Mario Strikers Ultimatum, also known as Super Mario Strikers 3 in Japan, is the 3rd installment in the Mario Strikers series and the third on a console, the Wii U.

Mario Strikers Ultimatum
Mario Strikers Ultimatium-0
Developer(s) Next Level Games, Bio-Studios,Sega
Publisher(s) Nintendo(Fandom)
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Spring 2017
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sports
Series Mario Strikers
Predecessor Mario Strikers Charged


he game features more gameplay styles then ever. Of course classic gameplay is optional, but new is the gameplay with chance spots, like in Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. In this mode, you can charge the ball by standing into a chance spot. However, a kind of chance spot isn't linked with a specific button, it's always the B button. These are the spots:

-Powerful: Causes a very powerful shot, which is very hard to block for the goalie. If a player is hit, it will be damaged.

-Curve: Lets you shoot the ball in a wide curve.

-Lob: Lets you do a very tricky lobshot.

-Omega Strike: Your character will jump in the air and perform a Omega Strike. This is a very powerful move which will let your character jump and shoot 3 balls at the same time.

When a Omega Strike is performed, the player can stop the balls as their goalie using the Wii U Gamepad.


A Button-Pass

B Button-Shoot(Or Charge)

X Button-Lobpass

Y Button-Change

R Button-Big Hit

L Button-Silde Tackle

ZR Button-1st Special Ability

ZL Button-2nd Special Ability

Control Pad-Deke

Left Stick-Move

Right Stick-Dribble

+ Button-Pause

- Button-Photo Menu


Gamepad Screen-Fake


Tournament: Break Of All

In this mode the player will take part of a tournament. There are several cups, but you'll have to unlock them by completing the previous one. A tournament always consists of a few preliminary rounds (depending on the cup), the quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final against the defending champion (this character is unlocked after beating it).


Players can play single matches with custom settings. It's also optional to use cheats in this mode.

New Option

If You Have Gamepad Screen In Goalie Mode,You Play As Goalie, Here, the player has to use the Gamepad Screen to keep.


Challenges return, where you have to get out of oppressive situations. Every captain has one.

8 Players Strikers

If Players Is 8 People,A 4 Players Are Captain And Three Sidekicks,And Another 4 Players Are Captain And Three Sidekicks,Too.


Online mode is completely like exhibition mode, but it will let you play against or with other players in Wii U


In this mode the player can learn the rules and controls of the game. There is a total of 12 lessons.



Images Name Types Omega Strike 1st Special Ability 2nd Special Ability Theme
207px-Mario Artwork - New Super Mario Bros
Mario Balanced Metal Fire Strike Super Mario! F.L.U.D.D.! Alternative Rock
Princess Peach Hair Flip
Peach Playmaker Royalty Queen Strike Freeze Frame! Peach Specter! Techno
Donkey Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Donkey Kong Power Konga Slam Strike Super Slam! Ultra Slam! African Drums
20100606222911!Waluigi 6
Waluigi Defensive Purple Power Strike Wall-Luigi! Waluigi Breaker! Bluegrass
260px-Luigi MP9
Luigi Balanced Green Thunder Strike Super Luigi! Ultimate Poltergust! Flamenco
220px-Wario MPIT
Wario Offensive Mega Fart Strike Gas Mask! Wario-Man! Polka
412px-Yoshi SM64DS
Yoshi Balanced Dino Wing Strike Egg Roll! Egg Launcher! Energetic Broadway
200px-Daisy MP10
Daisy Defensive Flower Power Strike Fire Flower! Ice Flower! Progressive Rock
1186px-Bowser HUGE
Bowser Power Fire Roar Strike Fire Storm! Break Fire! Hard Rock
Rex-B.F.S (Big Fat Sword)
Rex Salazar(Guest) Defense Smack Hand Smash Strike Punk Busters! Big Fat Sword! Revolution(Instrumental Ver.)
Ben Tennyson(As Armodrillo)(Guest) Power Hand Drill Strike Hammer Arms! Earthquake! Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Theme
Blossom Strikers
Blossom(Guest) Playmaker Pink Hard Boomer Strike Ice Breath! Laser Eyes! Remix Of The Powerpuff Girls Opening Music
Finn FOl7
Finn The Human(Guest) Balanced Break Party Sword Strike Mega Axe! Big Swords! Remix Of Adventure Time Opening Music
9-Volt(New) Offensive Classic Nintendo Strike Master Sword! Barrel Roll! 8-Bit Remix Rainbow Road Of Mario Kart 8
Sonic the hedgehog
Sonic(Guest) Balanced Super Sonic Strike Chaos Breaker! Sonic Spin! His Theme:His World
SSBE Shadow
Shadow(Guest) Offensive Super Shadow Strike Chaos Control! Chaos Elec!

