Mario Super Brawlers 2 is the sequel to Mario Super Brawlers. It adds several new features, and doubles the game's original roster. The stage's numbers are also doubled, and most stages are completely new.


Like the original, you fight using various characters from the Mario series. The characters have similar moves, but each character has an special ability of it's own. The characters fight untill they're knocked out. If the knocked out character was a player, that player can spectate the battle. Each character has a weight class, and have two points spent on additional stats. The weight classes have been ajusted to be more fitting.


  • 50pxAttack: Determinates the strength of moves.
  • 170px-Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldHealth: Determinates how much health a character has.
  • SuperBellDefense: Determinates how much damage a character recieves.
  • 180px-Super Leaf Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldSpeed: Determinates how fast a character is.
  • DoubleCherryTrick: Determinates the chance of avoiding moves.

Weight Classes

- Attack Health Defense Speed Trick
Wing FeatherFeather 1 1 2 5 5
Propeller Box Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldLight 2 2 2 4 4
Acorn MushroomMedium 2 3 4 3 2
SM3DW Statue LeafCruiser 4 4 2 2 2
571px-Mega Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldHeavy 5 5 2 1 1

Game Modes

The game features three game modes.

Adventure Mode

  • Play all of the stages in unlocking order, with set foes. There are short cutscenes that gives the game a story as well. More detail about the plot is shown in another section of the page.

Free Mode

  • Play any stages with any characters and any opponent.
  • You can also customize the battle with these options:
    • Time: Choose how much time the players can fight before a tie happens. YOu can also simply disable time.
    • Lives: Add lives so when a player is knocked out, it respawns.
    • Handicap 1: Decrease or increase how much damage a player gets when it is hit.
    • Handicap 2: Decrease or increase the knockback of moves.
    • Speed Rate: Increase or decrease the speed of the game.

Multiplayer Mode

  • Basically the same thing as Free Mode, but you can play with up to 10 players in local.
  • This mode can also be played online, but with set rules:
    • 5 minutes maximum.
    • Two lives.
    • No handicap or speed rate.
  • If two players choose the same character and the same outfit, one of the players will be a noticeably darker color then the other.
    • A third player is lighter
      • A fourth player is transparent.
        • A fifth player is greyscale, unless the character is Metal Mario. In that case, Metal Mario would be rainbow-colored.
          • A sixth player is surrounded by a rainbow aura.
          • A seventh player is surrounded by a greyscale aura.
          • An eight player is turned into a shadow.
          • A ninth player looks like the galaxy.
          • Finally, the tenth player is pixelised.


The shop is a new feature in the series. You can collect coins in stages and then go in the shop to buy outfits for characters:

  • Fire Mario: 50 Coins.
  • Ice Luigi: 50 Coins.
  • Toad Pallette Swaps: 100 Coins.
  • Yoshi Pallette Swaps: 100 Coins.
  • Tanooki Peach: 50 Coins.
  • Strikers Waluigi: 50 Coins.
  • Biker Wario: 50 Coins.
  • Classic Bowser: 50 Coins.
  • Diaper Baby Mario: 50 Coins.
  • Shy Guy Pallette Swaps: 100 Coins.
  • Orange Dress Toadette: 200 Coins.
  • Kitsune Daisy: 200 Coins.
  • Cat Rosalina: 200 Coins.
  • Koopalings: 200 Coins.
  • Birdo Pallette Swaps: 250 Coins.
  • Funky Kong: 200 Coins.
  • Toadie: 200 Coins.
  • Diaper Baby Luigi: 200 Coins.
  • Stone Dry Bowser: 200 Coins.
  • Spiny: 200 Coins.
  • Black Dr. Mario: 100 Coins.
  • Pink Blooper: 100 Coins.
  • Giant Mr. I: 100 Coins.
  • Tippi: 100 Coins.
  • Orange Nabbit: 100 Coins.
  • Chuckya: 100 Coins.
  • Baby Daisy: 100 Coins.
  • Paratroopa Pallette Swaps: 200 Coins.
  • Goomballa: 100 Coins.
  • Robo-Gadd: 100 Coins.
  • Sprixie Princess Pallette Swaps: 300 Coins.
  • Dixie Kong: 250 Coins.
  • Luma Pallette Swaps: 300 Coins.
  • Naval Pirahna: 250 Coins.
  • Bound Fire: 250 Coins.
  • Snifit Pallette Swaps: 300 Coins.
  • Young Toadsworth: 250 Coins.
  • Green Dr. Luigi: 250 Coins.
  • Metal Mario Pallette Swaps: 350 coins.
  • Orange Bronze Daisy: 250 Coins.

