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The game has been announced as "Unnamed Mario Fighting Game", the prototype name is "Modern Mario vs. Classic Mario".



  • NES Mario, NES Mini Mario, SMB3 Mario, SMB3 Luigi, SMB2 Peach and SMB2 Toad originally were starter characters, and the modern characters originally were the unlockable characters.
  • SNES Yoshi has been planned, but, him has been changed for NES Mini Mario.
  • Wart, Birdo and False Bowser has been planned to be bosses.
  • The Boomerang Suit from Super Mario 3D Land appear in the game files.

Characters Removed

  • SNES Yoshi (Based on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)
  • GB Wario (Based on Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land)
  • N64 Waluigi (Based on Mario Tennis)
  • SMB1 Characters:
    • ​SMB Peach
    • SMB Toad
  • SMB2 Characters:
    • ​Wart
    • Birdo
    • SMB2 Mario
    • SMB2 Luigi
  • SMB3 Characters
    • ​SMB3 Peach
    • SMB3 Toad



  • The only stage who has been changed in the game is the SMB3 1-1, originally, the level would have enemies, but, there all cutted.

Stages Removed

  • A volcano like stage.
  • A swamp stage.

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