Mario Strikers Legends
Developer(s) Fantasy Factory Logo
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
July 2012
Age Rating(s)
ERating 7Rating
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Cartridge
Mario Strikers Legends, also known as Super Mario Strikers 3 in Japan, is the 3rd installment in the Mario Strikers series and the first on a handheld, the Nintendo 3DS.


The game features more gameplay styles then ever. Of course classic gameplay is optional, but new is the gameplay with chance spots, like in Mario Tennis Open. In this mode, you can charge the ball by standing into a chance spot. However, a kind of chance spot isn't linked with a specific button, it's always the B button. These are the spots:

-Powerful: Causes a very powerful shot, which is very hard to block for the goalie. If a player is hit, it will be damaged.

-Curve: Lets you shoot the ball in a wide curve.

-Lob: Lets you do a very tricky lobshot.

-Super Strike: Your character will jump in the air and perform a Super Strike. This is a very powerful move which will let your character jump and shoot 3 balls at the same time.

When a Super Strike is performed, the player can stop the balls as their goalie using the Touch Screen.


3DS A Button A Button (Press) Pass
3DS B Button B Button (Press) Shoot (Hold) Charge
3DS X Button X Button (Press) Lobpass
3DS Y Button Y Button (Press) Change
3DS R Button R Button (Press) Big Hit
3DS L Button L Button (Press) Slide Tackle
3DS D-Pad Control Pad (Press) Deke
Circlepad Circle Pad (Tilt) Move/Dribble
3DS Select Button Select Button (Press) Photo Menu
3DS Start Button Start Button (Press) Pause the game
DS Stylus Stylus (Tap) Fake


Tournament: Road to Victory

In this mode the player will take part of a tournament. There are several cups, but you'll have to unlock them by completing the previous one. A tournament always consists of a few preliminary rounds (depending on the cup), the quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final against the defending champion (this character is unlocked after beating it).


Players can play single matches with custom settings. It's also optional to use cheats in this mode.

New options

Players are now able to select a gameplay style. Also, two new modes are added in the Exhibition mode, which will only let you play with your captain (the sidekicks are CPU's), or a special Goalie-mode, which will let you play as your goalie. Here, the player has to use the Touch Screen to keep.


Challenges return, where you have to get out of oppressive situations. Every captain has one.

Local Play

Play matches with your friends via StreetPass or Download Play. Choose between Coöp or VS. However, using Download Play, only the Default characters and stages can be choosen.


Online mode is completely like exhibition mode, but it will let you play against or with other players via the internet.


In this mode the player can learn the rules and controls of the game. There is a total of 12 lessons.


Mario Strikers Legends will include 16 captains, 9 starters and 7 unlockables. Captains are the only team members who can perform the Super Strike move, which will let them shoot 3 balls. Each captain has its own theme and a Special Abillity, returning from Mario Strikers Charged.


Player Card Character Type Super Strike Special Ability Theme
MSCF- Mario Icon Mario Balanced Metal Fire Strike Super Mario Alternative Rock
MSCF- Peach Icon Peach Playmaker Royalty Queen Strike Freeze Flame Techno
MSCF- DK Icon DK Power Konga Slam Strike Super Slam African Drums
MSCF- Waluigi Icon Waluigi Defensive Purple Power Strike Wall-Luigi Bluegrass
MSCF- Luigi Icon Luigi Balanced Green Thunder Strike Super Poltergust Flamenco
MSCF- Wario Icon Wario Offensive Mega Fart Strike Wario-Man Polka
MSCF- Yoshi Icon Yoshi Balanced Dino Wing Strike Egg Roll Energetic Broadway
MSCF- Daisy Icon Daisy Defensive Flower Power Strike Fire Flower Progressive Rock
MSCF- Bowser Icon Bowser Power Fire Roar Strike Fire Storm Hard Rock


Player Card Character Type Super Strike Special Ability Theme
MSCF- Bowser Jr Icon Bowser Jr. Offensive Koopa Clown Strike Sonic Roar Surf Rock
MSCF- Rosalina Icon



Playmaker Cosmic Stars Strike Cosmic Spirit Disco
MSCF- Diddy Icon Diddy Playmaker Banana Bongo Strike Red Card Hindustani Classical
MSCF- Wiggler Icon



