This page contains the beta elements for Mario Strikers Legends, elements that were originally going to appear in the final version but were taken out. Most of them were found with hacking.


Mario Strikers Legends possibly had 20 captains instead of 16. Unused files for King Boo, Metal Mario, Dixie Kong and Baby Mario has been found. Also, the Super Team was the original Striker Cup Champion, this may lead they were also playable but were most likely replaced by Dry Bowser.

Also, there were originally going to be 18 sidekicks instead of 16. Unused data for Noki's and Cosmic Clones has been found. They were most likely taken out because there were too much sidekicks.


Stadiums were originally just called 'Stages' in the game, but this was changed in the final game. An unused stadium called 'jungle_stage001' has been found in the folders, which leads to an unused jungle stage.


  • The bar with the items and stats was originally planned to be on the Top Screen, but was replaced to the Touch Screen in the final version.
  • The original boss for Challenge 13 was Metal Mario (due to his possible playable appearance), but was replaced with Cosmic Mario.

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