Adventure Mode Story

A cutscene shows in an arena Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and Peach. In door opens in the arena, revealing Dr. Mario, King Boo, Starlow, Nabbit and Paratroopa. The player can then choose a side, and a character to play in that side. A battle ensues in Coin Castle. If the player wins the battle, it unlock Snowman Slopes.

After this battle, a cutscene is shown in which an airship flies on top of the castle. The ship attacks the castle. causing the heroes to run in various directions. Meanwhile, Wario and Waluigi are seen robbing the igloo in Snowman Slopes. However, Rosalina and Daisy spots them. The player can then choose to play either Wario or Waluigi, and then a battle ensues in Snowman Slopes. The Wario Bros. ends up beating the two princesses. Going outside the igloo, Wario notices the Snowman has a crown made of diamond. When he arrives in the top of the Snowman, through, he discovers Bowser has areadly took the crown, with Blooper behind him. Another battle ensues. If the player wins the battle, it unlocks Horrid Swamp.

Mario and Luigi ran in a toxic swamp. They see a treehouse and enter it, only to find that it's occupied by a mean shy guy which has kidnapped Baby Mario and Baby Peach. Mario and Luigi fight the Shy Guy and save the babies, which follows them. As they attempt to find a shelter somewhere else, they are attacked by Bowser Jr, who has teamed up with Birdo, King Bob-Omb and surprisingly, Goombario. The player can choose a character between the Mario Bros. or the babies, and they fight the opposite team. Bowser Jr, Birdo and King Bob-Omb runs away while Goombario wonders where he is, revealing he was infact mind-controlled. As they walk around, they stumble towards Nabbit, which is revealed to be the culprit who brainwashed Goombario. He is also controlling Starlow, Prof. E Gadd and Toadette. The player has the same choice of characters, with Goombario added, and they fight the others. Once they win, the player unlocks ???.



While the veterans are mostly unchanged, some of thier abilities were changed, if not overhauled.

Character+Picture Description

386px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World


Mario is the star of the Super Mario series. He is one of the most iconic characters in gaming. He is a very balanced character, meaning he has no real flaws or weaknesses.

Weight: Medium

Boosted Stat: Attack(+2)

Ability: Fireball

Effect: When used, Mario shoots a fireball from his hand, doing average damage. It has a small chance to burn the foe, doing additionnal damage.

200px-Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


Luigi is Mario's brother. He is absolutely terrified of ghosts. In 2013, he had a year of his own, but that time is over. He definitely got more popular after that, through.

Weight: Medium

Boosted Stat: Trick(+2)

Ability: Poltergust Fight Type

Effect: When used, Luigi tries sucking a nearby foe. If he successes in doing so, he



There are many more Yoshi, but this one is seen the most. He saved Mario from Kamek back when he was a baby, but they only met again in Super Mario World.

Weight: Medium

Boosted Stat: Health(+2)

Ability: Egg Shot

Effect: When used, Yoshi shoots an egg. The egg is weak, but is fast and bounces off walls.



Toad is one of Mario's allies. At first, he "guarded" Peach. Well, more like hid behing her. But he seems to be more and more brave. He even went in his own adventure, along with his sister!

Weight: Light

Boosted Stat: Health(+2)

Ability: Poison Mushroom

Effect: When used, Toad tosses a Poison Mushroom. If the Poison Mushroom hits someone, that person will be weakened temporarily.

Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She's usually kidnapped by Bowser, but as shown in the Super Smash Bros. series, she can be a great fighter.

Weight: Normal

Boosted Stat: Health(+1), Speed(+1)

Ability: Peach Heart

Effect: When used, Peach releases around herself a heart-shapen shield which protects from most moves.

150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez


Expecting Daisy? Too bad, Waluigi time. Waluigi is Luigi's rival and presumately Wario's brother. He loves to be malicious, beign as annoying as he can to everyone but Wario.

