Mario Strikers is a sports game which features Soccer (Football) and is for the SNES made by Master Productions Incorporated that was released in May–June 1994. The game features Mario characters as they play Soccer (Football) on many Stadiums that are either related to the Mario franchise or are their own original stadium. Sidekicks are also included in the game which usually helps the team that chose them.

The game is Rated K-A and a sequel was made in 1999 named Mario Strikers 64.



Image Name Description Character Type Team Emblem
Mario Mario is a balanced character in which he has great speed, fitness, and power. An excellent choice for beginners. Balanced His signature "M" emblem, but with Fire and Ice surrounding it.
Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother and sidekick. He is too Balanced which makes him great at fitness, speed, and power. Another great choice for beginners. Balanced His signature "L", but with lightning over it.
Peach Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and has great speed and passing skills. Her speed and passing skills come real handy a lot at times. Playmaker "P" emblem, but with a her signature crown on top of it.
Daisy Daisy is the Princess of Sarasaland and Peach's best friend. Daisy has great fitness and is quite good at power. Playmaker "D" emblem, but with her signature crown on top of it and a Flower on it too.
Yoshi Yoshi is a Yoshi who hails from Yoshi Island and is Mario and Luigi's friends and he often helps them on their journeys. Yoshi has great passing skills and speed. His speed is very helpful when taking a ball from another character and passing it too is helpful when it comes to his passing skills. Offensive "Y" emblem, but with an Green Yoshi Egg behind it.
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is an ape that resides from Donkey Kong Island. DK has great power and is great when it comes to defending the ball from having it get to another character. Power/Defensive "DK" emblem", but with his signature tie on it.
Bowser Bowser is Mario's arch-nemesis and often captures Peach. Bowser has amazing power and has great passing too. His skills are very helpful at times. Power "B" emblem, but with horns on it.


Image Name Description Character Type
Toad A great choice for a team as a Toad has great passing skills and power. He's sure a large help around the team. Balanced
Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopas are a great choice for the team as they have great fitness and same goes with power. They also have a little bit of passing powers as they can pass a ball from a far away distance. Power
Shy Guy Shy Guys have speed which makes them very good for defense. Shy Guys are recommended when wanting to have a defensive team. Shy Guys also have great passing skills. Defensive
Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro. has amazing power and has great passing and kicking skills. His skills are real helpful when passing a ball from a far distance and trying to score a goal as well. The only negative thing about the Hammer Bro. is that they are slow. Offensive


There are a total of 12 Stadiums in the entire game.


Name Description Capacity Course Element
Mario Stadium Mario Stadium is the most simplest/smallest stadium in the game. Mario's Circuit is mainly surrounded by many Warp Pipes, Question Blocks, and more. The stadium is great choice for beginners and the tutorial of the game also takes place on this stadium. 20,000 Venus Fire Traps: As the Stadium contains various Warp Pipes, at times large Venus Fire Traps will emerge from any random pipe and shoot fireballs at anyone it sees. If anyone is struck by a fireball, he/she will fall down.
Peach's Castle Peach's Castle is another small-ish stadium, and take's place outside of Princess Peach's Castle. Not much happens in the course, but at times Monty Moles can pop out from their holes and invade. 25,000 Monty Moles: Monty Moles can sometimes emerge from underground and start running all over the stadium. The only way to defeat one is kicking the Soccer ball at it. If a Monty Mole comes in contact with anyone, he/she will fall down.
Crystal Cove Crystal Cove is a large stadium where it takes place in a magnificent cove with gigantic crystals. Sometimes it can be a real hazard when a piece of crystal falls down. 30,000 Falling Crystals: At times, large crystals will come falling down to the stadium. Whoever gets hit by one of these crystals gets knocked over.
Haunted Boo Mansion Haunted Boo Mansion is a large stadium where it takes place in a large Mansion which is surrounded by Boos. Sometimes the place can go out of light and then that's the time where the Boos emerge and attack. 34,000 Mansion going dark and Boos: At times the Mansion can go dark for a short amount of time and then Boos will appear and start to steal the ball and start throwing it at random places all over the stadium. There is no way to defeat a Boo when this happens, but to prevent this, the ball can be always avoided from the Boo.
The Dune Pyramid The Dune Pyramid is a large stadium that takes place inside of an ancient pyramid. The stadium is all full of traps and some of the traps included are pathways to quicksand and Thwomps. 40,000 Pokeys: At times Pokeys will emerge from a nearby pool of Sand and go through the stadium. If touched, the player will fall down. Pokeys can be defeated by throwing the soccer ball at it 5 or 8 times (depending on how tall the Pokey).
Lava Lair Lava Lair is another very large stadium and takes place on an ocean of lava in Bowser's Kingdom. The stadium can be full of hazards as fireballs can emerge and pass through the stadium, and Podoboos can emerge and fall down right in front of the stadium. 41,000 Fire Balls: Sometimes, large fireballs will appear and cross through the stadium. If touched, the player will fall down. There is no way to stop a Fireball.
Toxic Jungle Toxic Jungle is a medium sized course as it takes place on a Jungle, but there is Poison Water surrounding it. Wigglers can sometimes pass through the stadium, but a Cheep-Chomp even passes through the stadium as it tried to find it's next victim to gobble up. 36,000 Cheep-Chomp: Sometimes a Cheep-Chomp will arise from the water and go on the ground as it tried to gobble up a character and then go back in the water. If a character is caught by a Cheep-Chomp, he/she will be stuck inside of it's mouth for 5–7 seconds until the Cheep Chomp decides to go back to the surface and spit out the character it gobbled. Then he/she will get dizzy for about 3 seconds.
Snowy Icelands Snowy Icelands is a medium/large hybrid course that takes place in the snow. Sometimes, an army of rolling snowballs will come clashing down to the stadium and whoever gets hit by one of these large rolling snowballs get knocked over. 39,000 Rolling Large Snowball Avalanche: At times, an avalanche of large rolling snowballs will appear. Anyone who is hit by one of the snowballs gets knocked over.


