The logo of Mario Tennis: Golden Grand Slam
Developer(s) APIMGroupLogoSmall
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) APIMHanabiSmall
Release Date(s)
TBA 2013
Single Player, Multi Player
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating CERO A OFLC G
Genre(s) Sports
Series Mario Tennis
Media Included Hanabi Disk

Mario Tennis: Golden Grand Slam is a game installment, part of the Mario Tennis series. It will be released for the upcoming APIM Hanabi. As stated in Fantendo World, it will have some of the favored features in the previous installments along with some new ones.[1]


This game will bring back Power Shots and Chance Shots, from Mario Power Tennis and Mario Tennis Open, respectively. Every character now has one Power Shot, and both types can be turned off before the match begins.[1]

This game will also mark the return of Gimmick Mode and Item Mode, which were absent in Mario Tennis Open. In Gimmick Mode, courses will have several obstacles that might come once in a while (or the entire time if the gimmick is not too annoying). The gimmicks differ per court.[1]

A new feature is the Golden Ball. When the opponent makes a good rebound, there's a small chance the ball will become gold. When the player hits the Golden Ball with a Lob or Drop Shot, the character will do a special trick, depending on which class the character is. This is the Golden Shot. Like the Power Shot and Chance Shot, this feature can be turned off.[1]


It has been stated that two other newcomers will also appear in this game, but nothing has yet been revealed, other than the first one is "as fast as a bullet" and the other is found "high in the sky".[1]

Players are again able to customize their Miis. As Power Shots return, the players can now apply different Power Shots. The Power Shots can be owned by an earlier playable character or may be completely new.[1]


This game will have a minimum amount of 20 courts.[1]

It is confirmed that Luigi's Mansion and Yoshi's Island will be different in comparison to their original looks in most spinoffs.[1]


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