His Theme:All...For Me

Silver the hedgehog by fentonxd-d5wxeoo
Silver(Guest) Power

Psychokinesis Burst Strike

Chaos Slow! Time Reverse! His Theme:Dream of an Absolution


Images Names Types Omega Strikes 1st Special Ability 2nd Special Ability Theme
250px-Bowser Jr (Mario Party 9)
Bowser Jr. Offensive Koopa Clown Strike Shadow Mario! Sonic Roar! Surf Rock
189px-Rosalina MK7
Rosalina(New) Playmaker Cosmic Stars Strike Cosmic Spirit! Black Hole! Disco
336px-Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Diddy Kong Playmaker Banana Bongo Strike Red Card! Banana Burst! Hindustani Classical
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur
Albedo(As Ultimate Humungousaur)(Guest) Power Rocket Launcher Strike Ultimate Clap! Dinosaur


Ben 10 Omniverse Theme
250px-Petey Piranha NSMBVR
Petey Power Piranha Plant Strike Mud Slinger! Fire Piranha! Calypso
540px-Funky Kong Artwork - Tropical Freeze
Funky Kong(New) Offensive Super Surf Board Strike Big Wave! Tsunami! Funky
Mona(New) Playmaker Mona Seven Outfits Strike Mona Pizza! Mona Scooter! Remix Of Mona Pizza
200px-Dry Bowser MSOWG
Dry Bowser(New) Balanced Bone Roar Strike Skeleton Switch! Spooky Skull! Heavy Metal
180px-Ashley Model SSB4
Ashley(New) Playmaker Witch Spell Strike Red Hammer! Red Axe! Medieval
Dr. Eggman (Sonic Lost World)
Eggman (Guest) Defense Egg Boom Strike Egg Jacker! Egg Nega Wisp! Jazz
Knuckles (Guest) Power Chaos Boomer Strike Nut Breaker! Chaos Wall! Hip Hop
Metal sonic
Metal Sonic (Guest) Playmaker Metal Madness Strike Chaos Blast! Metal Beam!

Stardust Speedway(Bad Future) From Sonic CD(JP Version)


images Name Omega Strikes 1st Special Ability 2nd Special Ability Theme
500px-Lemmy Koopa
Lemmy Clown Ball Strike Koopa Stop! Ball Rain! Violin
440px-Iggy Koopa
Iggy Inferno Kick Strike Iggy Time! Slowing Spell! Organ
Jake FOL7
Jake The Dog(Guest) Big Foot Strike Giant Time! Body Wall! DJ
Amy Rose 22
Amy Rose(Guest) Rage Hammer Strike Amy Speed! Chaos Highspeed! Hard Rock Remix Of Speed Highway From Sonic Adventure
Blaze(Guest) Fire Blaze Strike Fire Wall! Chaos Teleport! Hard Rock Remix Of Angel Island Zone From Sonic 3 & Knuckles
E-123 Omega(Guest) Omega Blast Strike Missiles Shoot! Elec Wall! Remix Of Escape From The City From Sonic Adventure 2
Rouge(Guest) Love Doom Strike Gravity Fly! Chaos Invisible! Sonic Heroes OP
Jet The Hawk(Guest) Babylon Gravity Strike Anti-Gravity! Speed Dash! Free(Crush 40 Ver.)
Smash Cricket
Young Cricket(New) Dragon Boost Strike Shining Blast! Violent Dash! Chinese Song