Name Description Capacity Course Element How to unlock
The Sewers The Sewers is a large stadium that takes place in the sewers. There are many pipes to the side (which is a reference to the 1983 arcade game Mario Bros.) and Koopa Troopas often can emerge from the pipes and enter the stadium. 41,000 Koopa Troopas: At times, Koopa Troopas will emerge from the pipes that are inside of the Sewers and walk through the stadium. If ran in to, the character will fall down. Clear Mushroom  Cup and get in 1st or 2nd.
Crumble Canyon Crumble Canyon is a large stadium that takes place in a canyon. Rocks can fall down from the canyon which causes an avalanche and an avalanche happening during a game is very dangerous so it has to be avoided or else who ever gets hit by a rock, gets knocked over. 43,000 Avalanche: Sometimes, an avalanche of rocks can come plummeting down to the stadium and anyone who is hit by one of these rocks get knocked over. Clear Flower Cup and get in 1st or 2nd.
Chaos Island Chaos Island is the second to largest stadium in the entire game. It takes place on an island during a lightning storm and many hazards happen such as erupting volcanoes (which result in Falling Debris), and even sometimes a piece of land can fall off. 45,000 Falling Debris: Due to Chaos Island having many volcanoes, at times the Volcanoes will erupt and Debris will come raining down to the ground. The Debris cause holes and craters on the ground and they must be avoided or else the player will fall down to another direction and will be dizzy for about 3–5 seconds. Mud also appears in the level so when in contact, the player will slip and fall. Clear Lava Cup and get in 1st.
Space Station Space Station is the largest stadium ever in the entire game. It takes place on a large piece of metal floating in space. Meteorites can come crashing down on the stadium which leads to some pieces of the stadium break apart. 51,000 Meteorites: Meteorites can appear as they come crashing down to the stadium. Some Meteorites even tear apart some pieces of the stadium. Clear Super Striker Cup on Legendary (highest difficulty of all).




  • Getting Started: The easiest difficulty of all. The CPUs aren't usually trying their best as they let the player win a lot.
  • Pro: Another easy difficulty and a bit medium, but is much more of a challenge compared to "Getting Started". The CPUs will often steal the ball from the player and will make a few scores themselves. CPUs are also fast unlike "Getting Started".
  • Grandslam Superstar: A hard difficulty where the CPUs become a challenge and will more often will steal the ball and pass it to their team mate. The CPUs are also a tad faster.
  • Legendary: The hardest difficulty of all. The CPUs are skilled than never before as they will steal the ball more often and they pass it much farther than before. The CPUs are also faster compared to Grandslam Suprstar so going after CPUs to steal the ball for them is quite a challenge.

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