Weight: Cruiser

Boosted Stat: Trick(+2)

Ability: Wall Luigi

Effect: When used, Waluigi releases seeds to make thorny vines appear, blocking others and dealing damage to characters who touch them. It stays only for a very short time, through.



Wario is Mario's cousin. However, unlike him, he's greedy. He loves money and like to mess around with his foes. He has the highest attack in the whole game, to do not underestimate him!

Weight: Heavy

Boosted Stat: Attack(+2)

Ability: Super Punch

Effect: When used, Wario punches an opponent, launching it very far away and dealing lots of damage. He needs to rest a bit after, through.

250px-Bowser SSB4


Bowser is the king of his own kingdom and Mario's nemesis. He is a very iconic villain, beign the main villain in the Mario series. Both of his best attributes are boosted even more, but thanksfully he has no projectile attacks.

Weight: Heavy

Boosted Stats: Attack(+1), Defense(+1)

Ability: Firebreath

Effect: When used, Bowser breathes fire. This deals rather strong damage and has a chance to burn. However, Bowser takes half a second to charge the move, so it is easy to avoid.

Baby Mario....

Baby Mario

Baby Mario is the young version of Mario. Beware through, he has an hammer, and it isn't a toy hammer. He is almost as heroic as his past self, despite beign a baby.

Weight: Feather

Boosted Stat: Attack(+2)

Ability: Hammer Whack

Effect: When used, Baby Mario whacks his enemy with an hammer, dealing lots of damage. However, the attack is very close ranged.


Shy Guy

Shy Guy is a very mysterious guy. Nobody knows what's under his mask, other then Luigi, who saw it when he tripped in a sport competition. What's under this mask must be very creepy, through...

Weight: Light

Boosted Stat: Trick(+2)

Ability: Flycopter

Effect: When used, Shy Guy will put a propeller on his head and fly around. This is useful to escape or to reach places in the sky quickly.


Character+Picture Description

MP7 Toadette


Toadette is Toad's little sister. While she may appear innocent, she is a rather quick character which can easily restore it's health.

How to Unlock: Find the secret Dragon Coin in Coin Castle.

Weight: Feather

Boosted Stat: Speed(+1), Health(+1)

Ability: 1-UP Mushroom

Effect: When used, it restores half of Toadette's max HP, but there is a one minute cooldown between the times she can use it.



Daisy is the tomboyish princess from Sarasaland. Unlike Peach, she rarely goes in distress.

How to Unlock: Win 10 battles in Coin Castle

Weight: Normal

Boosted Stat: Attack(+1), Speed(+1)

Ability: Daisy Storm

Effect: When used, this ability releases a pulse of daisies from Daisy. The daisies stop enemies in thier tracks.

Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


She is the princess of the cosmos. She is rather quick for a character from her class. She is accompagned by a Luma, but it is purely asthetic.

How to Unlock: Find the secret Ice Flower in Snowman Slopes.

Weight: Cruiser

Boosted Stat: Speed(+2)

Ability: Star Bits

Effect: When used, Rosalina uses her wand to releases Star Bits. The Star Bits hit enemies multiple times, which makes them a great close-range attack.

Bowser jr.

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is Bowser's spoiled son and the heir to the Bowser Kingdom's throne. He can fool enemies into thinking he is a scenary object with his ability, but those who know the layouts of stages can outsmart him.

How to Unlock: Win 15 Battles in Snowman Slopes.

Weight: Light

Boosted Stat: Attack(+2)

Ability: Paintlusion

Effect: When used, Bowser Jr. uses his Magic Paintbrush to disguise himself into a random object depending on the stage.



Birdo is a very odd character indeed, as no one knows if it is male or female. It is rumored to be in a relation with Yoshi, but no one knows, really. Now one knows much about her, in fact, even herself wonders if it is male or female.

How to Unlock: Find the secret Bone Shell in Horrid Swamp.

Weight: Normal

Boosted Stat: Attack(+1), Defense(+1)

Ability: Birdo Egg

Effect: When used, Birdo spits an egg from her mouth. The egg is rather slow, but it isn't affected by gravity and is pretty strong.


Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong was one of the first Mario characters, along with Mario, then named Jumpman. He now stars in his own series. However, he actually isn't the original kong: the first DK has grown old and is now called Cranky Kong.

How to Unlock: Win 20 Battles in Horrid Swamp.

Weight: Heavy

Boosted Stat: Health(+2)

Ability: Banana Trip

Effect: When used, Donkey Kong eats a banana and leaves the banana peel on the ground. The banana makes enemies trip, hence the name.



Kamek was Bowser's caretaker when he was a baby.. and he's still his caretaker. He keeps trying to kidnap Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, not knowing these efforts are futile.

How to Unlock: Find the secret ???

Weight: Normal

Boosted Stat: Attack(+1), Trick(+1)

Ability: Multi-Blast

Effect: When used, Kamek releases nine slow magic blast in nine different directions. It can be useful for getting away from fishy situations.

Baby Luigi NSMBDIY

Baby Luigi

Baby Luigi is Baby Mario's brother as well as Luigi when he was an infant. He can be a little brat at times, but he cries very easily, so it is hard to punish him. Thanksfully, he seems to have got better.

How to Unlock: Win 25 Battles in ???

Weight: Feather

Boosted Stat: Trick(+2)

Ability: Spin

Effect: When used, Baby Luigi spins around in a circle, confusing characters near him.


Dry Bowser

Dry Bowser is a skeletal form of Bowser. He was the main antagonist in the prequel, but this time around he is less important.

How to Unlock: Win 30 Battles in ???

Weight: Cruiser

Boosted Stat: Attack(+2)

Ability: Dry Bones Summon

Effect: When used, Dry Bowser summons three Dry Bones. They are easy to beat, but they allow Dry Bowser to run from enemies or to outnumber them.


Bony Beetle

Bony Beetle is one of the oddest characters in the game. Firstly, he is constantly covered in spikes. Secondly, in the normal Mario series he was only a minor enemy, making it even wierder of a choice.

How to Unlock: Find him in ???

Weight: Feather

Boosted Stat: Health(+2)

Ability: Spikes

Effect: Unlike other abilities, this ability is always activated. It makes him covered in spikes. Because of theses, he cannot be jumped on.


Character+Picture Description

Dr.Mario SSB4

Dr. Mario

In an alternate universe, Mario decided to be a doctor. He must eliminate all of the viruses in a bottle. If there are too much viruses, the viruses will take over the lab.

Weight: Medium

Boosted Stat: Health(+1), Defense(+1)

Ability: Megavitamin

When used, Dr. Mario launches a pill. The pill bounces high and is rather fast, but only does average damage.



Blooper is an enemy Mario faced all the way back to Super Mario Bros. For some odd reason, he is able to float in the air, but personally, he prefers the water.

Weight: Light

Boosted Stat: Trick(+1), Health(+1)

Ability: Ink Spit

Effect: When used, Blooper spits ink from a "mouth". It blinds enemies for a short moment.

King Boo MMWii

King Boo

King Boo is the ghostly king of the Boos, as well as the leader of various other ghosts. He fought Luigi in Luigi's Mansion, and since then has made him his worst enemy.

Weight: Cruiser

Boosted Stat: Trick(+1), Attack(+1)

Ability: Invisibility

Effect: When used, King Boo becomes invisible for a small moment.



Starlow is one of the few remaining Star Sprites. She helped Mario and Luigi in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, as well as that game's sequel.

Weight: Feather

Boosted Stat: Health(+1), Speed(+1)

Ability: Hold

Effect: When used, Starlow grabs an item or an enemy and makes it float uncontrollably for a few seconds.



Nabbit is a bunny that nabs stuff. According to rumors, he is so good at nabbing he managed to nab Luigi's victory in New Super Luigi U!

Weight: Normal

Boosted Stat: Trick(+1), Speed(+1)

Ability: Nab

Effect: When used, Nabbit tries stealing a foe's item. If the other doesn't have one, he punchs him/her instead.

MP9 Big Bob-omb Bust.Boss Image

Big Bob-Omb

Big Bob-Omb is a recurring Mario boss who debuted in Super Mario 64 as the first boss. He was easy to beat, but he seems to be stronger this time around.

