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Mario Strikers Ultimate
Developer(s) Next Level Games, Pixel Perfect Co.
Publisher(s) Pixel Perfect Co.
Platform(s) Nintendo Alpha
Release Date(s)
Spring 2014
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sports
Series Mario Strikers
Predecessor Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Ultimate (Mario's Ultimate Football outside North America) is a Mario soccer game set for release in spring of 2014. The game is currently under development by Next Level Games and Pixel Perfect Co. to be released on the Nintendo Alpha.


The game is quite similar to its predecessor. One major difference is the removal of Megastrikes. In their place are special shots, which cannot be activated at will, but by filling up the star gauge. The star gauge is slowly filled up on good plays (i.e., block, body check, score, etc). A partner's star shot uses one of five units in the gauge and are less powerful than a captain's star shot, which consumes two units. Body checks are still utilized as a defensive asset. The electric fence, appearing in Mario Strikers Charged, is implanted around the border of the field, shocking players if they are hit into it by a body check, item, slide tackle, etc. The two teams selected are made up of the team captain, three sidekicks and a goalie, who is always a Kritter. The Lakitu Bros. will provide commentary for a game, including pregame, halftime, and postgame shows. One presentation upgrade is the addition of home and away uniforms. Each team can choose from two differently colored uniforms before the game. Players also no longer fall out of the sky as an entrance, instead they run out of a tunnel. Home fields are added for teams, although some teams



  • A: Pass
  • B: Shoot
  • Y/Right analog stick: Deke
  • Z: Special Shot
  • Left analog stick: Move
  • L: Use item


  • A: Steal
  • B: Body check
  • Left analog stick: Move


  • A: Save
  • B: Dive
  • Y: Check
  • Left analog stick: Move


  • A: Confirm selection
  • B: Cancel selection
  • Left analog stick/Directional pad: Select

Game Modes


1-4 players local, 2 players online

Two teams selected by the player(s) play in a series, ranging from one to nine games in increments of two.


1 player local, N/A online

In the main mode, season is played through. Players have the option of playing the Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup or Star Cup, each more difficult than the last. Clearing cups unlock characters. The player is given the selection of how many games are played. The player can play each team in their division once (7 games), every team once (15 games), each team in their division twice and cross-divison teams once (22 games), or play every team twice (29 games). The playoffs at the end of the season consist of the eight best teams in the league, playing in either a 3, 5, or 7 game series, depending on settings chosen at the beginning of the season. Clearing all cups unlocks the Rainbow Cup, the hardest of them all. The eight best teams are chosen by points. Teams are awarded 2 points for a win, 0 points for a loss, and 1 point for a sudden death loss. If teams are played more than once, games will alternate between home and away, which is the same for playoffs. If there is an uneven amount of teams currently available, the player can choose one team to remove from the league - however, the player is not allowed to give one division an extra team. The game features a news feed, which gives headlines for what is happening around the league. To unlock characters or fields, you must play at least 22 games.


1-4 players local, 2-16 players online

The player first selects, 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 teams for the tournament, and selects the teams participating (if 16 teams is chosen, all teams participate, as that is the amount of team captains in the game). The player will then select difficulty, series lengths (3, 5 or 7), and other settings.


1 player local, N/A online

The player creates a situation, selecting scores for both teams, remaining time, teams participating, field, and other options. The player then has to win the game. There are preset scenarios for each team, similar to Striker Challenges of Mario Strikers Charged.


1 player local, N/A online

Lessons which teach the player basic fundamentals of the game.


The following is a list of settings that can be selected from pregame (or beginning of tournament/season) menus.

  • Commentary on or off
  • Items on or off
  • Period length (1–10 minutes in increments of 1 minute)
  • Game length (1-4 periods)
  • Weather* (sun, rain, snow, etc.)
  • Difficulty (Mushroom, Flower, Star, Rainbow)
  • Star Shots on or off
  • Field gimmicks on or off
  • Goalie control on or off

*Unavailable in season mode, chosen at random.


Italic text denotes playable newcomer.

Player Types

Type Speed Power Defense Passing
All-Around 6/10 6/10 6/10 6/10
Speed 8/10 2/10 2/10


Defensive 7/10 3/10 9/10 2/10
Power 2/10 9/10 7/10 3/10
Offensive 4/10 7/10 2/10 8/10



