Mario Tennis: Grand Tournament
Developer(s) Locked Gaming
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2014
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2014
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2014
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2014
Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Online, Tournament, Mission.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Tennis
Series Mario series
Predecessor Mario Tennis Open
Media Included Game Disk
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Mario Tennis: Grand Tournament (also known as Mario Tennis: Grand Slam or Mario Tennis: Major Tournament) is an upcoming Mario spin-off and a sequel to Mario Tennis Open. The game is being developed by Locked Gaming, Inc. and published by Nintendo and released to the Wii U.

This is the first game of the franchise to be released for the Wii U. There are new additions such as the team being able to create teams of four for tournaments local or online. Each character has also special shots and different abilities.


Mario Tennis: Grand Tournament plays similarly to the past games of the franchise. The gameplay features a normal tennis match, with one-vs.-one or two-vs.-two matches. Special Shots are back and a Special Bar is introduced. After a succesful hit, the bar increases and when it fully increases, the player will get the chance to do a Special Shot, which wiil give a powerful hit with a special attribute, like making the ball vanish or making it flaming. Each character also has a special ability, example: Blue Toad gets a temporary speed boost.

New features also include an online tournament mode, allowing players to create teams and compete against other players worldwide. Items are included and also an events mode, similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where the player has to accomplish special tasks in order to unlock characters, trophies and fields.


Starting Characters

Image Name Description Abilities
Mario artwork
The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and an all-rounder player. He has average stats and is considered to be a good player for both beginners and veterans. Special Shot: Fireball Shot - Turns the ball into a fiery and fast fireball. It can even burn the opponent's racket.
Special Ability: TBA
Mario's brother who has a fear of ghosts. Unlike his brother, he is a speedy character, with an above average speed stat and low other stats (low skill and power stats). Special Shot: Poltergust 5000 - Sucks the ball using the Poltergust and then launches back at full speed.
Special Ability: TBA
Princess Peach Bubble Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Princess Peach
The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom that is always captured by Bowser. She is a skilled player, but she has average power and speed stats. Special Shot: Heart Shot - Shoots the ball back in form of a heart, if the opponent shoots the ball back it becomes paralyzed for a short time.
Special Ability: TBA
Daisy MPIT
Princess Daisy
The princess of the Sarasland Kingdom. She is tomboyish, unlike her best friend Peach. She is an all-around player. Special Shot: Flower Shot - Shoots back the opponent and creates a flower field around them, making them slow for a short time.
Special Ability: TBA

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Description Abilities
Princess Orianna
Princess of the Star Kingdom, she is actually a heroic princess, who always saves her kingdom. Despite being a princess, she is a powerhouse, having above average power stats and having average other stats. Special Shot: Confusion Shot - Turns the ball into three other balls, two fakes one real.
Special Ability: TBA - TBA
Princess Percy
Princess of the Flower Kingdom, she is a careful Princess, always worrying about her Kingdom. She is a skilled player, but she have low speed and power stats. Special Shot: Boom Shot - Shoots the ball up in the air and falls at the ground really fast causing a small earthquake.
Special Ability: TBA

Unlockable Criteria

Character How To Unlock
Orianna Beat Single Tournament with Peach.
Percy Beat Single Tournament with Daisy.


Starting Fields

Image Name Description Gimmicks
MTO- Good Egg Galaxy
Outer Space Field
The Outer Space Field takes place in the Good Egg Galaxy, where the main location has been modified to be a tennis court. Lumas serves as the judge in this court. The ball goes higher and slower in this court. Items also are affected. Players can collect Star Bits to go faster.

Unlockable Fields

Image Name Description Gimmicks
Classic Field
The Classic Field takes place in a 8-bit court, in where everything is 8-bit. Blue NES Mario is the judge in this court. 8-bit Bullet Bills and 8-bit Goombas appears on the field. 8-bit Bullet Bills randomly flies the stage, 8-bit Goomba walks in one place and can block the ball.