Mario Tennis: The Chance (called Mario Tennis: Chance Tour in America and Europe) is a game that will be released for the Wii U. It will also have a version released for the Nintendo 3DS, called Mario Tennis: 3D Tour. The game was taken over by Sactown Studios after an unknown development studio abandoned the project. The game is unique from other Mario Tennis games for reusing the human characters that were created for the series.




There are ??? starter characters in the game.

Starter Characters

Image Name Description Power Shot
MarioMKW Mario TBA TBA
LuigiMKW Luigi TBA TBA
PeachMKW Peach TBA TBA
DaisyMKW Daisy TBA TBA
WarioMKW Wario TBA TBA
WaluigiMKW Waluigi TBA TBA
Yoshi-MKWii-Icon Yoshi TBA TBA
BirdoMKW Birdo TBA TBA
ToadetteMKWIIMug Toadette (New Participant) TBA TBA
BowserMKW Bowser TBA TBA
Bowser Jr MK Wii icon Bowser Jr. TBA TBA
DonkeyKongMKW Donkey Kong TBA TBA
DiddyKongMKW Diddy Kong TBA TBA

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Description Power Shot
RosalinaMKW Rosalina (New Participant) TBA TBA
LubbaCSS Lubba (New Participant) TBA TBA
KoopaTroopa-MKWii-Icon Koopa Troopa TBA TBA
MonaCSS Mona (New Partcicpant) TBA TBA
Jimmy T. (New Participant TBA TBA
Mtpt Clay Clay TBA TBA
Mtpt Ace Ace TBA TBA
Mtpt Barb Barb TBA TBA
Mtpt Chris Chris TBA TBA
Mtpt Elroy Elroy TBA TBA
Mtpt Meg Meg TBA TBA
Mtpt Jet Jet TBA TBA
Mtpt Shawn Shawn TBA TBA
Mtpt Chad Chad TBA TBA
Mtpt Sylvia Sylvia TBA TBA
Mtpt Gary Gary TBA TBA
Mtpt Kyle Kyle TBA TBA


  • Easy Mode - The opponents are weak and aren't very good.
  • Normal Mode - The opponents are a bit better. Unlock it by finishing Easy Mode.
  • Expert Mode - The opponents are hard to beat. Unlock it by finishing Normal Mode.
  • Extra Mode - The opponents are really hard to beat. Unlock it by finishing all cups in all dificulties with at least a 2 star rank.


  • Mushroom Cup - It's the default cup of the game. It takes place in Koopa Fields.
  • Flower Cup - It's unlocked by beating the Easy Mushroom Cup. It takes place in Cheep Cheep Beach.
  • Shell Cup - It's unlocked by beating the Normal Mushroom Cup. It takes place in Mario Field.
  • Star Cup - It's unlocked by beating the Easy Flower Cup. It takes place in Delfino Park.
  • Rainbow Cup - It's unlocked by beating the Expert Shell Cup. It takes place in Rainbow Galaxy.


Starting Courts

=Unlockable Fields


  • The two main characters from Mario Tennis: 3D Tour will be transferrable to Chance Tour via Connection.
  • Rosalina's sport outfit is much different from the other princesses, sporting much more radical look.
    • Also, this is the first game where Rosalina is seen with a sports outfit.
  • Daisy Cruiser makes it's second appearance in a sports game, the first being in Mario Super Slugglers.
  • The humans from Mario Power Tennis: Power Tour make an appearence in the game as unlockable characters.