Mario Strikers X is an upcoming game for the Wii U and 3DS which is planned to release in 2013. It combines football and Mario. Every character has a special shot and a special tackle as well as a Super Ability and a deke.



There are 18 captains in Mario Strikers X. The starting 12 characters are from  Mario Strikers Charged. The other 6 are unlockable and new.

Name/ Unlocking Criteria Special Shot Special Tackle Super Ability Deke Home Stadium Uniform Alt. Uniform
Mario Mario jumps into the air. He turns in Metal Mario the kicks it into the net. Mario turns into Rock Mario. He rock rolls into the opposing player. Mega Mario! Mario rolls forward shortly. Mario Stadium Red Armour with Blue Accents White Armour with Red Accents
Luigi Luigi star spins the ball into the air. He the front flips onto the ball and pushes it down Luigi Star Spins the opposing player. Poultergeist! Luigi rolls forward shortly. Luigi Mansion Green Armour with Blue Accents White Armour with Green Accents
Peach Heart shaped platforms appear from no where leading up to the ball. Peach jumps up these and kicks the ball down. Peach throws hearts at the opposing player. Peach Heart! Peach jumps. Peach Castle Pink Armour with White Accents White Armour with Pink Accents
Daisy Same as Peach's only it is flower platforms instead. Same as Peach's but only flowers instead. Daisy Flower! Daisy jumps. Daisy Cruiseline Orange Armour with Teal Accents Teal Armour with Orange Accents
Yoshi Yoshi throws three eggs at the other team's teamates. A giant egg chases after the other team's captain and teamates while Yoshi gets the ball. Yoshi Egg! Yoshi does 25 quick, big stomps. Yoshi Beach Light Green Armour with Blue Accents Blue Armour with Light Green Accents
Wario Wario shoots 12 garlics at the other team's goalie. Wario spins around and makes the other teams teamates get dizzy. Wario Garlics! Wario digs. Wario Castle Yellow Armour with Purple Accents Purple Armour with Yellow Accents
Waluigi Waluigi jumps, turns around and kicks while there's upside down L's. (similar from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai) Same with Wario's tackle but throws out spitballs. Waluigi A.I.M! Waluigi stomps. Waluigi Garden Purple Armour with Black Accents

Black Armour with Purple Accents

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