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Mario Strikers Wii U is a football game themed around the Super Mario series for the Wii U. It is to be released in 2012 as a launch title, and is to be developed by Hybrid Co..


Mario and Luigi sets off to Peach Dome again, this time for a spot of soccer. But Wario and Waluigi got onto the boat too! And when they find out there is money involved, they try to hijack the tournament, they enter the tournament and the league begins and characters from the Mario universe compete for the Royal Cup.

Bowser Jr. spots them on his airship and his Dad insists to enter. And so the Royal Cup gets its final 2 entrants.


The gameplay is the same to Mario Strikers Charged, with a few tweaks updated. Skills can now be used with the L Button.

The most noticable new feature is the new 7-a side mode. Each team will have 7 players, 1 captain, 1 Kritter Goalie, 1 sub players and 3 sidekicks. The sub player will have some sort of connection to the character.

Deke's and Megastrikes work the same as they did in the prequel, and are the same for each characters remaining.


Image Name Team Name Teammates Class Description Megastrike Super Ability Theme Home Entrance Away Entrance
Mario Super Mario Plumbers Pauline, Baby Luigi and Pianta All-Around Mario the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom has to be here, and is with his great all-rounder team in the jersey of Red with White and Blue Stripes. Mario never loses pride and determination, and his soccer skills are no different!

Mario turns into a fiery Metal Mario before smashing the ball.

Super Mario! Alternative Rock Mario struts to the opposing sidekicks and readjusts his hat combatively then says, "Letsa' Go". Mario falls from the sky, arms outstretched, making a perfect landing when he reaches the field and saying "Come on".
Luigi Luigi Shadows Professor E. Gadd, Luma and Boo All-Around Mario's overshadowed brother has some great, unexpected but balenced moves, is it his time to shine? Super Jump Punch - Luigi Super Jump Punches into the air, and kicks the ball. Poltergeist 3000 - Luigi can suck in players and the ball to shoot with. The keeper can't be sucked it, but he can be moved around his area. Flamenco Luigi does a small salsa dance for the other team. Luigi falls from the sky, and arrives and does a Super Jump Punch to signify the games start.
Peach Peach Royalty Baby Peach, Baby DK and Hammer Bro Technique The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom can find time for a spot of soccer, and she uses great skill to master the moves to coarse her way to victory! Perry Power - Peach leaps into the air with Perry and Perry whacks the ball. Joy- Peach floats with the ball to get areal shots. Techno Peach does a catwalk and then starts to giggle. Peach flies down on Perry to land gracefully, parodying Mary Poppins.
Daisy Daisy Flowers Baby Daisy, Dry Bones and King .K. Rool All-Around The Princess in Orange, Teal, Yellow and White brings defensive tactics Daisy bounces off a flower into the air and scissor kicks the ball. Crystal Smash! New Wave Daisy imitates a kick and starts hopping about and says "Ready". Daisy falls from the sky and lands with her arms folded and says "C'mon"!
Yoshi Yoshi Egg's Birdo, Goomba and Wiggler Speedy Yoshi is Mario's trusty sidekick who is quite a speedy dynamo himself. But has quite a good shot to him too, it's the rise of the green dinosaur. Winged Warrior - Yoshi puts on a mean face and sprouts wings, before hitting the ball with his left wing. Egg Roll! Energetic Broadway Yoshi throws a egg and laps it up with his tounge and heads it. Yoshi falls out of the sky, grows his wings to stable his fall and kicks his legs rapidly on his decent.
Wario WarioWare Employees Mona, 8-Volt and 16-Volt Power Wario can whack a ball with some might and is here to prove that stat, Mario's rival could become the victor of the Royal Cup. Gas Lift - Wario uses the Wario Waft to launch himself up and he butt smashes' the ball. Gas Mask! Polka Wario walks up to the team and begins to breakdance. Wario falls from the sky and flicks his moustache when he lands and growls to signify the games start.
Waluigi Waluigi Charmers Petey Piranha, Paragoomba and Alex Technique The lanky, oddball plumber will showcase a surprise or two to earn the money that he so desperately craves. Waluigi crouches and leaps up really high and kicks the ball. Wall-Luigi! Bluegrass Waluigi slow walks and pulls out a rose and says "Rose", slowly. Waluigi lands on his feet hard and starts to laugh.
Donkey Kong DK Rumblers Candy Kong, Funky Kong and Cranky Kong Power The loveable ape, has power and force! Mario's once-rival has a force to be reckoned with! DK plays some Bongo's and jumps off them to get up high and smashes the ball. Barrel Bash - DK binds the ball into a barrel and heads it towards goal. African Drums DK beats on his chest and then does a thumbs up to signify the start of the game. DK plays a beat on the floors when he lands with a aggressive face.
Bowser Bowser Villains Kamek, Boomerang Bro and Fire Bro Power Mario's arch-nemesis has firey attacks and power to knock the ball out of the park. Is it Bowser's last stand? Bowser jumps high like he did in Super Mario Galaxy boss levels into the sky and breathes fire on the ball to whack it. Flame Blitz Hard Rock Bowser rotates 360 degrees while breathing fire. Bowser lands and roars.
Toad Toad Trouncers Toadette (Default only), Harry, Kate and Nina All-Around Toad has always been a great servant to Mario and co. wants to step up and show his soccer skills! Will he prove himself well? Toad does a Superman pose in the air and then slams the ball ahead. Toad Brigade - Toad can stun other players with his headlight. A remixed version of the Toad Brigade Music in Super Mario Galaxy. Toad toughens himself up by highering his sleeves. Toad performs lots of gymnastic poses such as somersaults in the air and lands with a spectacular bow.

