Mario Sports Tour is the new game for Nintendo Prima and Wii U and it'll be released on 2012 Christmas. In this game, there will be 6 different sports, a lot of modes, several characters and the typical Mario touch, the use of different items. Miis will be also playable and customizable. The Mario Sports Shop will be opened for getting new dresses and suits for your miis. The game is very similar to 2011 Mario Sports Mix, with different sports and special characters.


One Player Mode

  • Tournament Mode: Choose the sport and play three matches in each cup to be the best player. Play all the cups to get new characters and different modes.
  • Match Mode: You can play your matches of different sports: Basketball, Hockey, Dodgeball, Handball, Badminton and Volleyball. In this mode the player can choose the rules the points and the time to finish the match.
  • Minigames: Twelve different minigames related to the six sports where the player can get Coins to buy different clothes for Miis.

Local Mode


Default Characters

Unlockable Characters

Non-Playable Characters

    • is new to the game and first appearrance


Default Stages

  • Mario Stadium
  • Peach Gardens
  • Bowser Castle
  • Yoshi Theme Park
  • Wario City
  • DK Temple

Unlockable Stages

  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Daisy Garden
  • Waluigi Arena
  • Toad Factory
  • Bowser Jr. Playground
  • Luma Colliseum
  • Shy Guy Desert
  • Sherbet Plaza
  • Koopa Beach
  • Baby Park


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