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Developer(s) Camelot Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA June 12, 2012
Flag of Japan June 14, 2012
Flag of European Union June 15, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia June 23, 2012
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included 3DS Cartridge

Mario Tennis 3DS is the newest installment in the Mario Tennis series for Nintendo 3DS. It features new games, stages and characters. It is confirmed stages, characters, alternate colors and costumes will be available using QR codes.


3DS A Button A Button (Press) Topspin
3DS B Button B Button (Press) Slice
3DS X Button X Button (Press) Simple Shot
3DS Y Button Y Button (Press) Flat Shot
3DS R Button R Button (Press) Drop Shot
3DS L Button L Button (Press) Lob
3DS D-Pad Control Pad (Press) Taunt
Circlepad Circle Pad (Tilt) Move
3DS Select Button Select Button (Press) Photo Menu
3DS Start Button Start Button (Press) Pause the game
DS Stylus Stylus (Tap) Select a shot


The gameplay offers the same as his predecessor. The player can use the buttons, or the Touch Screen. New features such as the Photo Menu, were players can pause the game and make photo's, and full taunts are added.


Mario Tennis 3DS will include a total of 41 characters: 17 default, 12 unlockables, 8 QR characters and 4 special characters. Each character is seperated in a special type: All-Around, Technique, Speed, Power, Tricky or Defense.


Image Name Type Super Shot*
MTO- Mario Icon1 Mario All-Around
  • Fire Finale
  • Fireball
MTO- Luigi Icon1 Luigi All-Around
  • Missile Shot
  • Poltergust 3000
MTO- Peach Icon1 Peach Technique
  • Heart Twist
  • Heart Kiss
MTO- Yoshi Icon1 Yoshi Speed
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Flutter Frenzy
MTO- Bowser Icon1 Bowser Power
  • Fire Explosion
  • Shell Dash
MTO- Daisy Icon1 Daisy Technique
  • Flower Power
  • Super Flower
MTO- Donkey Kong Icon Donkey Kong Power
  • DK Barrel
  • Giant Banana
MTO- Wario Icon1 Wario Power
  • Wario Bomb
  • Wario Bike
MTO- Bowser Jr Icon1 Bowser Jr. Tricky
  • Paint Brush
  • Graffiti Spot
MTO- Waluigi Icon1 Waluigi Defense
  • Tricky Threat
  • Twisted Tornado
MTO- Diddy Kong Icon Diddy Kong Speed
  • Monkey Mess
  • Banana Boomerang
MTO- Toad Icon1 Toad Speed
  • Mushroom Madness
  • Bouncy 'Shroom
MTO- Koopa Icon1 Koopa All-Around
  • Mega Shell
  • Aqua-Koopa
MTO- Shy Guy Icon1 Shy Guy Tricky
  • Thunder Trans
  • Fly Guy
MTO- Boo Icon1 Boo Tricky
  • Boo Parade
  • Tricky Transporter
MTOBabyM Baby Mario Speed
  • Super Baby
  • Racket Throw
MTO- Mii Icon1 Mii Varies
  • Super Shot
  • Super Jump


Image Name Type Super Shot*
MTO- Rosalina Icon1 Rosalina Tricky
  • Cosmic Shot
  • Cosmic Switch
MTOLuma Luma Defense
  • Launch Star
  • Sling Star
MTO- Birdo Icon1 Birdo All-Around
  • Egg Catastrophe
  • Bow Throw
MTOBabyP Baby Peach Technique
  • Royal Smash
  • Triple Throw
MTO- Hammer Bro Icon1 Hammer Bro. Power
  • Hammer Throw
  • Boomerang
MTO- Magikoopa Icon1 Magikoopa Tricky
  • Spell Strike
  • Color Illusion
MTO- Paratroopa Icon1 Paratroopa Technique
  • Wing Strike
  • Wing Boost
MTO- Wiggler Icon1 Wiggler All-Around
  • Mad Caterpillar
  • Wiggler Tree
DryBowserMTO Dry Bowser Defense
  • Dry Roar
  • Blue Fire
MTO- Dry Bones Icon1 Dry Bones Defense
  • Bone Smash
  • Bone Throw
MTO- Spike Icon Spike All-Around
  • Spiky Throw
  • Spiky Balls
MTO- Cosmic Mario Icon Cosmic Mario Technique
  • Cosmic Illusion
  • Cosmic Clones