Weight: Heavy

Boosted Stat: Attack(+1), Trick(+1)

Ability: Bob-Omb Toss

Effect: When used, Big Bob-Omb tosses a Bob-Omb which explodes upon touched the ground. He is vunerable after this, through.


Baby Peach

This young princess is caretaken by Toadsworth. She's very calm for a baby, but when she cries, you want to run away from the country. Ironically, she's been kidnapped less times then the Baby Mario bros.

Weight: Feather

Boosted Stat: Health(+1), Attack(+1)

Ability: Tantrum Terror

Effect: When used, Baby Peach cries, doing huge damage to ones around her. However, this move leaves Baby Peach vunerable.



Paratroopa is a Koopa Troopa with wings. He is very light thanks to this, but this doesn't stops him from having a tough shell.

Weight: Feather

Boosted Stat: Defense(+1), Speed(+1)

Ability: Face-shell-kick

Effect: When used. Paratroopa goes in his shell and slams another character in the face. However, if it misses it leaves Paratroopa vunerable.

Goombario NSMBDIY


Goombario was an ally of Mario in the first Paper Mario game. Unlike most other goombas, he is friendly and is smart enough to not fall off ledges.

Weight: Feather

Boosted Stat: Speed(+2)

Ability: Headbonk

Effect: When used, Goombario jumps in the air and falls head-first. When it hits someone, he will bounce off that character's head.

250px-Professor Elvin Gadd Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Prof. E. Gadd

Professor Elvin Gadd is a scientist. He made the Poltergust 3000 for Luigi, which allows him to go Ghost Busters. He has made some other creations, through, like a time machine.

Weight: Normal

Boosted Stat: Health(+2)

Ability: F.L.U.D.D.

Effect: When used, Prof. E. Gadd uses his F.L.U.D.D. to spray water on his enemies. This pushes them away and does small damage, and weakens them.


Character+Picture Description


Sprixie Princess

This is one of the many Sprixie Princesses which rule the Sprixie Kingdom, a counterpart to the Mushroom Kingdom. She is the quickest character in the game.

Weight: Feather

Boosted Stat: Speed(+2)

Ability: Magic Blast

Effect: When used, Sprixie Princess releases a quick and strong magic blast.

Diddy Kong SSB4

Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's newphew. He carries with him the Peanut Popgun, a wood gun which shoots peanuts.

Weight: Light

Boosted Stat: Speed(+1), Trick(+1)

Ability: Peanut Popgun.

Effect: When used, Diddy Kong shoots a Peanut. The peanut does no damage, but makes enemies trip.



Luma was an ally of Mario in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. There are many kinds of Luma, but this one appears in the game only.

Weight: Feather

Boosted Stat: Trick(+1), Speed(+1)


Petey Piranha

Petey Piranha is sometimes said the be the king of Piranha Plants. Some think he's just a mutated one, through. He is fierce, so be warned when fighting him.

Weight: Heavy

Boosted Stat: Speed(+2)

Ability: Flower Bite

Effect: When used, Petey eats the enemy and then spits it out, apparantly in digust.

Fire Snake SMWU

Fire Snake

Fire Snake is a relatively minor enemy that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3. It tries to chase Mario by jumping in the Super Mario series. Despite it's name, it has almost nothing to do with actual snakes.

Weight: Light

Boosted Stat: Attack(+1), Defense(+1)

Ability: Head Enlarge

When used, Fire Snake enlarges it's head. The head itself deals damage to enemies which hit it.



Snifit is a masked dude similar to Shy Guy, excluding he has a grey gas mask instead of the normal mask. It can shoot bullets out of the gas mask.

Weight: Light

Boosted Stat: Attack(+1), Trick(+1)

Ability: Snifishot

Effect: When used, Snifit launches three quick bullets from it's mask.

293px-Toadsworth artwork -- Super Mario Sunshine


Toadsworth is a Toad who raised Princess Peach. There are rumors he might be her grandfather, but this was never confirmed. Despite beign old, he is quite energitic.

Weight: Light

Boosted Stat: Defense(+1), Health(+1)

Ability: Toad Bat

Effect: When used, Toadsworth uses a bat similar to his cane to whack a ball coming from hyperspace. There is a chance the ball will be a bowling one and do much more damage.


