Mario Star Champions is a 2D fighting game featuring Mario characters. It was released for the Nintendo DS on Dec 10,2007. It was also released for the Nebula Paradox.


This game plays a little simmilar to the Super Smash Bros. series. The characters fight in a 2D arena. Attacks can knock characters off the screen. However, if a character gets knocked off the screen,it only takes a chunk of their health away. Unlike Smash Bros., there are less spots where characters can fall off the screen. But the objective isnt to knock others off the stage. Like other fighting games, the characters have health. If all of it is lost,than the character is defeated.

Game Modes

Tournament Mode-In this mode, you have to fight every character in different modes. After you defeat every character, you fight bosses. (You cant fight Count Bleck and Dimentio even though they are characters)

Regular can choose the characters that fight,and the stage they fight in.

Online Mode-In this mode,you can fight Mario Star Champions owners from across the world.

Boss Rush-Here, you get to fight all of the bosses. But they are tougher, so it is harder to beat than Tournament Mode.

Boss Bash- This is the hardest mode in the game, which you unlock after beating Boss Rush. Here, you fight every boss at max power (Boss Rush versions) at the same time.

Playable Characters


Stats: Speed-3 Jump-4 Power-3



Stats:Speed-3 Jump-5 Power-2



Stats:Speed-4 Jump-4 Power-2

Moves:Egg Toss,Ground Pound,Fire Breath (based off of SM64DS ability)


Stats: Speed-5 Jump-3 Power-1

Moves:Headbonk,Poison Shroom,Item Toss


Stats: Speed-3 Jump-4 Power-2

Moves:Parasol Attack,Parasol Crush,Anger (based off of Super Princess Peach)


Stats: Speed-2 Jump-5 Power-2

Moves:Flower Power,Racket Attack,Basketball Toss. Most of Daisy's moves are based off of sports because she mostly appears in the sports spin-offs.


Moves:Arm Dash,Strong Punch,Ground Pound

Stats: Jump-2 Speed-1 Power-5


Stats: Jump-2 Speed-3 Power-4

Moves:Shell Spin,Fire Breath,Koopa Claw


Stats: Speed-4 Jump-3 Power-5

Moves:Throw,Barrel Toss,Pound

Koopa Troopa

Stats: Speed-4 Jump-3 Power-1

Moves:Shell Spin,Shell Rev,Shell Kick

Waluigi (Unlockable)

Stats: Speed-3 Jump-5 Power-1

Moves:Racket Attack,Bob-Omb toss,Stomp

How to unlock- Win 20 battles

Bowser Jr. (Unlockable)

Stats: Speed-4 Jump-3 Power-2

Moves:Koopa Clown,Paintbrush Slap,Slippery Paint

How to unlock: Beat Kamek

Diddy Kong (Unlockable)

Stats: Speed-5 Jump-3 Power-2

How to unlock: Beat King Boo

Moves:Peanut Popgun,Jetpack Fire,Banana Toss

King K.Rool (Unlockable)

Stats: Speed-4 Jump-2 Power-5

How to unlock: Win 40 battles

Crown Boomerang,Dash Attack,Cannonball Frenzy

Goomba (Unlockable)

Stats: Speed-3 Jump-2 Power-1

How to unlock: Win 10 battles

Moves:Headbonk,Goomba Army,Dash Attack

Lakitu (Unlockable)

Stats: Speed-4 Jump-0 (flies)) Power-2

How to unlock: Beat King Kaliente

Moves:Spiny Toss,Swoop,Spiny Storm

Hammer Bro. (Unlockable)

Stats: Speed-3 Jump-4 Power-3

How to unlock: Win 100 battles

Moves:Hammer Toss,Hammer Strike,Hammer Swing

Dimentio (Unlockable)

Stats:Speed-4 Jump-4 Power-4

How to unlock: Beat Boss Rush

Moves:Energy Sphere,Teleport,Magic Field

Count Bleck (Unlockable)

Stats: Speed-5 Jump-5 Power-5

How to unlock: Beat Boss Bash

Moves:Teleport,Shield,Dark Magic

Other Characters

Toadsworth-The one who is hosting the fighting tournament.

Rosalina-She is the one who teaches how to play in the tutorial.

Luma-Luma is the test oppoment in the tutorial.

Kamek-Kamek is the first boss.

King Boo-King Boo is the 2nd boss.

Petey-He is the third boss you encounter in Tournament Mode.

Baron Brrr-He is the fourth boss.

King Kaliente-King Kaliente is the final boss.


Mushroom: This item restores a little of a characters HP.


1-Up:This rare item restores all of the HP of anyone who gets it.


Mega Mushroom-This item turns who ever gets it giant, so they can deal massive damage to oppoments.


Poison Mushroom-Whoever gets this can toss it at an oppoment to make the constantly lose HP for a little while.


Fire Flower-If someone gets this item,they get the ability to throw fire at oppoments for a bit.


Star:Whoever gets this turns invincible for a little while.


Koopa Shell-Whoever picks up a Koopa Shell can throw it at foes.


Hammer-If someone gets this, they can use the hammer as a melee attack.


Bee Mushroom-Whoever gets this item gains the ability to fly and sting foes for a little while.


Boo Mushroom-If someone gets this,then they turn into a Boo. They gain the ability to fly,lick foes,and turn invisible for a little bit.


Spring Mushroom-Whoever gets this gets the ability to jump very high.


Ice Flower-This item grants characters the ability to turn foes into ice.

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