Mario Stadium is a recurring and premiere sports stadium seen in many of the Mario sports spin-off titles in the Super Mario franchise. It first appeared in Mario Tennis and held tennis game events, but as time passed, it later began holding basketball, hockey, and baseball matches as well. It can usually be seen as the first court or stadium of the games it appears in and normally features no added hazards or obstacles to interfere in the sports being played here.

General Information

Name Mario Stadium Origin Mario Tennis
Location Mushroom Kingdom Release Date July,2000
Availability Default Home Stage of Mario characters
Size Small-Medium Difficulty Easy

Stage Layout


The stage takes place on a main, central platform suspended in the air within the stadium itself, just high enough to allow for a bottom KO border, but not too high that much of the stadium itself can't be featured in the background. The appearance of this main platform will change as the events that take place here switch between sports, but the layout remains constant. No additional, passable platforms exist on the stage and the terrain is completely flat, the main feature of this stage lies in the hazards.


he stage's hazards are played out in different phases, in which each phases represents a different sport that has been featured in various Mario sports spin-off titles. These sports are played in the near background of the main platform and the playfield changes to the appropriate court or field each time the sport changes. All sports are played by Kritters, Koopas, Piantas, and Nokis of varying colors. 

Number Name Image Description 
Hazard #1 Baseball
Homeruns may occur at random intervals and the baseball may strike an unsuspecting fighter on the stage. If this occurs, the player will recieve between 7% to 10% damage. The Baseball phase will end after each team has played a single inning each.
Hazard #2 Basketball
The same Kritters, Koopas, Piantas, and Nokis will then strap on sneakers before playing three minutes of Basketball on a hardwood court. Here, each time one of them score a Slam Dunk, their shot will echo across the stage and shatter all active shields, leaving the defender dazed. Like in Baseball, the ball may come into play during the fight as well when missed three-point shots go off the court and may strike a fighter. These out-of-bound throws won't cause as much damage as a Baseball, but the ball itself is a larger object. The next game to be played is Tennis.


Song Mario Stadium Menu Game Point Mario Stadium (Fortune Street) Underground Mozart Chain Chomp Roulette Mario Stadium (Mario Super Sluggers)
From Mario Sport Mix Mario Tennis Mario Tennis  Fortune Street Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Mario Kart Wii Mario Super Sluggers
Composer (s) Masayoshi Soken, Kumi Tanioka Motoi Sakuraba Motoi Sakuraba Koichi Sugiyama Wolfgang Amadeus Moart Asuka Ota & Ryo Nagamatsu Taro Bando

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