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This is the enemy log in Mario Starblast.


  • Goomba - obviously in every Mario game' Goombas are very weak enemies.
  • Spikeroller Guy - New enemies based off of Spikeroller Mario that can steal coins to boost their speed.
  • Koopa - Shelled enemies that hide inside shells when hit.
  • Paragoomba - Winged Goombas that are same in power, but fly in pairs to boost their chances.
  • Armidillo Boo - A Boo that sheilds from fire. Doesn't hide in fear for some odd reason.
  • Bomb-Omb - Warning: keep it away from fire, stomping, and spikes or it will explode.
  • Bug Guy - Shy Guys that fly and throw Bomb-Ombs.
  • Roller Bro - Hammer Bros that wear rollerskates that can stick to walls.
  • Air Urchinn - Urchinns that float in the air.
  • Cheep-Cheep - Fish that live in water and jump occasionally.
  • Chomp Bro - Chomp Bros throw Chain Chomp Heads that roll sideways when they land.
  • Copter Koopa - Koopas that use Helicopter Backpacks that can give smoke.
  • Fire Snake - Living Fire that can burn through spikes.
  • Shroob - Space aileans that can shoot lasers.
  • Snow Snake - The opposite of a Fire Snake. It melts from fiery surfaces and lava.
  • Vine Guy - A jungle foe that climbs from brick to brick.
  • Octogoomba - A aliean Goomba that shoots rocks and runs at you fiercely.
  • Turboo - A racing Boo that runs around castles and ghost houses


  • Roy Koopa - The koopaling which likes the sun.
  • Renzor Wheel - Eight Renzors that spit fire.
  • Roy Koopa(2) - The second Roy Koopa battle. He now throws Bomb-Ombs as well as shooting fire from his wand.
  • Renzor Wheel(2) - There are 9 Renzors now instead of 8.
  • Roy Koopa(3) - The third Roy Koopa battle. It takes place on a rocky slope in which boulders roll down occasionally.
  • Renzor Wheel(3) An underwater Renzor battle.
  • Roy Koopa(4) - The fourth Roy Koopa battle. Shooting Stars fall down on the battlefield and Roy can flutter jump this time.
  • Renzor Wheel(4) - The Renzors are now on a wheel that sidescrolls. This is the first sidescrolling boss battle.
  • Goomboss - A giant goomba that try to stomp Mario. Stomp on it three times to defeat it.
  • Roy Koopa and Renzor Wheel - The two midbosses face together just like they're third battles except there's no water and Roy throws Chomp Heads instead of Bomb-Ombs.


  • Chomp Cheep - A giant Cheep-Cheep that terrorizes Star Ocean. When its in the air, you have to jump on it 4 times to win
  • Shellterra - A giant Buzz Beetle that terrorizes the Starshine Beach. Hit it with the Pendrill Drill 4 times to win.
  • Turban Skeeterius - A giant Skeeterius that terrorizes the Rolling Desert. Wall Jump to get to the weakspot and hit it at the weakspot 4 times to win.
  • Curvamungous - A giant Curve Bro. that terrorizes the Barrel Woods. Whack the bomerangs back at him with the Bomerang Suit or Spikeroller Mushroom 4 times to win
  • Quillo - A giant, pricky, and red-colored Cooligan that terrorizes the Snowy Caves. Use the Star and walk into the boss 4 times to win.
  • Neculear Bro. - A giant Fire Bro. that terrorizes Starblast Mountain. Use the Water Cap to douse it and then jump on it 5 times to win.
  • Octospike - A giant and multiarmed Spike that terrorizes the Outer Cosmos. Use the Spikeroller Mushroom to whack the spikes back at him 5 times to win.
  • Dinobuster - A giant Albino Torch that runs the Renzor Gauntlet. Ground Pound on it to flip it over than jump on it 5 times to win.
  • Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom - The twins of terror that run the Boom-Boom Valley. Jump on both of them 3 times to win (three per twin).
  • Ultima Arm - Bowsers mighty airship that is being controlled by Bowser.Hit it with the Starblast Hand-Cannon's stars 10 times to beat the game.
  • Mega-Wiggler - The secret boss. Use the Vanish Cap to sneak behind it and then jump on its back segment 12 times to win.

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