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Team Name Teammates Class Description Deke Megastrike Super Ability Theme Home Entrance Away Entrance
Rosalina Rosalina Comets Lubba, Luma and Purple Luma Defensive Rosalina, maiden of the stars. Royalty on a out of this world scale, she is here to show that she is the maiden of the pitch too! Rosalina puts a cosmic force field around her knocking people away, similar to DK's Deke. Rosalina leaps up twirling her wand as she twirls her wand above her, she then whacks the ball with her wand. Force Field!- Rosalina A sped up version of the Main theme from Super Mario Galaxy. Rosalina imitates that she is casting a spell on the opposition. Rosalina lands gracefully by falling slowly at the end, and she opens her eyes and giggles.
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong Dynamo's Dixie Kong, Kritter and Mii  Skill Diddy Kong, DK's nephew has a wide arsenal of skillful moves to use all of the pitch well. Carries the ball between his feet and leaps over the player. Diddy climbs a Vine really quickly and then whacks the ball with his tail. Red Card! Hindustani Classical Diddy juggles a banana and then fires a peanut. Diddy lands slowly on his jetpack.
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. Paintballs Larry Koopa Power Bowser Jr. is Bowser's favourite son who has a paintbrush and a creative presence, but will he be a fan favourite? Bowser Jr. spins in his shell around moving in the direction he's facing slightly. Bowser Jr. twirls his paint brush around and then up painting a path above which he follows. Paint Slick! Bowser Jr.'s Super Mario Galaxy theme remixed. Bowser Jr. paints a circle around him and jumps and pounds on it. Bowser Jr. jumps out of his airship to thunder to the ground and wave around his paintbrush to signal the start of the game.
Baby Mario Baby Mario Growers Baby Luigi, Baby Peach and Baby Daisy All-Around The Baby version of Mario, Baby Mario is here with his hammer and determination. Baby Mario captures the ball in his hat and then sidesteps with it. Baby Mario rises up and whacks the ball with his hammer. Baby Mario attacks the ball with his super cape. Kids Rock - A school bell sounds and drums and a guitar solo complete a grand ending. Baby Mario steadies himself and says "Okey Dokey"! Baby Mario arrives in his yellow cape at high speed and then lands by slamming the ground with his hammer.


There are 15 sidekicks in total, with 3 in each category. (Skill, All-Around, Defensive, Offensive, Power).

Image Name Class Description Deke Skillshot Theme
Dry Bones Skill Dry Bones are fast, agile and skillful. Dry Bones rolls forward, briefly being invisible and then pops up somewhere.

Dry Bones fires a large electric ball which can stun if it hits a opponent.

Birdo Power Birdo are egg firing pink striking... whatever they are. Birdo ballerina twirls reflecting people away. Birdo fires a large egg which cracks around the keepers area unless deflected, confusing the foe it contacts with. Ballerina
Boo Defensive Boo are sly ghosts who love to cause a spook! Boo becomes invisible and invincible for a brief period of time. Boo becomes invisible and inhales the ball so he can sneak towards the keeper where he and the ball may be saved. carnival music
Monty Mole Defensive Monty Moles just can't stop diggin'! They love it as much as football! Monty Moles bury themselves on their spot and arise knocking people away. Monty Moles bury themselves underground and move forward heading for goal and pop up leaving a light shot.
Koopa Troopa All-around Koopa Troopa's are one of Bowser's loyal minions. So he must be very skilled, right? Koopa Troopa's move in the direction their facing forward by swerving to the spot into their shell with the ball. Koopa Troopa sends a coloured shell to the keeper confusing them and occasionally causing a shot depending on knockback.
Shy Guy All-around Shy Guy have something to hide... is is there soccer skills? Shy Guy leaps very finely in a direction with the ball. Shy Guy flies on a Bullet Bill which will explode upon contact.
Wiggler Skill Many legs but Wiggler's play better on hind legs. Interesting. Wiggler's headbutt the ball forward by quickly dashing forward. Wiggler's grow on all fours and whack it with there many legs for curving power. Nature sounds with a string beat with it, similar to World 5's theme in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Maple Treeway mixed together.
Pianta Power They love the beach climate, they love football. A perfect match!
Luma Defensive Rosalina's "children" are from another galaxy, maybe they're bringing new ways to play! Luma's Luma Spin deflecting opponents. Luma's make the ball levitate with then as they rise and then fire the ball. A sped up version of the Luma theme from Super Mario Galaxy.
Hammer Bro. Power Hammer Bro.'s hammers can damage, but can they damage a football? Hammer Bro. Leave a huge hammer behind them as they leap. Hammer Bro.'s leap in the air and fire many hammers to confuse and then whack the ball with their last hammer.
Toad All-Around Not as fast as a the Toad Captain but are great sidekicks that sure do the job. Toads's leap over the player doing a somersault in the process. Toad's will set the ball on fire and shoot it. A remixed version of Another One Bites the Dust.


  • Peach Dome
  • DK Jungle
  • WarioWare Arena
  • Syrup's Ship
  • Yoshi Picturebook
  • Comet Observatory
  • Classic: The Vice
  • Classic: Thunder Island
  • Classic: Bowser Stadium
  • Classic: Crystal Canyon
  • Classic: Stormship Stadium



  • Stelios7 (tbc) originally had a Mario Strikers game, but it was abandoned.
  • The Shell Soccer minigame from Mario Party 9 is referenced as a ingame mode.

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