ). After that you can unlock 8 more by winning a tournament. The characters are divided in 4 groups: All-around, Power, Speedy, Technique. Every group makes the character better at something.

Starting Characters

Image Name Type Special Shot
Bowser MTBB Bowser Power Super Flame
Bowser Jr. MTBB Bowser Jr. Speedy Goo Craze
Kamek MTBB Kamek Technique Magic Rain
Petey Piranha MTBB Petey Piranha All-around Piranha Savage
King Boo MTBB King Boo Technique Ghostly Scare
Big Bob-omb Big Bob-omb All-around Exploding Shot
/ Mii All-Around Fire Notch

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Type Special Shot
Larry Koopa MTBB Larry Koopa All-around Blue Surf
Morton Koopa Jr. Morton Koopa Jr. Power

Mega Crusher

Wendy O. Koopa MTBB Wendy O. Koopa Technique Cursed Kiss
Iggy Koopa MTBB Iggy Koopa Technique Twisted Fire
Roy Koopa MTBB Roy Koopa Power Purple Water
Lemmy Koopa MTBB Lemmy Koopa Speedy Rainbow Hammer
Ludwig von Koopa MTBB Ludwig von Koopa All-around Ink Spill
Dry Bowser MTBB Dry Bowser Technique Hyper Flame

QR Unlockable Characters

Image Name Type Special Shot
Thwomp King Whomp King Power Blazing Crush
Wiggler MTBB Wiggler Technique Full Rage

Leave a comment with the boss(es) you want in and mayby he/she (they) will come into the game as QR Unlockable Character(s)!

Online Tournament Characters


Other Game Characters

These characters are unlocked when the game where it belongs to is played on the Nintendo TW. Mayby there are more characters for one game, but with a special task.

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS only)

Image Name Type Special Shot Unlock Criteria
Boom Boom MTBB Boom Boom Power Super Spin First load the game
Pom Pom Pom Pom Speedy Cursed Kiss Play with Boom Boom 10 times in Mario Tennis Boss Battle (After battling her in Super Mario 3D Land)
Fake Bowser Fake Bowser Power Tailspin Battle Fake Bowser in Super Mario 3D Land


There are lot's of alternates for characters. These change the look of a character.

QR Unlockable Characters

Image Name Who
Sunshine Bowser Jr. Sunshine form Bowser Jr.
Old King Boo Out-of-mansion form King Boo
Sunshine King Boo Sunshine form King Boo
Old Iggy Koopa Young form Iggy Koopa

Leave a comment with the alternate(s) you want in and mayby it (they) will come into the game as QR Unlockable alternate(s)!

Online Tournaments Characters


Unlocking Criteria


Name Type Unlock Criteria
Larry Koopa All-Around Win Goomba Cup
Morton Koopa Jr. Power Win Cheep Cheep Cup
Wendy O. Koopa Technique Win Koopa Troopa Cup
Iggy Koopa Technique Win Blooper Cup
Roy Koopa Power Win Piranha Cup
Lemmy Koopa Speedy Win Bullet Bill Cup
Ludwig von Koopa All-Around Win Monthy Mole Cup
Dry Bowser Technique Win Thwomp Cup

Online Tournaments



Starting Courts

Bowser's Castle

Isle Defino

Luigi's Mansion

Bob-omb Battlefield

Unlockable Courts

Koopa Airship

Wario's Gold Mine

Mole Mine

Koopa Cape

QR Unlockable Courts

Whomp Fortress

Online Tournaments Courts


Mii Costumes

A costume becomes available if played with the character it represents 25 times.

Unlockable Costumes



Petey Piranha

Bowser Jr.

King Boo

Big Bob-Omb

Larry Koopa

Morton Koopa Jr.

Wendy O. Koopa

Iggy Koopa

Roy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa

Ludwig von Koopa

Dry Bowser


For this subject's image gallery, see Mario Tennis Boss Battle/Gallery

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