Field Players

Image Name Types Special Shot Theme
SMV Toad shaded
Toad Playmaker Fire Flame Shot Rock Remix of the Toad HouseTheme from SMB3.
200px-Koopa Troopa NSMB
Koopa Balanced Super Shell Shot Fast phased version of SML'sInvincibility Theme.
312px-Birdo MP9
Birdo Power Mega Egg Shot Piano Remix of the SMB2 Final Boss Theme.
398px-Hammer Bro. Party 8
Hammer Bro Power Hammer Shot Rock Remix of the Hammer Bros.Theme from SMB3.
480px-Boo LMDM
Boo Playmaker Invisible Shot Organ Remix of the Merry Go RoundTheme from SM64.
Dry Bones,
Dry Bones Defensive Elektro Bone Shot Hip Hop Remix of the Ghost HouseTheme from NSMBW.
MKXL Shy Guy
Shy Guy Balanced Bullet Bill Shot Fast Remix of the Final Boss Theme from SMB3.
Monty Mole NSMBU Solo
Monty Mole Power Dig Shot Tropical Remix of the Underground Theme from SMB.


Images Names Types Special Shot Theme
Noki(New) Playmaker Chase Shell Shot Rock Remix Of Super Mario Sunshine Theme.
Run Goomba Run Art
Goomba(New) Offensive Goomba Bomber Shot Heavy Metal Remix Of World 1-1 Of Super Mario 3D World
Blooper(New) Playmaker Inksplosion Shot Fast phased remix of theUnderwater Theme from NSMBW.
366180-luma large (1)
Luma Playmaker Star Bit Shot Jazz Remix of the Comet Observatory Theme from SMG.
Eggrobo Power Egg Laser Beam Shot Hard Rock Remix Of Windy Hill Zone From Sonic Lost World


Images Name Type Special Stop
Kritter Defensive Croco Punch Stop
Sledge bro..
Sledge Bro(New) Power Mega Hammer Stop
MKXL Pianta
Pianta(New) Offensive Fruit Summer Stop
Sumo bro
Sumo Bro(New) Balanced Sumo Hand Stop


All characters are seperated into 5 different types, selected on their skills.

Type Movement Shooting Passing Defense
Balanced 6 6 6 6
Playmaker 10 3 10 3
Power 3 10 3 10
Offensive 3 10 10 3
Defensive 10 3 3 10

Other Characters

Link This:Mario Strikers Ultimatium/List Of Other Characters


Items play a important roll in the gameplay. They can be obtained if a player tackles you when you don't have the ball, or when you perform a charged shot.

Image Item Status Effect Different Types
Bananas Common Let you slip if hit
  • Triple
  • Giant
Green Shell Common Can be thrown, if hit, you will be damaged and fall
  • Triple
  • Giant
Red Shell Uncommon Same effect as the Green Shell, but this ones will chase the opponents
  • Triple
  • Giant
Blue Shell Uncommon Same effect as the Green Shell, but if hit, you will be frozen for a few seconds
  • Triple
  • Giant
Bob-Omb Rare Can be thrown, will cause an explosion -
Super Mushroom Uncommon Makes you faster for a few seconds -
Mini Mushroom


Rare Can be thrown, if hit, you will shrink for a few seconds -
Spiny Shell


Rare Will automatically chase the player with the ball, then it will cause an explosion -
74px Chain Chomp Very Rare Will chase the opponents and causing damage if hit -
Star Very Rare Makes you invincible for a few seconds
Lightning Bolt