Defensive Mad Wiggler Strike Big Bad Caterpillar Classic
MSCF- Petey Icon Petey Power Piranha Plant Strike Mud Slinger Calypso
MSCF- Funky Icon



Offensive Super Surf Board Strike Big Wave Funky
MSCF- Dry Bowser Icon

Dry Bowser


Balanced Bone Roar Strike Skeleton Switch Heavy Metal


Sidekicks are species characters and teammates of captains. Each one has a Special Shot, powerful shots like Fire Flame Shot, where the ball changes into a lavaball, or Super Shell Shot, where the ball changes into a massive shell. Each sidekick has its own theme, which is always a remix of a theme previously heard in the Mario franchise.

Field Players


Icon Character Type Special Shot Theme
MSCF- Toad Icon Toad Playmaker Fire Flame Shot

Rock Remix of the Toad House Theme from SMB3.

MSCF- Koopa Icon Koopa Balanced Super Shell Shot Fast phased version of SML's Invincibility Theme.
MSCF- Birdo Icon Birdo Power Mega Egg Shot Piano Remix of the SMB2 Final Boss Theme.
MSCF- Hammer Bro Icon Hammer Bro. Offensive Hammer Shot

Rock Remix of the Hammer Bros. Theme from SMB3.

MSCF- Boo Icon Boo Playmaker Invisible Shot

Organ Remix of the Merry Go Round Theme from SM64.

MSCF- Dry Bones Icon Dry Bones Defensive Elektro Bone Shot

Hip Hop Remix of the Ghost House Theme from NSMBW.

MSCF- Shy Guy Icon Shy Guy Balanced Bullet Bill Shot Fast Remix of the Final Boss Theme from SMB3.
MSCF- Monty Mole Icon Monty Mole Power Dig Shot Tropical Remix of the Underground Theme from SMB.


Icon Character Type Special Shot Theme
MSCF- Magikoopa Icon



Defensive Super Spell Shot

Slow Version of the Goomba's Greedy Gala Theme from MP4.

MSCF- Blooper Icon



Playmaker Inksplosion Shot Fast phased remix of the Underwater Theme from NSMBW.
MSCF- Pianta Icon



Offensive Fruit Shot

Tropical Remix of the Delfino Plaza Theme from SMS.

MSCF- Luma Icon



Playmaker Star Bit Shot

Jazz Remix of the Comet Observatory Theme from SMG.

MSCF- Boom Boom Icon

Boom Boom


Offensive Power Fist Shot Fast phased version of SMB3's Airship Theme.
MSCF- Lakitu Icon



Defensive Thunder Cloud Shot

Disco Version of the Sky Station Galaxy Theme from SMG2


Goalies are the goalkeepers for each team. The don't have an own theme, but use the Sudden Death Team instead. They do have a Special Stop, a powerful move with which they can stop balls that are normally unstopable.

Icon Character Type Special Stop
MSCF- Kritter Icon


Defensive Croco Punch Stop
MSCF- Sledge Bro Icon

Sledge Bro.


Power Mega Hammer Stop


All characters are seperated into 5 different types, selected on their skills.

Type Movement Shooting Passing Defense


6 6 6


3 10 3
Power 3 10 3 10
Offensive 3 10 10 3
Defensive 10 3 3 10

Other Characters

The other characters will mostly just be fans, but there are some exceptions.


Items play a important roll in the gameplay. They can be obtained if a player tackles you when you don't have the ball, or when you perform a charged shot.

Image Item Status Effect Different Types


Common Let you slip if hit
  • Triple
  • Giant

Green Shell

Common Can be thrown, if hit, you will be damaged and fall
  • Triple
  • Giant
RedShell Red Shell Uncommon Same effect as the Green Shell, but this ones will chase the opponents
  • Triple
  • Giant
BlueShell Blue Shell Uncommon Same effect as the Green Shell, but if hit, you will be frozen for a few seconds
  • Triple
  • Giant
Stand-omb Bob-Omb Rare Can be thrown, will cause an explosion -
SuperMushroom Super Mushroom Uncommon Makes you faster for a few seconds -

Mini Mushroom


Rare Can be thrown, if hit, you will shrink for a few seconds -
Spiny Shell - Mario Kart Wii