QR Characters

Image Name Type Super Shot*
MTO- Blooper Icon Blooper Technique
  • Inksplosion
  • Inkball
MTO- Donkey Kong Jr Icon1 Donkey Kong Jr. Power
  • Donkey Monkey
  • Two Vines
MTO- Striker Mole Icon Striker Mole Power
  • Striker Shot
  • Football Hit
MTO- E Gadd Icon E. Gadd Defense
  • Poltergust 3001
  • Ghost Portrait
MTO- Mona Icon1 Mona Speed
  • Mona's Pizza
  • Pizza Frisbee
MTO- Propeller Toad Icon1 Propeller Toad Defense
  • Propeller Panic
  • Flying Sprint
MTO- TaBooki Icon1 TaBooki Technique
  • Tail Trans
  • Tanooki Leaf
MTO- TaBella Icon TaBella Tricky
  • Super Tail
  • TaBella's Tree

Special Characters

These characters will be really exclusive. Their unlocking method is still uknown.

Image Name Type Super Shot*
MTO- Dino Piranha Icon Dino Piranha Defense
  • Tail Sweep
  • Piranha Egg
MTO- Giga Lakitu Icon Giga Lakitu Power
  • Thunder Cloud
  • Spiny Shell
MTO- Lubba Icon Lubba Tricky
  • Luma Chaos
  • Blob Transport
MTO- ROB Icon R.O.B. Technique
  • Diffusion Beam
  • Robo Spin

* Upper is offensive, lower is defensive


QR Alternates

These alternates are unlocked using special QR codes. The codes will be revealed throughout the year.

Mario Bros.





Special Alternates

These are special alternates, which can be unlocked via the 3DS e-Shop and using Play Coins

Unlocking Criteria


The Character Select Screen

Character How to Unlock
Rosalina Complete the Star Cup on Hard difficulty
Luma Complete Planet Panic on level 3
Birdo Complete Eggmania on level 3
Baby Peach Complete Ring Shot on level 3
Hammer Bro. Complete Enemy Rally on level 3

Complete Dark Tennis on level 3

Paratroopa Complete the World Open Tournament with every default character
Wiggler Complete the Star Open Tournament 3 times
Dry Bowser Collect all rackets for your Mii
Dry Bones Collect all outfits for your Mii
Spike Collect all costumes for your Mii
Cosmic Mario Complete Planet Panic on level 5


Each default character (except Mii) has its own stage. Other stages can be unlocked using special QR codes.


Image Name Type Discription
MTO- Mario Stadium Mario Stadium Grass, Clay and Hard Court A basic stadium filled with cheering fans. There are no gimmicks.
MTO- Luigi Mansion Luigi's Mansion Grass Court A creepy mansion at night. Ghosts will appear and send the ball in a different direction.
MTO- Peach Palace Peach's Castle Carpet Court Peach's Castle from the inside. Random items can bounce on the court, and if the player hits it, he/she can use it.
MTO- Yoshi Park Yoshi Park Grass Court A happy valley owned by Yoshi. Fly Guys can come in and block the ball, making this one of the trickiest courts.
MTO- Daisy Garden Daisy Garden Hard Court A really light court. Ink Piranha Plants can spit some inkballs on the course, which will make you slip.
MTO- DK Jungle Woods Jungle Woods Wooden Court A wild jungle and DK's home. Sometimes, Tiki Goons will walk around the stage and block the ball.
MTO- Wario Factory Wario Factory Hard Court A large factory with many conveyor belts, making it hard to hit a ball.
MTO- Bowser Jr Blvd Bowser Jr. Boulevard Stone Court A boulevard at night in a great city. Many enlightened buildings and statues (including one of Bowser Jr.) are in he background.


Image Name Type Discription
MTO- Waluigi Pinball Waluigi Pinball Hard Court A pinball-machine-like stadium owned by Waluigi. Sometimes, giant pinballs will roll around the stage.
MTO- Western Junction Western Junction Wooden Court A western-themed court with many Monty Moles. Sometimes, a train rides through the court, leaving various items.
MTO- Bowser Castle Bowser's Castle Stone Court Bowser's home is full of lava. Watch out, because sometimes, Podoboos will appear and chase the ball.
MTO- Toad Town Toad Town Stone Court A nice, little town with many Toads. In the background, Peach's Castle is seen. This is one of the few courts with no gimmicks.
MTO- Koopa Beach Koopa Beach Sand Court A sandy court on the beach. Sometimes, waves will cover the course, causig a different effect to the ball each time.
MTO- Toy Train Toy Train Carpet Court Shy Guy's Toy Train has been remodeled into a court. Sometimes, presents will bounce around the course, which will slow your ball down.
MTO- Haunted Library Haunted Library Carpet Court A dark and haunted library. Sometimes, giant books will magically float around, which let the ball bounce back.
MTO- Baby Park Baby Park Bouncy Court A little amusement park owned by Baby Mario. This course doesn't have gimmicks, but the ball will bounce really high on this court.