Very Rare Will shrink all opponents for a few seconds -
Speed Shoes


Uncommon Make you can fastest for a few minutes -



Name Arena Capacity Description Element
The Lawn 250,000 A basic grass stadium filled with cheering fans. The Electric Fence.
Metallic Stadium 25,000 A basic stadium, but the floor is made of metal. The metallic floor is like ice.
Chilly Stadium 50,000 A floating, frozen stadium. The icy floor is really slippy and Freezies are all over the place.
Bomb Factory 70,000 A stadium inide a giant, explosive factory. The floor is a conveyor belt and Bob-Ombs will appear randomly.
The Lab 3000 A large lab with many virusses. Virusses will appear and throw obstacles on the court.
The Underworld 40,000 A stadium resembling the underground levels from New Super Mario Bros. Sometimes, a giant Brick Block will slam on the court, crushing all players which are hit.
The Cave - A stadium resembling the level from Brawl with the same name. Boulders can roll into the court and damaging players.
Plumber Stadium Over 9,000 A dangerous stadium inside a plumber ship A Plumber's Death System.
Townsvile Stadium 1,234,000 A stadium based Townsvile,where are Blossom lived this. Bubbles And Buttercup Coming To Players.
Crisis City 2,000,000 A stadium resembling the level from Sonic The Hedgehog(2006). Iblis Worm Randomly Appeared.
Green Hill Zone 3,000,000 A stadium resembling the level from Sonic The Hedgehog(1991). Motobug Worm Randomly Appeared.
Radical Highway 3,500,000 A stadium resembling the level from Sonic Adventure 2. G.U.N. Gunner Randomly Appeared.
WarioWare.Inc 4,500,000 A stadium resembling the level from WarioWare. A Microgames Appears(ex. Crazy Car,Gold Digger)


Name Arena Capacity Description Element
Lava Island 10,000 A stadium on an island surrounded by lava. Lava Meteors will cause lava pools which will burn the players.
Thunder Meadows 22,050 A happy little farm with cows, but watch out, the storm is ahead! The thunder will damage the players.
Gateway Galaxy 100,000 A stadium at the Gateway Galaxy fromSMG. Many Star Bits will fall down and will charge the ball.
Comet Colosseum 240,000 A mysterious, ancient stadium, floating through the universe. The Electric Fence is really powerful.
Ghoullish Galleon - A haunted pirate ship. Be aware, a monster hids under it! Tilting, and Gooper Blooperwill sometimes throw his tentacle over the field which will throw players of the field.
Ultra Bowser Stadium 200,000 A large, impressive stadium only for real champions. Meowser will sometimes enter the field, causing chaos by spitting lava and crushing players.

Classic 1

Classic 1 Who Known As Super Mario Strikers Fields

Name Arena Capacity Description Element
The Palace 15,000 Return Of One Stadium For Super Mario Strikers None.
Pipeline Central 25,000 Return Of One Stadium For Super Mario Strikers None.
The Underground 35,000 Return Of One Stadium For Super Mario Strikers None.
Konga Coliseum 31,000 Return Of One Stadium For Super Mario Strikers None.
Crater Field 42,000 Return Of One Stadium For Super Mario Strikers None.
The Battle Dome 68,000 Return Of One Stadium For Super Mario Strikers None.
Bowser Stadium 50,000 Return Of One Stadium For Super Mario Strikers None.

