Developer(s) Hammers R US Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
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Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sport
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Mario Tennis Ace is an upcoming 3DS game for the Mario Tennis series and spin-offs. Lots of characters return and many new ones appear too. The game is similar to it's previous installment, Mario Tennis Open with the touch screen options as well as the button controls.



  • All-Around: A player who parcipates well in every catergory.
  • Technical: A player that can place the ball on the corners of the net.
  • Power: A player who's hits are very powerful and strong, but lacks speed.
  • Speed: A player who can run fast around the court, but lacks strength.
  • Defense: A player that can easily hit the ball from any position.
  • Tricky: A player


Icon Name Type Favourite Doubles Partner Ace Moves
MarioMTAIcon Mario All-Around Luigi
  • Fireball Shot
  • Mallet Return
LuigiMTAIcon Luigi All-Around Mario
  • Scaredy Rat Shot
  • Poltergust 3000 Return
PeachMTAIcon Peach Technical Daisy
  • Heart Shot
  • Ball Charm Return
DaisyMTA Daisy Technical Peach
  • Flower Fields Shot
  • Flower Twirl Return
YoshiMTAIcon Yoshi Speed Boo/ Birdo (once unlocked)
  • Rainbow Shot
  • Rollin' Egg Return
BooMTAIcon Boo Tricky Yoshi/ King Boo (once unlocked)
  • Boo Blast
  • Boo Brigade Return
WarioMTAIcon Wario Power Waluigi
  • Garlic Shot
  • Bob-Omb Blast Return
WaluigiMTAIcon Waluigi Defensive Wario
  • Swimming Shot
  • Waluiwhirlpool Return
BowserMTAIcon Bowser Power Bowser Jr.
  • Bullet Bill Shot
  • Fire Breath Return
BowserJr.MTAIcon Bowser Jr. Tricky Bowser
  • Paintball Shot
  • Graffiti Return
DKMTAIcon DK Power Diddy Kong/ Funky Kong (once unlocked)
  • Barrel Shot
  • Banana Return
DiddyKongMTAIcon Diddy Kong Speed DK/ Dixie Kong (once unlocked)
  • Peanut Gun Shot
  • Jet Pack Jump Return
Mii Optional Any
  • Optional Shot
  • Optional Return