QR codes

Image Name Type Discription
MTO- Mushroom Grasslands Mushroom Grasslands Grass Court A court resembling World 1 from most Mario games. Goomba's will walk around the stage, blocking shots if being hit.
MTO- Music Park Music Park Hard Court A court resembling the track from Mario Kart 7. Sometimes, the Giant Music Notes will jump up and land, causing a big wave on the court.
MTO- Tart Top Tart Top Bouncy Court A court at the top of a giant cake. Due to the soft floor, the ball will bounce extremely high.
MTO- Pipe Plaza Pipe Plaza Stone Court

An industrial court with many pipes. Sometimes, Bob-Ombs will come out of the pipes and walk around the stage. When hit, they will explode.

MTO- Sherbet Land Sherbet Land Ice Court An icy court with many christmas-lights. In the background, a massive Christmas Tree can be seen, as well as many Penguins. Due to the icy bottom, players will slip easily, making it hard to hit a ball.
MTO- Good Egg Galaxy Good Egg Galaxy Grass Court A court owned by Luma. The court is on the starting planet. Many Star Bits can fall down, if hit, they will be added to your score. The higher the score, the more powerful your shots will be.

Special Games

Ring Shot

Ring Shot returns again. The player has to shoot the ball through the rings. You'll earn points for that, the smaller the rings, the more points you get. The player has to realize a certain score, each level different, in a given time.

Planet Panic

The player completes a match against Apricot Luma and has to earn coins. At a certain time, the stage moves to another planet, making it have different gimmicks. The player has 3 lives, if he/she has the given score, and hasn't lose any life, there will be an exclusive Bonus Stage were you can earn extra Play Coins.


Eggmania is the replacer of Ink Showdown. Instead of Ink Piranha's shooting balls and inkballs, 8-bit Birdo's will shoot balls and eggs. These eggs are really hard to hit. The Birdo's will also shoot fiery eggs, which you'll have to dodge. Your opponent is always a Red Birdo. If Red Birdo hits the player's ball or if he/she can't hit one, he/she loses 1 life. The player starts with 3 lives. A score is given which you'll have to match, if done so, you completed the level.

Enemy Rally

Complete a match against Boomerang Bro. while lots of enemies will walk around the stage. These contains Goomba's, Klaptraps, Spinies and Buzzy Beetles. If your ball hits one, you'll lose a life. You have 3 lives.

Dark Tennis

Face off against Red Magikoopa in the dark. You can only see the ball from a short distance. You can't see where Red Magikoopa is, making it hard to score. Each level, Red Magikoopa will become more skilled.

Sports Mix

Play basketball in tennis style! The player has to shoot a given number of balls into the basket with their racket. If time runs out, it's game over.

Mii Customizing

Like his predecessor, there are lots of costumes and clothing for your Mii to wear during matches.


Despite all playables' costumes, several other costumes will be available.

  • Goomba
  • Boom Boom
  • Wiggler
  • Bee Suit
  • Toadette
  • Toadsworth
  • Petey
  • Dixie Kong
  • Fire Suit
  • Cloud Suit
  • Tanooki
  • Yoshi Egg
  • Hammer Suit
  • Ice Suit
  • Propeller Suit
  • Invincible


All costumes mentioned above will also be available as normal outfits, plus there are some new ones.

  • Bullet Bill
  • Pom Pom
  • Bob-Omb
  • Honey Bee
  • Gearmo
  • Polari
  • Fawful
  • K. Rool
  • GherooB
  • Link
  • Zelda
  • Ganondorf


Despite all rackets from playable characters and outfits, some others will be available too. Most are unlocked by clearing a certain cup. Some special rackets are unlocked using QR codes.

  • Mushroom
  • Flower
  • Star
  • Banana
  • 1-up
  • Shell
  • Ice Flower
  • Crown
  • Golden

Beta Elements

For the beta elements of this game, see here.