Classic 2

Classic 2 Who Known As Mario Strikers Charged Fields

Name Arena Capacity Description Element
The Vice 300,000 Return Of One Stadium For Mario Strikers Charged Electric Fence. If an attack pushes a player out of bounds, he or she will be caught in this invisible wall and electrocuted. After falling back to the ground, characters twitch a while before returning to play.
Thunder Island 25,000 Return Of One Stadium For Mario Strikers Charged Storm. Sometimes a heavy storm will start. It is not uncommon for Cheep-Cheeps, cows, and tractors to fly across the field. The wind also pushes players, making moving around either slower or quicker, depending on the direction it blows in. The standard electric fence is also missing along the lengths of the field, characters that get too close to the edge will simply fall off, only to come back with the next storm.
The Sand Tomb - Return Of One Stadium For Mario Strikers Charged Thwomps and sand pits. Eight Thwomps randomly drop down around the center of the stadium periodically. They come down when there is a small shadow of a circle and someone walks across it. Around the edges of the stadium are large lots of sand - moving in the sand is slower than moving under the Thwomps. Thwomps may score goals if they come crashing down on the ball, crediting a random player of the scoring team, much like scoring on one's own goal does. Shells can be accelerated rapidly in the same way.
The Classroom Return Of One Stadium For Mario Strikers Charged Electric Fence. This course is very basic, just like the Vice, and only has an electric fence.
The Lava Pit 31,360 Return Of One Stadium For Mario Strikers Charged Lava. Periodically, balls of lava will jump out of the pool and fall onto the field. When this happens, a large circle of fire spreads on the ground around it, burning everybody who runs into it and stunning them temporarily. If the ball hits the circle of fire, it will bounce around fully charged until it hits solid ground again.
The Wastelands 40,000 Return Of One Stadium For Mario Strikers Charged Ice, lightning, electric fence. Because of the constant snowfall, the ground is slippery. Every now and then, the screen will darken, and lightning bolts will hit random places on the field (The lightning always hits close to the ball) and on the third strike, it will hit the ball, stopping it completely while charging it. When this happens, wind will also blow players around slightly, like on Thunder Island. There is also an electric fence on this course.
Crystal Canyon 24,000 Return Of One Stadium For Mario Strikers Charged Sunlight. Although the course itself is under an overhang, beams of sunlight will be refracted and focused off the crystals around the pitch. After every goal that is scored, these beams will hit one or two players on each team, knocking them out for such a long time, that they cannot play until the next goal is scored. Captains can also be disabled.
The Dump 43,000 Return Of One Stadium For Mario Strikers Charged Mud. The mud not only makes players move more slowly, it will also slowly move them towards the center of the field. The mud may also stop the ball from rolling. The drainage pipe is sealed, so any players cannot fall in.
Stormship Stadium 29,000 Return Of One Stadium For Mario Strikers Charged Electricity and tilting. Running along the floor are several small slits. Periodically, thunder will strike the center of the platform, and lightning will randomly travel along two or three of these slits. The field also tilts towards the side with more players on it.
Galactic Stadium - Return Of One Stadium For Mario Strikers Charged Electric fence. Even though it's the final stadium, the only specialty it has is an electric fence, like all the stadiums before it.


Cup Defending Champion Difficulty Preliminary Rounds Teams Stadiums
Fire Cup Bowser Jr. Professional 6 4 The Lawn

Lava Island

Crystal Cup Diddy Kong Superstar 8 9 Metallic Stadium

Thunder Meadows

Comet Cup Rosalina Legend 12 7 Gateway Galaxy

Comet Colosseum

Omnitrix Cup Albedo(Ultimate Humungousaur) Extreme 15 10 Plumber Stadium

The Lab

Diamond Cup Mona Ultimate 17 12 Stormship Stadium

Townsvile Stadium

Striker Cup Dry Bowser MegaStriker 10 9 Ghoullish Galleon


Bowser Stadium


Link This:Mario Strikers Ultimatium/List Of Challenges

How To Unlock

Link This:Mario Strikers Ultimatium/Unlock Criteria




  • Ashley,Young Cricket,Mona And 9-Volt Are Debut Mario Franchise,Cause They From WarioWare Series
  • This Mario Strikers Is First Crossover Characters,They From Cartoon Network Characters(Ben 10,The Powerpuff Girls,Adventure Time,Generator Rex) And Sonic Characters(Sonic,Shadow,Silver,Knuckles,Eggman,Metal Sonic,Amy,Blaze,Omega,Rouge And Jet)
  • One Of Challenge Name is"Good Copy,Bad Copy",Same For Episode Name From Ben 10:Alien Force.
  • Blossom's Design Is Changed By Unknown Reason,Her New Design From FusionFall.
  • Sonic Characters Appeared Third Nintendo Game,First Is Mario & Sonic Olympic Games ,Second Is Super Smash Bros.

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