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Mario Star Party is a Mario Party Game for the Xbox 360,and is the first of the Series of Mario Party for the Xbox 360. Story: Bowser is spying on Mario and Peach through a telascope,but can't find out why they are so happy.Finally,he looks at the thing theyr'e looking at.All the beautiful Party Stars,up in the sky.Bowser becomes angry(Due to the fact he does not like beauty)And takes all the Party Stars out of the sky.Mario and Peach realize this,and tries to get back the Party Stars,soon joined by the rest of the gang. Characters: Default: Mario-Red,Luigi-Blue,Peach-Pink,Daisy-Yellow,Yoshi-Green,Wario-Purple,Wuluigi-Black,DK-Brown Unlockable: Toad-White,Boo-Light Blue,Rosalina-Turquoise,Lumma-Cream,Lubba-Violet,Metal Mario-Gray,Cosmic Mario-Dark Blue Boards: Mushroom Staition-Boss is Chain Chomp,Blasteroid Orbit-Boss is Bouldergeist,Rainbow Road-Boss is Goomboss,Comet Obserbatory-Boss is Fawful,Starship Mario-Boss is Peewee Paranha,Koopa Planet-Boss is Bowser J.R,Koopa Airship-Boss is Bowser

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