Dr. Luigi

Dr. Luigi is Luigi's counterpart in Dr. Mario's alternate universe. Dr. Luigi fights different types of viruses, and uses different, L-shaped pills. He actually only appeared in one game prior to this game, as part of the Year of Luigi.

Weight: Normal

Boosted Stat: Health(+1), Trick(+1)

Ability: Vitamins L

Effect: When used, Dr. Luigi shoots a Megavitamin shaped like an L. This attack actually hits two times, but is much heavier and slower, and leaves Dr. Luigi vunerable.

Metal Mario!

Metal Mario

Metal Mario is a robotic version of Mario. He is the main antagonist of this game. He can petrify his foes. No one knows how he does that, but it's a very dangerous move.

Weight: Cruiser

Boosted Stat: Defense(+2)

Ability: Metalization

Effect: When used, Metal Mario petrifies someone in front of him for two seconds.

Pink Gold Peach

Pink Gold Peach

Pink Gold Peach is Metal Mario's girlfriend. Like him, she's a main antagonist in this game. She's faster then Metal Mario, but weaker in the defensive side.

Weight: Cruiser

Boosted Stat: Defense(+1), Speed(+1)

Ability: Pink Gold Boost

Effect: When used, Pink Gold Peach glows and becomes faster for a few seconds.


The stages will be more diverse then in the previous game. They will usually have gimmicks of thier own as well.

Coin Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldCoin CastleCoin Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Peach's Castle has been revamped for the second Super Brawlers event! It is now full of coins. In fact, it is the stage with the most coins in the game. This stage is rather flat, but despite this it has two floors. There are also a bunch of rooms around the stage. This is usually where most competitive matches happen, as it is the stage with the least "disturbances".

Vanishcap2Snowman SlopesVanishcap2

A stage based on Snowman's Land from Super Mario 64. There are various ice ponds which are slippery. There are also places with tall snow, slowing down characters. It is possible to climb the snowman and then attack people from it's top, and a large igloo where it is possible to hide.

20101027034119!PoisonMushroomHorrid Swamp20101027034119!PoisonMushroom

This horribly toxic swamp is filled with toxic water, which is the stage's gimmick. The trees are climbable and players are then able to walk on vines, branches and leaves connecting the trees together. Above the trees are a bunch of big mushrooms that make you bounce.


Unlike the first game, there are a lot of items, with none of them beign specific to one stage. You can disable items in Free Mode and Multiplayer mode. Rarer items give stronger effects then common items.

Item List

  • 424px-Super Star Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Star(Rare): A glowing star. When touched, it makes a player invincible for a few seconds, and buffs the player's stats.
  • 440px-P-BalloonP-Balloon(Average): A yellow balloon with a P on it. Allows a player to float around for a short period of time when used.
  • FrogSuitSMEFrog Suit(Common): A suit made to look like a frog. If used, it allows the player to jump higher for a short period of time.
  • Golden HammerGolden Hammer(Rare): A powerful golden hammer. When used, it forces the player to whack the hammer around everywhere. A single hit from the hammer can easily remove half the health of a character. The player is vunerable after, through.
  • 200px-Spiny Shell - Mario Kart WiiBlue Shell(Average): A spiked and winged blue shell. When used, it homes towards the player with the most health and crashes on it. However, it can easily backfire.
  • BoomerangFlowerMK8Boomerang Flower(Common): A flower that looks like a boomerang. When used, the player can launch up to three boomerangs which do average damage to foes.

Enemy Summons

Rarely, a Question Block will appear in the battle. Attacking the Question Block will summon a random enemy. The enemy usually won't attack the player who summoned it, but will attack other players.

  • Goomba CTTTGoomba(Common): An evil minion of Bowser. It runs towards another character and bites it, dealing low damage. After doing so, it attempts to bit another player, and so on. Can be knocked out very easily.
  • BuzzybeetleNSMBUBuzzy Beetle(Average): A beetle protected with a very tough shield. It walks towards an enemy and rams on it to attack it, knocking it away and doing minimal damage. Can be jumped on, making it's shell usable like an item.
  • Para-BeetlePara-Beetle(Rare): A relative of the Buzzy Bettle which flys and is adorable. It flies around in random directions, but if an uncareful enemies goes under it, it will swoop down and do average damage.



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