In-Game Soundtrack

  1. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Menu Theme Remixed (Main Theme)
  2. Super Mario World - Main Theme (Menu Theme)
  3. Super Mario Land - Main Theme (Music used in cutscenes)
  4. New Super Mario Bros. - Main Theme (Music used in Mario's Introduction Scene)
  5. Luigi's Mansion - Main Theme (Music used in Luigi's Introduction Scene)
  6. Super Princess Peach - Menu Theme (Music used in Peach's Introduction Scene)
  7. Super Mario Bros. 2 - Main Theme (Music used in Toad's Introduction Scene and also has been used in SMB2 Peach and SMB2 Toad's Introduction Scene)
  8. Wario Land 4 - Main Theme Remixed (Music used in Wario's Introduction Scene)
  9. Dance Dance Revolution! Mario Mix - Destruction Dance (Music used in Waluigi's Introduction Scene)
  10. Yoshi's Story - Main Theme (Music used in Yoshi's Introduction Scene)
  11. Super Mario Bros. 3 - Main Theme (Music used in SMB3 Mario and SMB3's Luigi Introduction Scene)
  12. Super Mario Bros. - Boss Levels (Music used in SMB Bowser's Introduction Scene)
  13. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Final Boss (Music used in Bowser's Introduction Scene)
  14. Super Mario Bros. - Main Theme Remixed (Music used in SMB Mario and SMB Mini Mario's Introduction Scene)
  15. Super Mario Bros. 3 - Boss Levels (Music used in Koopalings' Introduction Scene and in Koopalings' Airship)
  16. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - Main Theme (Music used in Baby Mario and Baby Bowser' Introduction Scene)
  17. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - Battle Theme (Music used in Sky Clouds)
  18. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Mr. Mowz Song (Music used in Toad Plains)
  19. Famicom Disk System - Piroli (Music used in Toad Mountains)
  20. Dr. Mario - Deep Freeze (Music used in Night Plains)
  21. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Bowser's Castle (Music used in Bowser's Castle)
  22. Super Paper Mario - Main Theme (Music used in Bitland's Sea)
  23. Dance Dance Revolution! Mario Mix - Here We Go! (Music used in Cloudy Caves)
  24. Super Smash Bros - Intro Remixed (Music used in Koopa Ruins)
  25. Super Mario 64 - Peach's Castle Theme Remixed (Music used in Peach's Castle)
  26. Super Mario 64 DS - Main Theme (Music used in Sky Plains)
  27. Paper Mario - Dry Dry Desert (Music used in Goomba's Desert)
  28. Super Mario 64 - Snowman's Land (Music used in Ice Land)
  29. Super Princess Peach - Boss Theme (Music used in Koopa's Cave)
  30. Super Mario World - Main Theme Reversed (Music used in SMW Forest)
  31. Super Mario Bros. 3 - Main Theme Reversed (Music used in SMB3 1-1)
  32. Super Mario Bros. - Main Theme Reversed (Music used in Dark Castle)
  33. Super Mario 64 - Bowser's Battle (Music used in Reachland Castle and in the Final Fight on Story Mode).

DLC's Musics

Nintendo 64 Era

  • Fever (Dr. Mario 64)
  • Toad Highlands (Mario Golf 64)
  • Toad Circuit (Mario Kart 64)
  • Main Theme (Mario no Photopi)
  • Mini-Game House (Mario Party)
  • Intro Theme (Mario Party 2)
  • Final Boss Theme (Mario Party 3)
  • Mario Tennis Theme (Mario Tennis 64)
  • Bow's Mansion (Paper Mario)
  • Whomp's Fortress (Super Mario 64)
  • Mushroom Kingdom's Theme (Super Smash Bros.)
  • Yoshi's Story Intro Theme (Yoshi's Story)

Gamecube Era

  • Starring Wario (Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix)
  • Main Theme (Luigi's Mansion)
  • Lakitu Valley (Mario Golf: Toadstool's Tour)
  • Baby Park (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!)
  • Main Theme (Mario Party 4)
  • Menu Theme (Mario Party 5)
  • Clockwork Castle (Mario Party 6)
  • Grand Canal (Mario Party 7)
  • Terror Tennis (Mario Power Tennis)
  • Main Theme (Mario Superstar Baseball)

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