Mario Sports Party|A new game by 1337DOOM!
This is a NEW Fan Game created by 1337doom, THE KING OF KIRBY!.
  • Please make minor edits to this.
  • Credit to SPL for the design of this box. It's an AWESOME box.

Mario Sports Party is a Mario Party game with a catch- the minigames are sports matches!


The game has many characters, and during the game the partners follow the head character (team captain) until a mini-game, where the partners act as team members.


There are 5 beginning captains and 3 unlockable captains.

Unlocked From The Start

Got an idea? Please tell Omegaverse Corp!


Got an idea? Please tell Omegaverse Corp!


There are 11 partners, one of them is secret.



Notice: Secret partner may be subject to change.

Got an idea? Tell Omegaverse Corp!


Normal Boards

Secret Boards

Other Boards

  • Starting Board-a board you play in the beginning of the game to learn the rules.
  • Shroob Mother Ship-normal end level of Campaign mode, where Shrowser battles you from the top.
  • Bowser's Flying Castle-good end level of Campaign mode, where Bowletta battles you.
  • Great Divide-Superstar end level of Campaign mode, where Shadow Bowser battles you.

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