Unlockable Characters

Icon Name Type Favourite Doubles Partner Ace Moves
BirdoMTAIcon Birdo All-Around Yoshi
  • Egg Shot
  • Big Bow Return
Mona All-Around Jimmy T.
  • Pizza Shot
  • Motorbike Dash Return
KamekMTAIcon Kamek All-Around Hammer Bro.
  • Magical Shot
  • Teleport Return
KritterMTAIcon Kritter All-Around King K. Rool
  • Shipwreck Shot
  • Kritter Slide Return
LakituMTAIcon Lakitu All-Around Toadsworth
  • Spiny Egg Shot
  • Cloud Catastrophe Return
GenoMTAIcon Geno All-Around Mallow
  • Geno Whirl Shot
  • 7-Star Powered Shield Return
ShyGuyMTAIcon Shy Guy Technical Fly Guy
  • Lightning Shot
  • Shy Dive Return
FlyGuyMTAIcon Fly Guy Technical Shy Guy
  • Thunder Shot
  • Spear Dance Return
ParatroopaMTAIcon Koopa Paratroopa Technical Koopa Trooopa
  • Energy Ball Shot
  • Sky Dive Return
DixieKongMTAIcon Dixie Kong Technical Diddy Kong
  • Vine Shot
  • Clamber Return
RosalinaMTAIcon Rosalina Technical Luma
  • Star Bit Comet Shot
  • Wand Forcefield Return
Jimmy T. Technical Mona
  • Move it! Shot
  • Boogie Woogie Return
PeteyMTAIcon Petey Piranha Power Monty Mole
  • Sludge Shot
  • Piranha Pipe Return
HammerBroMTAIcon Hammer Bro. Power
  • Hammer Shot
  • Boomerang Bro. Return
Funky Kong Power
  • Surfin' Shot
  • Surfs Up Return
KingK.RoolMTAIcon King K. Rool Power
  • Krazy Shot
  • Barrel Roll Return
BoomBoomMTAIcon Boom Boom Power
  • Spin Smash Shot
  • Boom Bounce Return
ToadMTAIcon Toad Speed
  • Fungi Shot
  • Mushroom Bounce Return
ToadetteIconMTA Toadette Speed
  • 'Shrooms in Bloom Shot
  • Zoomin' Shroom Return
KoopaMTAIcon Koopa Troopa Speed
  • Shell Shot
  • Shell Spin Dash Return
Noki Speed
  • Bubble Shot
  • Bubble Dash Return
Baby Mario Speed
  • Super Shot
  • Baby Bubble Float Return
Baby Luigi Speed
  • Spooky Shot
  • Scaredy Rat Run Return
Wiggler Defensive
  • Angry Attack Shot
  • Flutter Dash Return
Flutter Defensive
  • Wing Shot
  • Butterfly Swoop Return
Dry Bones Defensive
  • Bone Shot
  • Scatter Dive Return
Monty Mole Defensive
  • Underground Blast Shot
  • Swooper Return
Pianta Defensive
  • Palm Tree Shot
  • Delfino Dance Return
Dry Bowser Defensive
  • Roaring Shot
  • Blue Flare Return
Pom Pom Defensive
  • Boomerang Shot
  • Shell Jump Return
King Boo Tricky
  • Thriller Shot
  • Boo Ball Hover Return
Luma Tricky
  • Star Teleport Shot
  • Luma Swarm Return
Baby Peach Tricky
  • Royal Shot
  • Roly Poly Return
Baby Daisy Tricky
  • Meadow Shot
  • Moo Moo Ride Return
Toadsworth Tricky
  • Sceptre Shot
  • Book Block Return
Mallow Tricky
  • Cloud Shot
  • Nimbus Float Return

Unlocking Criteria

Character Criteria
Birdo QR Code
Mona Completing Level 3 of Pizza Delivery
Kamek Bought at Shop
Kritter Playing with King K. Rool 50 times
Lakitu Beating him in a Rival Challenge
Geno Winning the Open Star Tournament Singles/Doubles
Shy Guy Beating him in Rival Challenge
Fly Guy Bought at Shop (Shy Guy must be unlocked)
Koopa Paratroopa Winning the Ace Shell Tournament Singles/Doubles
Dixie Kong Playing as any other Kong 50 times
Rosalina QR Code
Jimmy T. Completing Level 3 of Musical Tennis
Petey Piranha Winning the Open Fire Flower Tournament Singles/Doubles
Hammer Bro. Bought at Shop
Funky Kong QR Code
King K. Rool Beating him in Rival Challenge
Boom Boom Completing Level 5 of any minigame
Toad QR Code
Toadette Completing Level 3 of Mushroom Targets
Koopa Troopa Winning the Open Shell Tournament Singles/Doubles
Noki Beating her in Rival Challenge
Baby Mario Playing as Mario 50 times
Baby Luigi Bought at Shop (Baby Mario must be unlocked)
Wiggler Completing the Ace Tanooki Leaf Tournament Singles/Doubles
Flutter Bought at Shop (Wiggler must be unlocked)
Dry Bones QR Code
Monty Mole Winning 25 Online Matches
Pianta Playing as Noki 50 times
Dry Bowser Playing as Dry Bones and Bowser in Doubles 30 times
Pom Pom Beating her in Rival Challenge
King Boo Beating him in Rival Challenge
Luma Completing Level 3 of Galaxy Rally
Baby Peach Playing as Peach 50 times
Baby Daisy Unlocking all other babies
Toadsworth Toadsworth will appear as the Shop owner and will be by the scoreboard until unlocked, to unlock him you must either buy everything from the shop so he closes it and will join the roster, or by unlocking all characters in the game except him. Toadsworth is the hardest character to unlock. When unlocked Toadbert will replace him by the scoreboard and if choosing the unlocking all characters route he will take over the shop until you buy everything.
Mallow Winning the Ace Star Tournament Singles/Doubles


32 courts appear in the game, 8 default, 8 unlockable, 8 buyable and 8 via QR Codes.


