Mario Sports Mix U
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Wii U Disk
Mario Sports Mix U is the newest installment for the Wii U. It features new characters and sports, being Baseball and Figure-Skating. The game is scheduled to appear together with the Wii U as a launch-game.


MSM- Main Menu

The Main Menu

Single Match

Play a match with custom settings. The player can choose between 2 or 3 players in a team.


Play a tournament. A tournament has 3 matches and a lot of alternate routes/missions.


Play various, sometimes crazy, challenges which must be unlocked in Tournament mode.

Party Mode

The players start in a TV studio and, using a dice block, select a sport. The players are send to a random stadium. The players battle in random selected teams of two. The winning team gets 5 points, the losers get none. The player who gets the most points after 4 rounds wins.

Boss Battles

When all bosses are defeated, this mode will be unlocked. The player has to fight all bosses in order with only 3 lives. When the player lose all of his lives, he has to start all over again.


Take a look at trophies and other stuff you've unlocked.


  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • Dodgeball
  • Baseball (New)
  • Figure-Skating (New)



Image Type Discription Special Move
MSM- Mario Icon Balanced Everyone's favorite hero off-course joins the party! Mario is the most balanced character in the game. Fire Finale
MSM- Luigi Icon Balanced Mario's brother wants to shine! Luigi has better technical skills than Mario. Poltergust 3000
MSM- Yoshi Icon Balanced The always cheerful Yoshi is the fastest of the balanced characters. Rainbow Dash
MSM- Peach Icon Techincal The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom joins to finally beat Bowser! She is great at aiming, but not very strong. Magical Hearts
MSM- Daisy Icon Technical The always hectic Daisy is also good at aiming, but she really shines in her stamina. Flower Garden
MSM- Waluigi Icon Technical Waluigi is the trickiest one in off the Technicals. He's got many tricks up to his sleeve! Triple Finish
MSM- Wario Icon Power Wario, Mario's so-called arch-nemenis, is pretty slow, but has great power. Only one shot can knock you down! Wario Bomb
MSM- Donkey Kong Icon Power DK also has great power. He is the fastest Power-character. But he doesn't have much stamina. Smash Shot
MSM- Bowser Icon Power Bowser is the strongest of all. He is very slow but his power is just massive. Fireballs
MSM- Toad Icon Speed Toad joins the party again! He is very fast and has quite much technical skills. Only remaining is the power. 'Toad Shot
MSM- Diddy Kong Icon Speed Diddy, DK's little nephew, is really fast, and also quite technical. He loves to team up with his nephew and great friend DK! Banana Boomerang
MSM- Koopa Troopa Icon Speed Koopa Troopa joins the party for the 1st time! He is one of the fastest characters in the game, and has great stamina! Koopa Shell Catastrophe


Image Type Discription Special Move
MSM- Bowser Jr Icon Balanced Bowser's son once again joins the party to defeat Mario and his friends. He is, after Mario, the most balanced character in the game. Graffiti Painting
MSM- Dr Mario Icon Balanced Mario's alter-ego joins the party! Dr. Mario is more technical than Mario but has less power. Mega Vitamine
MSM- Birdo Icon Techincal Birdo makes a comeback! This time as a technical character, but she also has great power. Big Bow
MSM- Blooper Icon Technical Blooper, an old enemy from Mario, decided to join the party! Despite being technical, Blooper is also quite tricky. Ink Madness
MSM- Hammer Bro Icon Power Hammer Bro. decided to switch his hammer for an hockystick. He has great power, but is quite slow. Hammer Slam
MSM- Pianta Icon Power Pianta, inhabitant of Isle Delfino, is very strong, but is quite slow and is a bit clumsy. Super Throw
MSM- Toadette Icon Speed Toadette wants to beat her friend Toad in sports! Toadette is very fast, but hasn't much power. Mushroom Madness
MSM- Dixie Kong Icon Speed Diddy's girlfriend decided to join him! Like Diddy, Dixie is very fast and she's also pretty technical. Barrel Blast
MSM- Rosalina Icon Tricky Rosalina, maiden of the stars, has visited earth again to play sports with her friends! Rosalina is both technical and tricky. Cosmic Illusion
MSM- Boo Icon Tricky The mischievous Boo wants to show his skills to the world. Boo has a lot of tricks up to his sleeve, don't let him trick you! Invicible Boo Mess
MSM- Kamek Icon Tricky The leader of the Magikoopa's and maid of Bowser wants to beat Mario using one his many spells... Magical Darkness
MSM- Shy Guy Icon Tricky Shy Guy decided to try his luck in sports. Shy Guy is also quite fast. Thunder Slam
MSM- Dry Bones Icon Tricky Dry Bones wants to beat his living counterpart. Dry Bones don't have much power: when he tries to throw a ball with speed, his arm will break off! Bone Smash
MSM- Ninja Icon Balanced Despite being an All-Rounder, Ninja is also quite tricky, but he's also a great technical! Leaf Veil
MSM- White Mage Icon Technical The White Mage wants to teach the Black Mage a lesson using her magical powers! White Mage is also quite tricky. Light Laser
MSM- Black Mage Icon Power Black Mage is very powerful, but, like the most Final Fantasy characters, is also quite tricky. His dark magic won't make it easier to win! Rain of Poison
MSM- Cactuar Icon Speed Cactuar is the speediest character in the game, but he isn't technical or tricky. 1000 Needles
MSM- Moogle Icon Tricky Moogle, using a different variant of magic, is one of the trickiest character in the game. It's also quite speedy. Moogle Dance
MSM- Mii Icon Varies Play as your own Mii! You can customize it and you can select its type of skills. Super Strike


Image Type Discription Special Move
MSM- Lakitu Icon Balanced Lakitu decided to leave his cloud once again, and play sports with Mario and his friends for the very first time! Lakitu is quite speedy and technical. Cloud Catastrophe
MSM- Lubba Icon Technical Lubba, a big purple Luma from space and friend of Mario, joins his friends to show them what he got! Luma Parade
MSM- Boom Boom Icon Power Boom Boom, Bowser's henchman and an old rival of Mario, joins to team up with Bowser. Like all power-types, Boom Boom is very slow. Power Smash
MSM- Paratroopa Icon Speed Paratroopa joins the party again! He joins Koopa to become a real sports-legend! Paratroopa is also quite tricky. Wing Shot
MSM- TaBooki Icon Tricky TaBooki, a Boo who accidentally got Tanooki-powers, joins the party to join his friends and make a lot of fun! TaBooki is bigger than regular Boo's and he's also quite fast. Tanooki Thunder

Alternate Costumes

For the alternate costumes, see here


  • Note: Stages may vary per sport

Mushroom Cup

  • Mario Stadium
  • Koopa Troopa Beach
  • Yoshi Park
  • Peach's Castle
  • Jungle Garden

Flower Cup

  • Waluigi Casino
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Daisy Garden
  • Sky Station Galaxy
  • Airship Fortress

Star Cup

  • Boo Village
  • Toy Train
  • Winterwonderland
  • Tart Top
  • Comet Observatory

Question Cup

  • Starship Mario
  • Toad Town
  • Mushroom Mountain
  • Pipe Plaza
  • Starship


Basketball Minigames


  • Mr. Basketball Person
  • Pick 'n' Plock

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