Name Type Home Color Away Color Home Field Star Shot Division
Mario Fireballs All-Around Red Blue Mario Stadium Fire Shot - Covers the ball in fire before shooting. Mushroom
Luigi Lightning All-Around Green Blue Luigi's Mansion Thunder Shot - Electrifies the ball before shooting. Flower
Peach Princess Defensive Pink Sky Blue Peach Castle Heart Shot - Kisses the ball, which puts a curve on it. Mushroom
Daisy Flowers Defensive Orange Sky Blue Daisy Cruiser Crystal Shot - Covers herself in crystals, before releasing a powerful shot. Flower
Wario Garlics Power Yellow Purple Wario Palace Trick Shot - Sends two balls which will curve and become one again once near the goal. Mushroom
Waluigi Liars Speed Purple Black Waluigi Pinball Pinball Shot - Shoots a giant pinball which is harder to stop. Flower
Yoshi Eggs Speed Green Orange Yoshi Island Rainbow Shot - Makes the ball arc. Mushroom
Birdo Bows All-Around Pink Red Yoshi Island Egg Shot - Shoots an egg which can mow over anybody if not blocked. Flower
Donkey Kong Barrels Power Brown Yellow DK Jungle Barrel Cannon Shot - Shoots the ball out of a barrel cannon, making it go extremely fast Mushroom
Diddy Kong Bananas Speed Brown Red DK Jungle Banana Shot - Gives the ball an extreme curve. Flower
Bowser Monsters Offensive Orange Dark Green Bowser Castle Bullet Shot - Turns the ball into a bullet bill which goes at terrifying speed, and loops. Mushroom
Bowser Jr. Fangs Offensive Yellow Dark Green Bowser Castle Fang Shot - Covers the ball in pointy fangs which can only be stopped by the goalie. Flower


Team Name Type Home Color Away Color Home Field Star Shot Unlock Criteria Division
Toad Mushrooms Speed Red White Toad Town (if not unlocked, Peach's Castle Mushroom Shot - Bounces up on a mushroom, then shoots the ball at a steep angle.  Win the Mushroom Cup Mushroom
Petey Piranhas Power Green Red Petey's Warp Zone (if not unlocked, Wario Palace Goop Shot - Covers the ball in goop, which will explode, covering the ground in goop. Win the Flower Cup Flower
King Boo Ghosts Offensive White Gray Luigi's Mansion Haunted Shot - Disappears, then reappears at a random loacation and shoots. Win the Star Cup Mushroom
Wiggler Worms Defensive Yellow Red Wiggler Woods (if not unlocked, DK Jungle Anger Shot - Becomes red and angry, before shooting the ball. This shot is very fast and curves. Win the Rainbow Cup Flower


Name Type Star Shot
Koopa Troopa All-Around Shell Shot - Shoots a giant shell that explodes upon contact with the goalie, then shoots the ball
Boo Defensive Invisi-shot - Turns invisible and speeds towards the goal, then shoots
Hammer Bro. Offensive Hammer Shot - Shoots a multitude of hammers, then shoots the ball
Shy Guy Speed Snifit Shot - Puts on a Snifit mask, then shoots five bullets, followed by the ball
Blooper Defensive Ink Shot - Shoots ink at the goalie, partially covering the screen, then shoots the ball
Magikoopa Defensive Magic Shot - Shoots a ball of magic at the goalie, then the ball
Pianta Power Palm Tree Shot - Uses a palm tree like a baseball bat, and hits the ball, sending it towards the goal at high speeds
Dry Bones Defensive Bone Shot - Like Hammer Shot, but bones are less powerful



Name Gimmick
Mario Stadium None
Luigi's Mansion Ghosts will occasionally come out and haunt the ball carrier, causing the player to briefly lose control of him. The player will also lose the ball.
Peach's Castle Invisible ? Blocks lie on the ground. If a ball hits it, it will become visible. The blocks become invisible again and change location once a goal is scored.
Daisy Cruiser Cheep Cheeps will jump onto the field. Hitting one will cause the player to trip and lose the ball.
Wario Palace Midfield is covered in deep sand, which slows players down. Occasionally, Chain Chomps will run loose on the field.
Waluigi Pinball Giant pinballs will occasionally roll through the field. Also, there are bumpers in the corner, which can send players and the ball flying.
Yoshi Island Piranha Plants will grow out of the ground and bite the player, in a manner quite similar to that of Mario Superstar Baseball.
DK Jungle Klaptraps can bite the player, slowing them down. There is also a stream in the field, which also slows players down.
Bowser Castle Lava puddles will appear on the field, and Bullet Bills are shot out of cannons on the walls.


Name Gimmick How to Unlock
Toad Town None Score the most goals in the Mushroom Cup
Petey's Warp Zone Pipes are stapled at the corners of the field, which will warp players and/or the ball to the opposite side. Clear all preset situation games.
Wiggler Woods Players are slower due to mud on the field. Win any game in the Star or Rainbow Cup by 5 or more goals.


Name Image Effect
Banana 100px Causes players to slip.
Green Shell GreenShell Bounces around the stadium.
Red Shell RedShell Homes in on the ball carrier, but will break if it hits a wall.
Spiny Shell Wingless Blue Spiny Shell Homes in on the ball carrier and explodes.
Ice Flower Ice Flower Allows the player to throw five snowballs which freeze players on contact.
Bob-omb BobombNSMBU The player can throw a Bob-omb which explodes when it hits the ground.
Mega Mushroom 100px Makes the player giant, allowing them to crush players. The player is vulnerable to slide tackles (A), though.
Starman NSMBU Star Makes the player completely invulnerable.