Image Court Name Description
Mario Dome (Grass Court, Clay Court and Hard Court) A standard court with no gimmicks whatsoever
Luigi's Mansion (Carpet Court) A spooky court with ghosts that might catch the ball and will throw it in any direction.
Peach's Palace (Carpet Court) A beautiful palace where many Toads run along the court.
Wario Factory (Conveyor Belt Court) A court located inside a big factory, many conveyor belts are around moving the player around, there is also a few Bob-Ombs thrown in by King Bob-Omb every so often.
Yoshi Park (Grass Court) A court located in a theme park owned by Yoshi! Lots of Piranha Plants appear on court an will sometimes eat the ball and spit it out randomly.
Rosalina's Ice World (Snow Court and Ice Court) A beautiful ice and snow court full of Penguins that slide along the court, it is actually on an Iceberg not the whole world meaning sometimes it will tilt and players will slide too!
DK Jungle (Wooden Court) A lively court in a jungle, players should be aware of Klaptraps, also every so often you will jump onto DK Raft and play on this court until the flood stops.
Bowser's Castle (Stone Court) A court inside Bowser himself's castle, beware the Thwomps that will squash you on court!


  • Daisy's Cruiser
  • Waluigi Pinball
  • Bowser Jr. Street
  • Western Junction
  • Toad Town
  • Shy Guy Carnival
  • Boo Citadel
  • Birdo Beach

QR Code

  • Lakitu's Skylands
  • Toadette's Music Room
  • Mushroom Gorge
  • Dry Dry Desert
  • Delfino Square
  • Ghoulish Galleon
  • Luma Galaxy
  • Petey Piranha's Garden


  • Swooper Cave
  • Maple Treeway
  • Club Sugar
  • Airship
  • Koopa Cape
  • Gooper Blooper Seas
  • Rainbow Road
  • Kamek's Libary



When on tournament mode you'll get set places to compete in, there are 8 default tournaments (called Open Tournaments) but when unlocking all courts, you will actually get a new type of cup (Ace Tournament) with four matches and four different courts instead of one, the characters to compete against are also harder. You can participate in a doubles or singles tournament.

Open Tournaments

Mushroom Cup

  • Court Played in: Peach Palace
  • Rounds: 3

Fire Flower Cup

  • Court Played in: Mario Dome
  • Rounds: 3

Shell Cup

  • Court Played in: Yoshi Park
  • Rounds: 3

Banana Cup

  • Court Played in: DK Jungle
  • Rounds: 3

Tanooki Leaf Cup

  • Court Played in: Luigi's Mansion
  • Rounds: 3

Bob-Omb Cup

  • Court Played in: Wario Factory
  • Rounds: 3

Star Cup

  • Court Played in: Rosalina's Ice World
  • Rounds: 3

Special Cup

  • Court Played in: Bowser's Castle
  • Rounds: 3

Mii Customization

All customization can be accessed by buying them at the shop;

Costumes of Characters


There are 6 minigames in Mario Tennis Ace, each one improving a different play style technique;

Ring Shot

You will choose a character and a partner for the other side. The players must collect a certain amount of ring points before time runs out. The levels change how many ring points you need and the time. This game teaches you to be Technical and teaches you to be able to hit the ball in any area of the court

Chain-Chomp Rally

You will choose a character and head on court against a Chain-Chomp, behind the Chain Chomp is a machine that shoots Bob-Ombs, the objective is too hit them hard enough so they go red and when in Chain Chomps mouth will explode, if the Bob-Omb is not black when in his mouth, then it will not and he will shoots it back, if he shoots it back then it will explode on the player making them lose a life, the player has 3 lives. This game improves power so the player can preform powerful hits.