Spiny Shell


Rare Will automatically chase the player with the ball, then it will cause an explosion -
74px Chain Chomp Very Rare Will chase the opponents and causing damage if hit -
StarMarioParty9 Star Very Rare Makes you invincible for a few seconds

Lightning Bolt


Very Rare Will shrink all opponents for a few seconds -



Name Arena Capacity Description Element
The Lawn Ms- lawn 250,000 A basic grass stadium filled with cheering fans. The Electric Fence.
Metallic Stadium MS- metallic 25,000 A basic stadium, but the floor is made of metal. The metallic floor is like ice.
Chilly Stadium Ms- freeze 50,000 A floating, frozen stadium. The icy floor is really slippy and Freezies are all over the place.
Bomb Factory Ms- bomb factory 70,000 A stadium inide a giant, explosive factory. The floor is a conveyor belt and Bob-Ombs will appear randomly.
The Lab Ms- lab 3000 A large lab with many virusses. Virusses will appear and throw obstacles on the court.
The Underworld Ms- underground 40,000 A stadium resembling the underground levels from New Super Mario Bros. Sometimes, a giant Brick Block will slam on the court, crushing all players which are hit.
The Cave Ms- cave - A stadium resembling the level from Brawl with the same name. Boulders can roll into the court and damaging players.
The Sand Tomb MS Sand Tomb - A returning stadium in the middle of the desert. Tornado's will appear randomly, the sand makes you slower.
Crystal Canyon Ms- crystal c 24,000 A returning stadium in the middle of a canyon. Beams of sunlight will ricochet of the crystals around the pitch, making random players disappear.
Thunder Island Ms- thunder island 30,000 A returning stadium on top of a high island in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes thunder will blow you of the stage, or make random objects appear.
Stormship Stadium Ms- stormship s 29,000 A dangerous, returning stadium inside a metal ship. Electricity and tilting.


Name Arena Capacity


Lava Island Ms- lava island 10,000 A stadium on an island surrounded by lava. Lava Meteors will cause lava pools which will burn the players.
Thunder Meadows Ms- moo moo 22,050 A happy little farm with cows, but watch out, the storm is ahead! The thunder will damage the players.
Gateway Galaxy Ms- gateway 100,000 A stadium at the Gateway Galaxy from SMG. Many Star Bits will fall down and will charge the ball.
Comet Colosseum Ms- comet colo 240,000 A mysterious, ancient stadium, floating through the universe. The Electric Fence is really powerful.
Ghoullish Galleon Ms- ghoulish - A haunted pirate ship. Be aware, a monster hids under it! Tilting, and Gooper Blooper will sometimes throw his tentacle over the field which will throw players of the field.
Super Bowser Stadium Ms- bowser 200,000 A large, impressive stadium only for real champions. Giga Bowser will sometimes enter the field, causing chaos by spitting lava and crushing players.


Like previous installments, Mario Strikers Legends features cups which can be won in Tournament Mode. There are 2 stadiums per cup, one for the preliminary rounds and one for the (quarter-/semi-) finals.

Cup Defending Champion Difficulty Preliminary Rounds Teams Stadiums
Fire Cup Bowser Jr. Professional 6 4

The Lawn

Lava Island

Crystal Cup Diddy Kong Superstar 8 9

Metallic Stadium

Thunder Meadows

Comet Cup Rosalina Legend 12 7

Gateway Galaxy

Comet Colosseum

Striker Cup Dry Bowser MegaStriker 10 9

Ghoullish Galleon

Super Bowser Stadium


Again, Challenges return as a mode. Each captain and goalue has one. After a chalenge is completed for the first time, a cheat is rewarded, which can be used in Exhibition Mode (only two at the same time). The challenges are seperated into the same classes as a normal match.

1. Mario VS DK... again!

Mario is competing against DK in the Mushroom Cup finals, but DK leads with 2-0! Can Mario make a comeback, or will his old rival finally win?

(win against DK)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Novice The Lawn Mario DK Classic Mode: Play Strikers in the classic way with no Super Strikes and Special Shots/Stops.

2. The Classic Battle

Mama Mia! Bowser and his minions have invaded the stadium! Work together with your bro. to stop them and save the audience!

