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The game's logo.

Mario Smash Fighters is an Mario version of Sonic the Fighters on the Arcade (1997), the Nintendo 64 (1997), and the Nintendo GameCube (2003).




Bowser has released his new space castle, and now Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi must stop him. However, this special airship, the Lunar Mushroom only supports one passenger and to defeat Bowser, they need eight of the Special Orbs. The eight wielders of the Special Orbs, including Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi themselves, then must take part in a hand-to-hand fighting tournament, with the winner taking all the Special Orbs. The participants, in order of combat, are:

  • Princess Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Captain Waddlesword
  • Donkey Kong
  • Luigi
  • Wario
  • Sky the Yoshi
  • Mario

Whichever character the player is controlling is cloned by Kamek during their battle (presumably by copying their DNA), so that the player fights all eight of them. For instance, if the player controls Mario, then in the eighth battle, Kamek will create a differently-colored clone of Mario.

After arriving at Bowser's space castle, Kamek challenges the heroes to battle him at the Castle Rooftop. After defeating him, Bowser's space castle begins to fall apart as Bowser challenges the victor (the round must be finished to complete the story). Unlike other battles in the game, the player only gets one shot to take down Bowser and also has fifteen seconds to defeat him.

The victor escapes Bowser's space castle before it explodes, however, the post credits scene shows Bowser and Kamek also escaped the explosion and head back to Earth.


Playable Characters

Added in the GameCube version

Non-Playable Characters

When two similar characters face each other the second player will be replaced with a differently-colored version. If a character defeats all eight opponents, he/she will face Kamek and Bowser.

Lakitu appears in this game as an announcer.



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