Mario Tennis Absolute is a new game in the Mario Tennis series. It was released in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS.

It features all the playable characters from Mario Kart 7, as well as Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr. and 4 additional characters.

Each character has got its own tennis court, and a different racket colour and symbol. The female characters also have a sports outfit.

Playable Characters

Character Type Racket Color/Symbol Default Partner
Mario All-Around Red/Signature M Luigi
Luigi All-Around Green/Signature L Mario
Peach Technique Pink/Crown Daisy
Yoshi Speedy Light Green/Yoshi Egg Toad
Toad Speedy Light Blue/Mushroom Yoshi
Donkey Kong Power Brown/Signature DK Diddy Kong
Koopa Troopa Speedy Lime/Koopa Shell Lakitu
Bowser Power Grey/Red Bowser Face Bowser Jr.
Daisy All-Around Orange/Flower Peach
Diddy Kong Technique White/Red Star Donkey Kong
Lakitu Speedy Cyan/Lakitu Cloud Koopa Troopa
Bowser Jr. Technique Dark Green/Jr. Face Bowser
Wario Power Yellow/Signature W Waluigi
Waluigi All-Around Dark Blue/Inverted L Wario
Rosalina* All-Around Turquoise/Grand Star Honey Queen
Metal Mario* Power Silver/Silver M Shy Guy
Shy Guy* Speedy Dark Red/Mask Metal Mario
Honey Queen* Technique Lavender/Honeyhive Rosalina
Hammer Bro.* Speedy Purple/Hammer Boo
Boo* Power Black/Boo Hammer Bro.
Baby Mario* All-Around Red/Signature m Baby Luigi
Baby Luigi* Speedy Green/Signature l Baby Mario
  • means unlockable character, while green means newcomer.

Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina have sports outfits. While Peach and Rosalina's are mini-dresses, Daisy uses a shirt and shorts.


Court Name Ball Speed Difficulty Home Court
Mario Court Balanced Pie Mushroom Cup
Luigi's Mansion Very Fast Hard -
Peach Dome Balanced Easy Flower Cup
Yoshi's Island Very Slow Pie -
Toad Park Slow Normal Extra Mushroom Cup
DK Falls Fast Extreme -
Koopa Court Very Fast Normal Extra Star Cup
Bowser's Castle Fast Extreme -
Daisy Fields Slow Easy Star Cup
Diddy Bridge Very Slow Pie -
Lakitu Cloudlands Balanced Normal Extra Flower Cup
Jr. Street Very Fast Extreme -
Wario Island Slow Pie -
Waluigi Ship Balanced Extreme Extra Special Cup
Rainbow Court Very Fast Extreme Rainbow Cup
Metalhouse Slow Hard -
Starlight Court Balanced Hard Special Cup
Honeyhive Field Very Slow Pie -
Hammer Stage Balanced Normal Extra Rainbow Cup
Boo's Horror House Slow Easy -
Baby Park Very Fast Extreme -
Baby Park Night Ver. Very Fast Extreme -

Green means unlockable court.

Pink border means variation.

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