(win against Bowser and his 3 sidekicks while you only have Mario in your team)



Character Opponent Cheat Received
Novice The Underworld Luigi Bowser Mega Strike: When performed a Super Strike, the player will reach up in the air, performing a Mega Strike which will let you shoot a maximum of 6 balls instead of 3.

3. The Royal Fight

Peach and Daisy are competing against each other in the Crown Cup finals, but one of Peach's sidekicks got throw out of the stadium! While Daisy still has 3 sidekicks, Peach has to get her trophy!

(Win agaist Daisy while you're missing a sidekick)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Novice Chilly Hills Peach Daisy High Voltage: The Electric Fence will power-up at random moments. Players who are too close to it will get electrified.

4. Super Striker Kong

It's the final of the Banana Cup, but Waluigi leads with 1-0, and his Robo-Kritter goalie is invincible against normal shots! The only way DK can defeat him is by peforming a perfect Super Strike! Will DK be able to take defeat him?

(Win against Waluigi while your only chance of scoring is to peform a perfect Super Strike)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Proffessional Thunder Meadows DK Waluigi No Items: The player is now able to turn of the items for an exhibition match.

5. Stuck into Trouble

Oh no! Waluigi seems into trouble! His arch-rival Wario leads with 3-0, and using a cheat, he is able to gain Super Abilities after each 15 seconds! Can Waluigi still defeat his old friend?

(Defeat Wario while he leads with 3-0 and has full access over his Special Abilities)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Proffessional Metallic Stadium Waluigi Wario Super Ability: Every item received will be a Special Ability.

6. Battle of Magic

Yoshi has arrived at the finals of the Moon Cup, but what's this? His old rival Kamek and his Magikoopa's has arrived?! Kamek's wand seems more powerful then ever. He seems to have some tricks up to his sleeve! Will Yoshi be able to defeat this magical quartet and take home the Moon Cup?

(Win agaist Kamek while random, weird things happen to your team, such as flying or burning sidekicks)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Proffessional Ghoullish Galleon Yoshi Kamek Super Sidekick: Now all players are able to peform a Super Strike.

7. Super Goalie

Kritter and his players lead 1-0 in the Banana Cup. But DK starts being angry and peforms a lot of Super Strikes! With only 2 minutes on the clock, the championship is really close! Can Kritter stop all shots and aim for the win?

(Stop all of DK's shots and Super Strikes, while only 2 minutes left)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Superstar The Cave Kritter DK Super Goalie: Makes goalies invincible against all stadium effects.

8. Speedy Striker

Wario and Yoshi compete in the finals of the Bomb Cup, but Yoshi leads with 5-0! With time running out, will Wario still be able to defeat Yoshi and take home his trophy?

(Win against Yoshi while there's only 2 minutes left)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Superstar The Sand Tomb Wario Yoshi Devastating Hits: All players' tackling power becomes maxed.

9. Princess of Defense

Daisy and Mario compete in the Flower Cup finals, and Daisy is about to win a Brick Wall Award! If she can win the match and not concede a goal, she will take home the 2 trophies!

(Don't let the opponent make a goal)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Superstar Thunder Meadows Daisy Mario Brick Block: A giant Brick Block will fall in front of the goals at random times, blocking both goals, but crushing the goalies.

10. The Family Reunion

Bowser Jr. meets with his father in the Lava Cup, but because Bowser Jr. has cheated in the previous round, he is missing a sidekick, and he can't obtain items! Despite all this, is he still able to teach Bowser a lesson?

(Win against Bowser while you're missing a sidekick and can't use items)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Legend Super Bowser Stadium Bowser Jr. Bowser No Effects: Turn all Stadium Effects off.

11. Battle of the Bowsers

Bowser and his dead doppelganger meet in the Bowser Cup finals. But Dry Bowser seems to be cheating: he throws bones at Bowser's sidekicks and making chaos! Is Bowser still able to defeat his well-skilled opponent?

(Win against Dry Bowser while he is cheating)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Legend Super Bowser Stadium Bowser Dry Bowser Field Tilt: The field slants down towards the player who is on the losing hand. The greater the score difference, the more it slants.

12. The Triple Finish

Bowser Jr. leads 2-0 against Diddy Kong in the Konga Cup, and Diddy has to make a comeback! With only 40 seconds on the clock, will Diddy still be able to take home the cup?

