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This is a game for computer systems by Interplay. It is the third game in the series. Like the previous two games, it teaches the player to type.


Bowser kidnaps Peach and takes her to his castle. Mario and Luigi go to rescue her. When they get to Bowser's Castle, they find that the entrance is blocked. Suddenly, three pieces of the Magical Typewriter fly across the sky and land in three seperate places. The first one lands in The Grasslands, the second one lands in The Desert and the third one lands on The Mountain. The brothers decide to look for them. Later in the game, Yoshi joins them. Also, Wario and Waluigi go after them to haunt their progress.

Playable Characters



Yoshi (unlockable)

Non-Playable Characters





Bowser (Final Boss)

Goomboss (1st Boss)

Pokey (2nd Boss)

Chief Chilly (3rd Boss)

World Difficulty

The Grasslands-Easy

The Desert-Intermediate

The Mountain-Hard

Bowser's Castle-Very Hard

Game Modes

Story-The main mode of the game.

Typing Practice-The player can do any activities they've unlocked in Story Mode.

Options-Change game settings.

Alphabet Type

One of the activities is Alphabet Type. The player types for each letter (example-A is for Amp). They are all listed below, from A-Z.

A is for Amp

B is for Bowser

C is for Chief Chilly

D is for Donkey Kong

E is for Egg of Yoshi

F is for Fuzzy

G is for Goomboss

H is for Hammer Bro.

I is for Iggy Koopa

J is for Jump!

K is for Koopa

L is for Luigi

M is for Mario

N is for Noki

O is for Octopus

P is for Pokey

Q is for the Queen of bees

R is for Roy Koopa

S is for woman?

T is for Thwomp

U is for Ukiki

V is for Valentina

W is for Wario

X is for X-Naut

Y is for Yoshi

Z is for Ztar

Character References

There are characters in character type that do not actually appear in the game. They are listed below.


Donkey Kong

Yoshi Egg

Iggy Koopa



Queen Bee

Roy Koopa





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