(Win from Bowser Jr. while he leads 2-0 and there only 40 seconds left)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Legend Thunder Island Diddy Kong Bowser Jr. Always Skillshot: Every shot a sidekick fires is a skillshot.

13. A Match of Cosmic Proportions

Rosalina and her team arrive at Gateway Galaxy for a match against Waluigi. She is shocked when she sees not Waluigi appears, but Cosmic Mario! He and his team turn the galaxy into a neglected, dark field. Will Rosalina be able to defeat Cosmic Mario, and turn the Galaxy to normal again? Two points in difference should do the trick!

(Win from Cosmic Mario with at least 2 points in difference)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
Legend Gateway Galaxy (Version #2) Rosalina Cosmic Mario Star Bit Mania: Will let Star Bits fall down at stages, like in the Gateway Galaxy Stadium.

14. Plant VS Caterpillar

Petey leads with 2-0 in the finals of the Garden Cup against Wiggler. But Wiggler is so angry, he turns into a Mad Wiggler! In this state, his overall peformances will reach to the maximum level! With still 5 minutes to go, will Petey still be able to defeat his angry opponent?

(Win from Wiggler while his performances have reached the max.)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
MegaStriker Stormship Stadium Petey Wiggler Always White Ball: The ball always has a white glow, meaning that every time it's shot, it will go at max speed and power.

15. Captain VS Captain

Funky and Petey have arrived at the Leaf Cup finals. Both teams have taken a beaten, leaving each side with only the captain and a goalie. Which captain will be the strongest and take home the title (Defeat Petey while both teams only have a captain and a goalie)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
MegaStriker The Lab Funky Petey Player Select: Lets the player choose the amount of sidekicks in a match.

16. Injured

Wiggler competes against Funky in the finals of the Super Cup, but he is missing a sidekick and his goalie has a headache due too many Super Strikes. Despite Funky is leading 2-0 and time runs out, will Wiggler still be able to take home the title?

(Defeat Funky while you're missing a sidekick and your goalie is injured)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
MegaStriker The Lawn Wiggler Funky Power Shortage: Electric Fences are disabled.

17. A True Legend

Sledge Bro. and his team arrive at the finals of the Electric Cup against Rosalina. Sledge Bro. is injured because of the last match. But the show must go on! Despite his injury, is Sledge Bro. still able to keep the opponents' counter at zero and take home the cup?

(Keep the counter at zero despite your injury)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
MegaStriker Stormship Stadium Sledge Bro. Rosalina Charged Goalie: Goalies are electrically charged, which makes a better peformance and they can electrify field players.

18. The Big Final

Dry Bowser and his team arrive at the Comet Colosseum for the finals of the Super Cup, but when they see their opponent, they are shocked: it's the Super Team! Is it actually possible to beat this team? Only time will tell! Dry Bowser VS the Super Team, coming up!

(Defeat the Super Team)

Difficulty Stadium Character Opponent Cheat Received
MegaStriker Comet Colosseum Dry Bowser Super Team Item Match: Makes random items fall down on the court which can be picked up.


Mario Strikers Legends includes 7 unlockable captains, 6 unlockable sidekicks, and 6 unlockable stadiums.

Unlockable Type Unlocking Method
Bowser Jr. Captain Win the Fire Cup
Magikoopa Sidekick Win the Fire Cup 4 times
Lava Island Stadium Win the Fire Cup 2 times
Diddy Captain Win the Crystal Cup
Blooper Sidekick Win the Crystal Cup 4 times
Thunder Meadows Stadium Win the Crystal Cup 2 times
Rosalina Captain Win the Comet Cup
Luma Sidekick Win the Comet Cup 4 times
Comet Colosseum Stadium Win the Comet Cup 2 times
Dry Bowser Captain Win the Striker Cup
Boom Boom Sidekick Win the Striker Cup 4 times
Super Bowser Stadium Stadium Win the Striker Cup 2 times
Petey Captain Collect all Golden Foot Awards
Gateway Galaxy Stadium Win the Striker Cup with more then 20 goals
Wiggler Captain Collect all Brick Wall Awards
Ghoullish Galleon Stadium Win the Strikers Cup with less then 15 goals
Funky Captain Complete all Challenges
Pianta Sidekick Complete all Challenges 3 times
Lakitu Sidekick Collect all Awards 3 times

Beta Elements





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